English Addict Live Lesson 031 – Friday 24th Jan 2020 – illness words / China Memories

deary me I was in bed two hours ago
thinking to myself shall I actually do a live stream part of me was saying no mr.
Duncan stay in bed you are too ill to do your live lesson and the other half of
me was saying mr. Duncan you can’t let your viewers down your students will be
waiting for you so here I am here we go
welcome to another English addict live from England hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in
England how are you today are you ok I hope so
are you happy I really hope so here we go again I am barely conscious and yet
here I am live now on YouTube I hope you are feeling good today as you may have
already noticed I still have my cold even though it is starting to to ease
off so my cold my fever is starting to disappear however as you can tell it has
now started to affect my voice my throat is a little bit sore today to say the
least so I am feeling under the weather still but I’m here anyway I hope you are
feeling super duper hey guess what we are at the end of another week yes we
have made it through another seven days without blowing the planet up it’s
Friday Leeloo so I was in bed this morning I was lying in bed thinking to myself
shall I do my livestream I wasn’t feeling great and I was still
in bed two hours ago I was getting out of bed staggering around the house
feeling slightly delirious I didn’t know where I was or what day of the week it
was I didn’t know anything to be honest but here I am now anyway I have my my
box of tissue paper ready just in case also my my throat tablets now you might
notice today I will disappear now and again because I keep coughing and I’m
sure the last thing you want to do is hear me cough so if I start to cough
like this you won’t be able to hear it so that
might happen a few times today but I will try my best if there is one thing
I’m good at it is persevering I have a lot of
perseverance to persevere is to continue whatever happens however bad things get
you still carry on you don’t give up you continue with your endeavor you
persevere you carry on you battle your way through the storm
I hope the sound is better today there were some problems on Wednesday for
which I apologize but I hope those problems have been sorted out now so I
hope the sound is much better today it was my fault by the way it was my fault
hello to the live chat I wonder who was first on today’s live chat so please
bear with me I’m not feeling great so please understand that if I suddenly
vanish if I suddenly fall to the floor you will know why hello to sweetness
Mitra hello sweetness guess what you are first on today’s livestream and also the
chat whoo you know the rest
congratulations to you Alamgir is here v tests I hope you are feeling better than
I do at the moment hello sweetness nasiha also Ally Palmyra
Martha hello Martha welcome back fruit zombie I like your name by the way
fruit zombie very nice Christian says hello how are you I’m not too bad I I
have felt better if I was honest with you since Monday I’ve had a stinking
cold and it seems to have got worse so Wednesday as soon as I finished my
livestream on Wednesday I went to bed because I felt awful and I’ve been in
bed ever since and then this morning I woke up and I thought shall I do it
shall I not do it but of course my conscience wouldn’t allow me to stay in
bed so here I am right now suffering for all of you in friend hello
to you also to Chris Oh Christian again hello hello and a Coby hello / tree or
puke tree from Indonesia hello to you thanks for joining me today
sorry I’m not sounding great but I I will try my best
Christina says Mr Duncan you have a strange voice I do because I’m not very
well I apologize for that I don’t know why I’m saying sorry I
can’t help it it’s not me it’s all of those microorganisms floating around the
one thing about having a deep voice especially when you’ve got a cold which
I have at the moment you can actually make your voice sound very
very sexy hi my name is mr. Duncan it’s rather nice isn’t it
if only I could sound like that all the time
hello also Belarusian of course we are waiting for you but we understand if you
need to stay in bed well it’s too late now I am up I’m up and about just for
you just another week by the way another week to go before we officially leave
the European Union it’s one week to go before it all happens that’s it so this
time next week here in the UK we will be preparing to leave the European Union
however there will be about another 10 years of negotiations and discussions
about what will happen next so so I’m really looking forward to actually
leaving Europe just to get it out the way even though I didn’t vote for it by
the way I didn’t vote vote to leave Europe by the way yes I’m one of those
I’m one of those Ramona’s hello MA good morning mr. Duncan I missed your
livestream for a few weeks I hope you will make alive to speak directly to you
hello ma lumière you are welcome to join me today because I’m here right now live
on YouTube for those who are wondering when you can catch me you can catch me
right here on YouTube every Sunday Wednesday and Friday 2 p.m. UK time so
what I suggest you do check the time difference between where you are and
also the UK and then you will know exactly when to watch me and when to
catch me here on YouTube and I suppose if you want to get in touch you are more
than welcome to do so I have an
mail address I also have a Facebook page as well you are more than welcome to
join in and you can make a donation as well because I do everything here for
