5 thoughts on “Dr. Kevin Ault Describes How He Recommends Flu Vaccine to Pregnant Patients

  1. All the studies you quote are junk studies. There has never been a randomized placebo controlled safety trial of any vaccine in pregnant women. That is shameful.

  2. Any doctor who suggests a pregnant women get a vaccine should lose their license to practice medicine.

  3. The CDC is a Private Corporation. You cannot sue for vaccine injury, except in a Secret Court, see VEARS.

  4. the reason the pregnant woman may be more vulnerable to flu is because her immune system has been dialed down, so to speak, so that it doesn't fight off the growing baby. by giving the flu vax or any other vaccine now will hyper excite the immune system and can very well cause still birth or damage to the baby. if you read the flu vax package insert, it says the vaccine was never tested on pregnant women. so this is actually off label. do not trust any dr that tells you to take a vaccine while pregnant.

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