Dr. Eric Letovsky talks flu prevention tips at Trillium Health Partners

Hello, I’m Dr. Eric Letovsky, Chief of the
Emergency Medicine Program at Trillium Health Partners. We’re having a very busy
influenza season here in Ontario, and I’m here to give you some tips to keep
yourself and your families healthy. First of all, and most importantly,
get the flu shot! Even though we’re in the middle of flu season,
it’s still critical to get the flu shot, if you haven’t
already done so. And that’s because this flu
will go on for several more weeks… and in addition to that, there’s often
a second “spike” to influenza, later in the spring, so it’s never too late to get your flu shot. So make an appointment to see your family
doctor, or go to one of the many flu clinics in the
area, to get a flu shot as quickly as possible. Second of all, if you are sick with sneezing
and coughing, stay home! It’s not much good if you come to work and
sneeze and cough over your co-workers, and get them sick
as well. Third of all, if you’re sneezing,
don’t sneeze into your hands… sneeze into tissue, or if you have to,
sneeze into the crevice of your elbow, but not into your hands. Fourth, wash your hands,
as many times as possible during the day. If you’re shaking people’s hands at work,
or in the community, wash your hands! Do this with soap and water for at least 20
seconds, and do it as often as you can during the day. Try to avoid bringing your hands up near your
face: near your nose, or to your mouth. Try to keep your hands low, and away from
your face. Finally, if you’re sick, with vomiting and
diarrhea, you must also stay home. Use your own towels, use your own plates,
so as not to infect family members or co-workers. Finally, if you want more information about
keeping yourself healthy, go to trilliumhealthpartners.ca I hope that you stay healthy this winter season.

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