free I’m just drinking some water excuse me
if you’ve ever wanted to watch someone suffer live on the Internet now’s your chance
here it is hello Pedro Pedro Belmont is here today Pedro Pedro Pedro hello
also Aly hello from Belgium a big hello to Belgium nice to see you here today by
the way the weather outside we can’t have a livestream without mentioning the
weather it’s not too bad however there is a lot of low cloud and let’s look
into the distance oh yes no that is quite a nice view I will tell
you what you are looking at right now we are looking into the distance about 15
maybe 18 miles away you can see the town of Shrewsbury so there it is looking
right now out of my studio window a live view across towards the local town so
this particular place you can see in the distance it’s around I think it’s about
17 maybe 18 miles away from where I am now and you can see the beautiful
churches and also the large spires pointing and going up into the sky oh
dear I almost didn’t know how to end that sentence can you tell oh dear
can I just go back to bed now shall I just go back to bed now and
leave you maybe I should have done my live stream from embed now that would
have been interesting hello to everyone on the live chat sir hey Sally hello
Sally watching in Algeria nice to see you here
today hello also – Sally hello Sally I would
love to sing a song for you now but unfortunately I don’t think it’s a good
idea how is your mother is she feeling better Christina I don’t want to talk
too much about it because there are a lot of things going on at the moment as
far as that’s concerned but my mother is still in hospital things are about the
same but that doesn’t mean that things are good that’s all I’m saying for now
and also I can’t go in to see my mother because I’m ill so they don’t like
people going into the hospital who are actually sick so to make things worse I
can’t even go into the hospital to see my mother
so she is the same not much has changed hello Sally hello Marie or Mary watching
in Greece I’m just wondering what the weather is like in Greece at the moment
because I know in the south of Europe there have been many storms Portugal
Portugal has been hit by some terrible storms lot of rain falling across the
south of Europe especially over towards Spain and also Portugal a place that I
was in last year by the way I visited Portugal last year very nice place very
lovely I really enjoyed myself Palmero also we have who else is on simmer
hello simmer watching from India hello – India nice to see you here can I just
say if it is your first time watching me I don’t normally sound like this but I
am just ring at the moment from a terrible cold
and it has affected my voice quite a lot we have Morocco watching hello el Cori
watching in Morocco nice to see you as well do you have the flu I don’t and can
I also point out that I don’t have anything that has come from China for
those who are wondering or asking or wanting to ask so I don’t have anything
related to the illness that’s spreading around China and has slowly started to
spread to other countries however interestingly enough it did remind me of
my time many years ago when I was in China during the SARS epidemic who
remembers that way back in 2003 would you like to see some photographs taken
during my time in China and I will tell you a little story as well so there I am
with my friend one glai who was one of my students and then eventually became
also a teacher at the school as well so he was a person who was about to
graduate and he became a very good friend he was actually dating the the
owner of the school that the owner of the school’s daughter so he was actually
seeing the daughter of the owner of the school and during the SARS outbreak
unfortunately a lot of people were panicking getting rather upset and
across China many things happened which are very
similar to the things happening now so people were not allowed to gather in
large numbers in public places also many restaurants and small food outlets were
also closed people couldn’t travel on the buses so
the buses were not running very regularly many of them were canceled so
you couldn’t move around easily and I suppose the most important thing to
mention during the SARS crisis in early 2003 is that many foreigners many people
from the West left China they all decided to leave and in the city where I
was living I was virtually the only foreigner still
left behind in the place where I used to work a place called Bao toe which is in
Inner Mongolia would you like to see another photograph okay so here I am
with my with the boss’s daughter so this young lady is the boss the boss’s
daughter and you can see here we’re having a meal
but this is no ordinary meal this was our secret meal because you weren’t
allowed to buy food from outside so my school would not allow people to bring
food in from outside however we went out and we bought some food and we sneaked
it back into the school so we had a little secret meal in one of the spare
dormitories so there was myself there was also Nancy as you can see
there there she is a beautiful lovely girl and also her boyfriend at the time
as well so that’s what was going on there
so it’s very strange listening to the news at the moment a lot of people
talking about the SARS epidemic now they’re not calling it SARS at the
moment however the virus is very similar to the SARS virus and it is a form of
the corona virus even though it has a different name officially it is very
similar to SARS but I do remember during my first four or five months in China I
