Dr. Sara Cody Gets Her Flu Shot

So I’m getting my flu shot. Um, the truth is
that I never liked watching the needle go in so I just looked the other way. But
I get my flu shot every year and the reason I do is one, it keeps me from getting the flu. The other is that if I happen to be with someone like a newborn, I know
that I’m not going to pass flu along to them. And in public health we recommend the flu shot for everyone six months of age and older. That definitely includes
me. I make sure that everyone in my family gets the flu shot every year,
including my mom who’s in her 80s. It’s especially important that she does. And
we do this because we want to keep our family healthy. We want to keep people
that we are around at work, in school healthy. And we also want to make sure
that anyone we might run into in the community stays healthy,
particularly infants who are too young to be vaccinated. Flu sometimes doesn’t
get much press because it’s just the flu, right? And we see it every season. But the
truth is that flu can be deadly, and it’s particularly worrisome for
young kids and older adults. Last year was a really bad flu season in the
United States. Tens of thousands of people died. The best thing that we can
do to prevent flu is to get vaccinated. Visit: www.sccphd.org

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