What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, So, they say “An apple a day keeps the doctor
away”. But that’s not what my recommendation is
here. I am going to show you today a food that I
believe you should try to incorporate every, single day into your diet. Especially as it relates to your ability to
see consistent muscle gains in two mechanisms. Number one: by decreasing the soreness you
experience in your workouts from day to day, workout to workout. Number two: by keeping you healthier. Boosting your immunity so you can actually
stay in the gym more consistently. Instead of registering all those off days
because you’re sick. What I’m talking about here is not an apple,
but ginger. This is a shaved ginger. This is pickled ginger. They shave the root and put it in a vinegar
brine, and they soak it. This is what you’d be familiar with. This is a little bit white, but you can see
the pink stuff you get when you go for sushi. This is so powerful that I’m now a big believer
in it. I’ve actually incorporated this every, single
morning into my breakfast. I put it on my egg whites. I know that sounds a little bit gross, but
I promise you, it’s actually really, really good. It’s not a great taste for some people. It’s an acquired taste because it is a little
bitter. But if you can stomach it – well, the good
news is, your stomach will thank you too because what it does is also helps with digestion,
helps with nausea, and you go back to mom’s old recommendation to have ginger ale when
you’re not feeling good. Well, I can tell you this; there’s really
not that much ginger in ginger ale. So, it’s not going to do a damn for helping
you feel less nauseous. But she had good intentions. Let’s just leave it at that. I will also recommend that you don’t eat
the candied form of ginger. Again, you’re basically taking something
that’s good and making it really bad because you’re getting less and less ginger, and
you’re getting more and more sugar and all the things that aren’t going to help you
with what we’re trying to do. But when it comes to the gym, one of the most
important properties of ginger is its ability to help with inflammation and delayed onset
muscle soreness. So now, look at the scenario that we face
these days. We have a lot of guys preaching ‘volume,
volume, volume’, less eccentric training, less induced muscle damage because that’s
going to prevent you from being able to get back to the gym and train again. And it’s going to cut down the number of
sessions you’re going to log over the course of a year because you’re delayed onset muscle
soreness is interfering with your ability to perform. So that makes sense, but if you had a way
to control your muscle soreness and still be able to train at a high intensity level
– and yes, include some induced muscle damage from eccentric training – and take care
of a lot of that delayed onset muscle soreness because you’ve taken just a little bit of
ginger; it only takes about that much a day. A little pinch of ginger every day. I think that gives you all new options for
attacking this. So, what I’m recommending is to figure out
a way that you can get some pickled ginger and incorporate it in some place in your meals
every, single day. Not just beside that. We talked about the other obvious benefits. We talked about the benefits for digestion. We talked about the benefits of just using
some acknowledgment. We also know that it can decrease your cholesterol
and it’s also shown to help with suppression of appetite. So, if you’re having difficulties getting
a hold on the amount of food that you’re eating in a day, and it’s still a challenge,
and you’re still having issues with your weight; maybe incorporating some ginger here
will help to suppress your appetite. Or at least control your appetite between
meals to allow you to be a little more routine. We always talk about it, guys. Consistency with a nutrition plan is the number
one requirement. Also, you’ve got to like what you’re eating. So, if you really, really hate ginger, maybe
this video is not for you. But if you give it a try there will be a lot
of benefits that are going to carry over and help your overall workout plan. Not just from workout within on workout, but
from day to day, week to week consistency. We’ve preached that all the time here, guys. Not just with your nutrition, but it’s with
your ability to show up at the gym. This is going to help you do that. Guys, I hope you’ve found the video helpful. If you’re looking for a complete day by
day plan that expects you to show up when you’re supposed to show up to get the workout
in; that’s all laid out over at In the meantime, if you’ve found the video
helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know if you’re going to go out and
get some ginger yourself. You’d better start stocking up, guys, because
with the amount of people that tend to watch our videos, I have a feeling that ginger consumption
is going to go up a little bit. All right, I’ll talk to you soon. See you.

100 thoughts on “Eat This EVERY Day! (WORKOUT OR NOT)

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  2. Are there any published studies on this? The reason I ask is because I checked a little bit on Google just now and WebMD says that it has no efficacy for muscle soreness. I don't know if they're referring to delayed onset muscle soreness or just soreness directly after working out. I believe it's the latter but I'm trying to sure.

  3. Nope. Love the taste. But it effects me in the opposite ways… Nausea and all, even in small undetectable amounts… But then, I have come to realise that plant based foods are largely a lot unhealthier than some would have you believe…
    This from a 15 year vegan… reformed now, I hardly even touch vege and never eat grains as our very short colon can not handle it. This has resulted in losing all the health issues like skin problems, fatigue, pain, low moods, inflammation and gut issues. I'm not even lifting and am packing on the muscle mass, that I couldn't retain on plant based foods, just from increasing healthy fats and proteins.

  4. im using ginger a bit more than half a year and i can approve that its good for the body!
    My recipe is for DRINKING it
    500 grams of ginger- we take out the juice
    1-2 lemons
    about 1 liter of water
    mix that and drink it during the day (i finish it usualy at lunch time)
    its improving digestion, inflamation, helping your stomach "walls" become more strong, boosting your metabolism, provides energy (good replacement of coffe for me, wakes me up in the morning but more slowly)
    you can add a tablespoon of Honey if its too spicy

  5. @Jeff Cavaliere what brand of pickled ginger do you recommend? Seems like every ginger I have looked at has added sugar in it.

  6. Thanks Jeff, I'm going to start eating Ginger every day, I actually like it but didn't realize its health benefits beyond a gastric aid.