spent most of it not working because of the outbreak of SARS in China so they
closed all the schools down and many of the foreigners went back home I stayed
behind because I didn’t feel too worried to be honest please don’t spwhy I was
much younger than I was I had more courage when I was younger that’s one
thing I’ve realized over time so I didn’t go back I stayed and I stayed for
the whole two months of the outbreak of SARS so it lasted for over two months
everywhere it’s closed it was a very strange period of time fortunately my
school still paid me so I was still being paid to do nothing
very strange period of time and then after that finished after that ended we
all went back to our jobs but we only stayed there for about three or four
weeks and then the summer holiday started which was another two months so
I had another two months of paid leave because it was the summer holiday so
during 2003 I didn’t really work much but it wasn’t my fault it was because of
SARS basically so there it is a memory from the past a memory going back way
back to 2003 and here here’s another picture oh look at me
there I look so healthy and young and vibrant yes that is definitely me oh my
god yes I’m a little bit embarrassed by that photograph let’s have a look at
look at another photograph here we go he was another one and you can see how slim
I was way back in 2003 slim and ever so tall and I like the way that we’re
wearing the same trousers we didn’t intend to wear the same trousers okay I
can’t remember the story behind that I’m sure there is a very amusing story
if only my memory would let me tell it and here’s another one another picture
close-up wearing our masks because a lot of people were wearing masks during that
time this was taken in I think this was March March or maybe early April 2003
and lots of people were wearing masks however we didn’t actually wear our
masks so we were just doing this for the camera so to be honest with you this is
what we look like really so this is actually what we look like we weren’t
really wearing the masks because to be honest with you I wasn’t really afraid I
wasn’t afraid at all and nor were my friends would you like to see me sitting
on a motorbike in China okay then why not there I am now this was a shop
selling motorbikes and for those who have been watching me for a long time
you will know that I was a big fan of motorbikes in fact I used to own a
motorbike in the UK so I sat on this bike and I remember the guy that was
working at the shop was really desperate for me to buy a motorbike he really
wanted me to buy one he was actually going to give it for half price he gave
me 50% of this bike if I bought it but he
wanted to use me as a promotion for the bike so he wanted to take some
photographs of me with the bike and use it in his shop but I said well first of
all I don’t want I don’t want a motorbike I don’t want a motorbike
because the roads in China are notorious for being dangerous to drive on so
that’s the main reason why I never rode a motorbike in China so I didn’t do it I
didn’t get my cheap motorbike instead I decided to ride a bicycle which I
thought was much safer to be honest that’s what I thought anyway hello to
the live chat nice to see you here we are looking back to 2003 during the
original SARS outbreak when I was actually in China at the time I was in
China during the first SARS outbreak Cristina says do you think the masks are
useful against such a dangerous virus now the reason why people wear masks
quite often is to protect themselves but also it’s to stop you from spreading the
illnesses well so if you wear a mask it is actually covering your face so you
can’t spread anything however I’m not sure how effective that particular type
of mask is I don’t think they are completely effective and that’s the
reason why we didn’t wear the masks so I didn’t bother I never wore the mask at
all only in those photographs so in the photographs you just saw I’ll find it
again oh I love this picture I love it so much it’s so funny I shouldn’t laugh
I know it’s not funny I’m not making fun of this but we did wear the masks
for fun we didn’t actually really wear them so we took the photographs and then
we carried on walking around without wearing the masks fruit zombie I would
have been too nervous to go outside or buy food from the market because of
paranoia the masks would definitely freak me out
excuse me sorry fruit zombie yes I wasn’t afraid that’s
the strange thing now looking back I can’t believe that I was so brave and
fearless if I was there now I would probably leave I wouldn’t have stayed
but back then all those years ago I was young I was fearless so we always tend
to be a little bit braver when we’re young so that’s that’s all I can say
about that but looking back it may have been a little crazy staying behind
however I didn’t catch SARS I didn’t become ill I had a wonderful two months
of my SARS vacation that’s what I called it so I actually called it my SARS
vacation but at the moment yes it’s all back again a lot of people are falling
ill in China they have unfortunately been some fatalities as well
unfortunately but what can you say these things happen from time to time and
sometimes you have to react quickly I think that’s the biggest secret of all
the biggest secret the biggest thing you should do is react quickly to prevent
the spread of the illness and it’s very ironic that I should be here right now
talking about SARS whilst I’m recovering from a terrible cold isn’t it strange
mm but then life can be strange sometimes don’t you think if Fran mr.
