6 thoughts on “Emergency Rooms Fill Up As Flu Season Reaches Peak

  1. I haven't got a flu shot in over 25 years and I've only had the flu twice, my mom gets a shot every year and gets the flu every other year. She got a flu shot this past Monday and today she has a full blown flu 🤔

  2. Now here is the real story. This strain has not been around for 20+ years. So CDC was NOT prepared. OK. well I my daughter is a R.N. at the CDC. Now this is were Trump comes in. The CDC is at about half of the normal staff they need to do a good job, but we know and they know that Trump has little time for Government workers and Health as a hole. So when a person in the ajency retires they just can't or don't hire another person. There budget has been cut badly. Every since Reagan another person that did not like Government workers and health care as a hole began to cut staff. Now in the eight years if President Obama he did start to fill those spots, but Congress was very tite with the funds. See they could have quickly changed the formula to this old type of the viruses. But you can't do it without the people to get it done. Also this is not the only part of the Government that has been disseminated. by the Republicans. Many other life savings offices are not even open anymore. Now when your kids start dying maybe all will wake up. We need those places. That is a sign of a great country. Let's make America great again !!!

  3. Bunch of bs! I drink raw fresh ginger with lots of limon to keep your immune system at peak and trust me it works .I haven't gotten sick for years .plus add fresh raw garlic to your chicken soup and trust me you'll never be sick ….. I tell you that those dam chemtrails that they are spraying us with carry the virus so funny that as soon as I see them spraying I notice lots of folks sneezing and coming down with the flu folks dont take the flu shot trust me do your research on flu shots you'll be surprised stop being lazy and do research

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