  7. wow this is really helpful. My fiance actually struggles with high cholesterol and we have epic muscle soreness after legs each time

  8. So does it still have the same effect if I put fresh ginger in my meal and cook it with the rest or do the benefits get lost when I cook it.?

  9. Just let it soak in a green tea. Add lemon, honey and turmeric and then eat the ginger straight. It’ll taste much better and the tea will taste better.

  10. I do a ginger, garlic, and royal jelly tea every day and eat the small slices once im done. I've noticed you can squeeze a lemon or lime with ginger and it makes it a bit more palatable if you dislike its taste.

  11. I’ve been using ginger for years for too many health benefits to list here. I learned a new one today about limiting muscle soreness. I actually purchase the non-alcohol version of liquid ginger extract and put it in a warm, non-caffeinated herbal tea each night with hydrolyzed collagen powder, d-ribose and some vitamin C (I don’t put the C in my drink but I do take it with it because it is needed with the collagen). I love the stuff.

    And if you ever get a hold of some bad food, a triple shot of that ginger in a warm drink, as soon as possible, can work some real wonders. A little hard going down because it is so strong, but I’d rather that than the awful, lingering sickness of foodborne illness.

  12. I for one can’t stand the taste of ginger so I started taking ginger root extract pills every day, would this have the same effect? I would assume so but correct me if I’m wrong

  13. This is some great news to me because I recently found that I really love the taste of pickled ginger, I can eat a small bowl just I one sitting, even though I try not to. It gets a bit spicy too so I like it even more.

  14. If you dont like the taste just cut it into small pieces and swallow them whole while washing them down with some water.

  15. Great video on ginger. I have been eating it consistently for 6 months and I cant live without it ..I'm in the gym 6..7 says a week I'm 49 years old and I think my recovery time is helped by eating ginger

  16. Gross??
    I shave/chop up fresh ginger once to twice a day, kept raw, added to my egg white omelettes. I LOVE ginger

  17. Some pickled ginger is really crap, at least where I get my food it is. Before you diss it for good, buy a root, shave off the peel (thin, not like TV chefs do it), slice it and try that. If it's overly stringy put it in a blender and eat it with a spoon. It's also fairly easy to make your own pickled ginger in larger quantities for very little money that way.

  18. Curry is loaded with it. Proper British curry: a load of garlic and ginger. Much of the heat comes from ginger. Asian shops will sell you an emulsion of ginger and garlic which you can whack straight into curries.

  19. Search here on Youtube on how to make homemade Pickle Ginger since practically every store bought jar you can get contains aspartame. It's pretty simple to make.

  20. I loooove pickled ginger. Now I have good excuse to eat it! I suffer from fibromyalgia but love to stay active. There are a lot of days my body doesn't like to let me stand, let alone do the things I want to do. It's easy for me to overdo it too. I'm going to stop at the store before work today and get a jar. I'm super excited about this!

  21. Banging! I put a lump of ginger in my preworkout smoothie just for flav! little did i know i was also putting a lump of science in my strength!

  22. Would be awesome if you included links to the studies. Ginger is so often quoted as a miracle food by pseudo-scientific sources, so I think you would be wise to include sources so that no one will take you for a quack 😉

  23. Try ginger vinegrette.
    White vinegar
    Dijon mustard
    Olive oil

    Just add it to taste. Also salt and pepper.

  24. I love that stuff. But some sort of a recipe would be awesome. Most of the industrial pickled ginger contains a lot of sugar, at least where I am living. Also, most recipes use sugar, syrup, mirin (also sugar).
    Don't get me wrong, please. But a lot of your food suggestions could need a recipe. Even if I want to cook the meals you are mentioning in your meal plan, I have to search for a healthy version. Most of them need sugar, butter/additional fat. it would be just more convenient if you could offer an easy (doesn't has to be perfect) recipe.

    I wish I could help you do that. I still enjoy your videos a lot and will still watch them.

  25. Ginger supplement extract?
    Ive been taking tumeric/curcumin and astragalus in supplement form for the last year or so and my muscles have never experienced any lasting soreness after intense work outs.

  26. 3 Brazil nuts with pickled ginger every morning so having it on eggs doesn't seem weird to me, you start to learn to love the taste

  27. I am on the road for my work so I can't use the pickled ginger because it has to be refrigerator after opening. Does the powdered ginger work just as well? Or can you tell me a good alternative to the pickled

  28. Thats weird, watching this video, I work out almost every day weather its riding my bike to work or doing constant push ups and my muscles never get soar, or hurt. maybe its just because I dont think about it? or maybe im just not working out as hard as I should be.

  29. Does it have to be eaten or with something. Can it be a healthy drink aswell? Or mixed in a drink? And do you eat it raw like thar strip you had?

  30. I have been trying out Ginger Tea in the morning after watching this video (I take ginger root, peal it and cut it up in to thin slices and boil it for about 15 to 20 minutes). I have noticed a few things: it wakes me up in the morning, makes me not hungry between meals/snacks, and believe it or not, has been helping with times when I get muscle soreness. I have high cholesterol as well, so hopefully my next blood work will show my cholesterol has lowered. I might eventually try it ground up in a shake, but for now, tea is good enough for me.

  31. Ginger is ok, but is there something that will force me to eat more? After few hypercaloric days, my body lose appetite and it is hard to get into myself even 2500 kcal (81kg/194 cm)… I know I need to pump those number way up…

  32. @athlean-x All the pickled ginger I find has sugar and salt in it. Any you can recommend without these ingredients??

  33. Fresh ginger is great in things like meat & veggie stir-fry, or combine it with soy sauce and garlic as a marinade for chicken, beef, or pork for the barbecue and in the oven! You can even use it as a marinade for pan-fried or oven-baked fish! Terrific energy booster, and hugely flavourful!

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