Duncan the world Health Authority people must stay six feet away from each other
to prevent themselves from catching the virus well at the moment they have I
think they have closed three major cities in China including parts of
Beijing so there won’t be any festivities in Beijing this weekend
which is very unusual so this weekend of course it is the Chinese New Year the
Lunar New Year so many parts of Asia will actually celebrate the coming of
the Lunar New Year and in China they always celebrate the Chinese New Year in
a very big way however many parts of China have been told that they cannot
have their normal celebrations including Beijing so things are certainly being
done to prevent the spread of the latest outbreak of the Nova virus or should I
say corona virus not norovirus norovirus is a different thing altogether in fact
in my mum’s the hospital where my mum’s staying at the moment there is actually
an outbreak of norovirus there another thing you don’t want to catch especially
if you are old hello Theo mr. Duncan I hope you are much better although your
voice is not sounding okay what about your mum as I said earlier I don’t want
to talk too much about it but things are happening there there is not much
improvement that’s all I’m saying for now hello also Lina apparently now it
has increased to 16 cities are now closed in China I didn’t know that you
see I haven’t caught up with the new because this morning I was in bed so I
got up I put my clothes on I came downstairs and I I thought to myself
what am I going to do for today’s livestream I had no idea what to do excuse me this is not a good this is not
a good livestream by the way I do apologize for this I should be talking
about something completely different today but it’s hard to escape this news
because a lot of people around the world are now talking about it apparently yes
the market place where they sell food or should I say live animals is where the
virus started so it was transmitted first of all from birds or fowl or
poultry and then it was transferred to humans as well and that’s if I remember
rightly that’s how SARS started in 2003 that’s how that started that came from
animals as well fruit zombie I would lock myself in my house I have seen
photos of government officials in hazard suits spraying the streets well this is
just a precaution of course so what they’re doing at the
moment is doing things as a precaution and as we say in English there is a
great expression in English prevention is better than cure so it is always
better to prevent something from happening than to actually wait until it
gets bad and then try to cure it so we always say that prevention is better
than cure if you can prevent something from happening then that is always the best way to go to be
honest Pedro asks where is mr. Steve mr. Steve is working it is Friday it is a
weekday so of course Steve is working however he will be with us on Sunday
hopefully unless of course I have completely lost
my voice in which case you won’t cecilia asks why would people eat backt soup now
I know what you’re talking about here there are some videos on the internet
that have been passed around showing people eating some strange food and
apparently they are supposed to be in China there is one particular video of
people eating back soup so it is soup and it in the soup is about however you
might find that virtually no one eats that soup in China having lived there
having experienced many different types of food I can tell you that bat bat soup
is hardly eaten anywhere another one apparently is the three squeaks have you
heard of that apparently there is a viral video on the internet showing a
Chinese man we assume eating live baby mice now it sounds horrible however a
lot of people now believe that this is also a hoax it is not a real thing
so people getting very upset about those things but can I just assure you having
lived in China for many years people don’t eat bats they don’t eat dogs all
over China however in the south of China there are some small areas that do and
also they don’t eat baby mice okay so I can put that to bed straight
away hello Miriam this guy transmitted the virus are you saying that I caused
it I’m not sure about that prevention is always better than cure I agree with you
I think so snakes yes in certain parts of China you
might find that people eat snakes but not the whole of China there are a lot
of people living in China but in the south of China there are some very
strange delicacies that people eat but it’s only very small areas of China very
tiny areas not the whole of China so sometimes it is very easy to generalize
if only 20 people do something or 100 people do something it doesn’t mean that
the whole country does it and that’s the problem and says that sounds disgusting
