Early Childhood Caries: Not for kids!

Hi I’m Dr Jo and welcome back to Pure NZ Dental So recently I’ve been attending to school children, and that got me thinking about dental problems that affect kids. Today I’d like to talk to you about Early Childhood Caries (ECC). ECC is a severe form of dental decay and it starts from the front teeth and rapidly spreads backwards. It’s something that rapidly spreads backwards. It’s something that often gets picked up too late so, it’s important to bring your child in early so that we catch the problem before it speads. The problem with a lot of decay means a lot of dental work for children and we want to make sure that we give them the most pain-free experience possible. Baby teeth are important because they help the child eat, smile grow well, and also they hold the space where adult teeth come through properly. If they lose their baby tooth early, then they may end up needing braces and/or other orthodontic work. So of course prevention is better than the cure, and the way to prevent this problem is making sure that their teeth are cleaned adequately, so make sure you supervise your child’s brushing and really you should be doing the brushing for them, and they can give you a helping hand. Also, diet is really important, so never ever let a child go to bed sucking on a bottle of milk, or juice or anything really, water is the probably the only thing that is acceptable. Also, when you use a dummy (pacifier) never dip it in honey or anything sweet. You want to make sure that you clean their teeth and that’s it. They go to bed with nice clean teeth. Of course thirdly, that their teeth are checked so that if there are any small problems starting that we can pick them up early and stop them in their tracks before they get really severe. To summarise, prevention is always better than the cure, but it’s never too late to book an appointment for your checkup. Thanks for listening today, I hope you found the information useful and interesting. If you’d like to find out more, drop us a line on the number below or you can send us an email at the address below as well

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