Draining cellulitis blisters

okay i’m gonna try to show you the draining process here. I don’t know how good the light’s gonna be though. So, I start up here- it feels like mashing a grape, you can feel stuff in there bursting. I just bring my hand down, and it’s starting to come out now. And it’s squirting. And then I release the pressure. And then I give it another little bit of pressure. And a little more. Just kinda gently, I’m not pressing all that hard… ’cause if I do it pits the skin. It’ll pit the skin, so I’m not pushing too hard. Just trying to get some of it- ewww some of that liquid out. And it’s always a yellow nastiness. This is getting real thick right there. Just kinda keep mashing and get as much out as we can. And that’s from the- this side, and then we come from behind here. And do the same thing, just kinda nuuuuudge it out. it just feels really gross. Just trying to get all that liquid out as much as I can ’cause it keeps refilling. It’s the big one that’s the worst one. Sea Slug here isn’t looking so sluggy anymore but he’s the easy because I perforated it right here on the end. And so I just… get it in there. Usually he squirts but I think he’s… doesn’t have enough behind him right now. See this is, he is not as full as he normally is or he was. Okay. That’s all I can do. And after that I just wrap the whole thing up but… it’s still dripping. Soooo…. Okay!

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