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hey thanks for joining us we’re here
with my friend Howard and we’re not we’re not going to tell you who his
employer is but what did you do to your thumb I was actually playing pickleball
and I made a shot and my paddle flipped out of my hand and it tore a little
piece of skin off okay and then you go when did that happen
that was last Wednesday so six days ago and then what’s happened since it’s
never really healed up it’s kind of gotten puffy and kind of oozed and
gotten warm up so I don’t want flesh-eating bacteria okay we’ll try to
keep those from happy so earlier I grabbed doctor Gwaine and kind of did a
little curbside consult with him and asked him what his opinion was because I
just wanted to give you some antibiotics and have you go home and hope that it
would just get better without having to drain that and and I don’t see a
definite yellow collection of pus under the puss has been draining from it and
it still can be in there so dr. Gwaine suggested that we do this this plan of
just putting the needle just barely in there and if there is a pus collection
we should be able to puncture into it let it drain since it has been draining
without a whole lot of trauma to you okay so we’ll give it a try
or because I’m a nice guy I’m going to spray some fo chloride on it dr. Gwyn
didn’t mention that did he it’s probably getting really cold oh
it’s cold it’s cool all right and since I didn’t have the needle ready
when I sprayed that I’m going to do it again because it was me I’d want this
alright here we go tell me if it hurts
I feel hurt we’ll see if we get into a image out of that probably hurts more be
pushing on yeah we’re definitely puncturing yeah you saw that one okay so
you already have spontaneous drainage that will continue of course I made the
hole little bigger or added a new hole four more to occur but there is no pus
there right now so we’re not going to do anything more sharp to you and I
apologize for just the pressure from this because I know that’s not
comfortable but we’re going to you know give it a thorough there I’m so glad I
didn’t go into that with a blade because it was unnecessary we would have gotten
anything are you allergic to any antibiotics and so penicillin okay so
we’ll go with something something that still covers skin organisms which is
what got in there but without having any concern of overlap with penicillin and
without any concern for not covering resistant Mrs a organisms well we’ll
have you totally covered so that’d be either doxycycline or the sulfa drug
bactrim which x i think and go with that twice a day back from DF we’ll send that
to your pharmacy and then we only need to see it again if this is getting some
kind of a collection of pus or getting worse my expectation is the swelling is
going to go down the drainage will decrease there won’t be as much warmth
to it but call me in two days if there’s anything other than that okay all right
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Howard myself dr. Marco I’m telling you to stay in good health

15 thoughts on “Drained Paronychia | Auburn Medical Group

  1. I recently had a narly spider bite that got infected and I was given Bactrim. It healed the wound right up and even helped out my face a bit.

  2. Awesome video as usual Dr Vaughn! Nice to show that a paronychia doesn't always mean there's pus that needs draining. Hopefully it will educate people and potentially make them think if they develop one not to just go stabbing at it X Claire X

  3. Omgosh this reminds me of the time when while cleaning the wood kitchen cabinets my rag slipped and I had a huge (HUGE!) splinter (piece actually) of wood shoved up under my thumbnail. Went to the ER (pain was horrific) and they couldn't get my finger numb enough to dig it out. After 10 injections in my thumb they gave up, and my husband almost passed out watching them. 🤢 For months after my thumb was twice its normal size and to get the wood out, which had turned to mush, I had to grit my teeth and press it out several times a day. I always knew when it was time because the pressure would build. The relief after pushing was wonderful! Note to everyone….don't be a klutz like me and shove wood up & under your nails while cleaning. I was scrubbing a bit too hard.
    Enjoyed the new video! Happy 4th of July!

  4. I was hoping for a ton of pus! I thoroughly enjoy pus. lol As for the card inserted in the video asking if I trust Dr. Vaughan's medical advice: If I had the money, I would fly out to California for all my primary care needs. 🙂

  5. I remove the puss and it came back and I removed that as well and it's been a day without puss how long will it take for the swelling to go away

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