Dr. Sulman describes Ear, Nose and Throat Program at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Hello, I’m Cecille Sulman. I am a pediatric ear, nose and throat physician. I am the head of the division of
the Ear, Nose and Throat at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.
I’m also an associate professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin,
as well as the chief of the division of Pediatric
Otolaryngology. I see a wide variety of patients for different ear, nose and throat needs. Probably one of the most common things
would be procedures related to sleep apnea, so
for tonsils and adenoid removal. Other common diseases that I may see
are in regards to ear infections, or otitis media, and those children
may require ear tube placement. But there are a variety of other
conditions that are not as well known that we treat. I see patients for airway difficulties
with noisy breathing, increased work of breathing, difficulty
swallowing; also I take care a lot of children who have chronic sinus disease
that may require surgery or medical management. We have a wonderful program called the
aerodigestive voice program. This is a unique
program in which many specialists come together to take care of children with
airway and swelling problems. Here we can
evaluate complicated kids who have difficult problems with their
swallowing, have had multiple surgeries related to cardiac issues that result in problems
coordinating breathing and swallowing. So we are able to provide the evaluation
of these children in the office with different ancillary tests such as swallowing studies and imaging studies, and also we provide services in which we
can evaluate these children in the operating room. So we can look at their breathing passages,
swelling passages, and then make recommendations to the
families, as well as to their physicians as to how to further manage
these conditions. So, when we talk about a medical team it
can be anywhere from the family, to the physician, to the nurse, to our
schedulers who all make it happen. So I consider ourselves lucky that we
have these fantastic teams at Children’s. We see a lot of really complicated kids
here at Children’s and sometimes the answer’s not right in front of you, and I think bending your brain and thinking about it
is really just fantastic, especially if we can provide a good
answer or a good diagnosis for these families. I absolutely love what I do. I wouldn’t trade it.

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