well I think so there are many things that I would never eat that I would feel
afraid to put in my mouth oh dear so there you go Christina
Jackson have you been in contact with your Chinese friends well the strange
thing is most of my Chinese friends don’t live in China anymore they’ve all
left China hello also to marry em there was a rumor that the virus was started
from a lab well yes this is the problem this is the problem with the Internet so
lots of people are now writing all sorts of rubbish about this latest outbreak in
China and there are some video clips as well appearing on the internet showing
people fainting in the street and some of those
are not new video clips they are old so that is the problem with the internet so
sometimes you can get a lot of misinformation a lot of fake stories
sometimes people like to create these things for fun why I have no idea
two years ago I fell down on black ice and I had three pelvis fractures I don’t
like the sound of that the suffering was terrible
I was motionless in hospital for four weeks I do not like the sound of that I
am happy to say I’ve never broken any bones in my body but I am sad to hear
that you had that problem two years ago Irene how are you now
though are you feeling better now I hope you are up and about what about insects
mr. Duncan again certain parts of China you might find insects they are often
fried or cooked on sticks but again not everywhere in China just very small
areas and this is the problem this is one of the reasons why quite often the
reality of something can be distorted so maybe if you watch television television
will want to show you all of the exciting all the shocking things that
people do but all the normal things they never show and that’s the reason why so
quite often people get the wrong idea I suppose it’s also similar to the idea
that people in Korea eat dogs all the time which again is not
true but this is the problem if you watch the internet for too long you will
start to believe all sorts of things you really will sometimes it’s best to
switch your computer off for a few moments walk away go outside breathe
some fresh air look at the sunshine and forget about it all do people eat
snails in the UK no we don’t we don’t eat snails however and once again there
might be some restaurants where you can eat garlic snails now these aren’t
snails that you find in your garden these are bread snails they are
specially bred to be eaten just like cattle so it’s the same thing basically
however I’ve never tried it I’ve never tried eating snails and I never would
because the thought of it makes me feel a little sick to be honest a lot of
people believe that French people eat snails well yes some do but not everyone
not everyone in France eats snails and that’s the thing you see if the problem
is it’s too easy to generalize what people do so if 20 people do something
and then it’s talked about by a million people that million people might think
that everyone in that place does the thing that they are talking about and we
call that generalization generalization Thank You marina
thank you also Netra television thrives on misinformation well I think we live
in a very interesting age where arguments and conflict are a very potent
thing especially when it comes to selling television programs reality TV
the news all of these things rely on conflict so two groups of people arguing
fighting disagreeing it’s great television it really is and that’s the
reason why quite often people like to show it so at the moment you are seeing
lots of misinformation on the Internet about the current outbreak of
the corona virus in China so some people are making things up the things that
they are talking about are not real or true
I do love the fact that I am coughing and sneezing whilst talking about this
subject this might be the strangest livestream I’ve ever done and it might
be the strangest that you’ve ever watched to be honest
hello also to flower Espoir in morocco we eat snails yes I think many countries
do like to sample the odd escargot escargot that’s French by the way for
snail but quite often they will cook the snails with garlic and all sorts of
other things as well I’ve never tried it and I don’t think I ever will so there
are certain things that even I won’t eat snails
definitely not Elle Cory says it’s a good interesting subject
it really is thank you very much if you become ill quite often most illnesses or
many illnesses are transmitted they are passed from one person to another and
when you become ill we can say that you become sick you become sick you pick up
a sickness you develop a sickness so to be sick or to have a sickness means to
be unwell you are ill you are unwell you don’t feel well you have a sickness so
that just means that you are not feeling yourself you don’t feel very well you
feel unwell so that can be caused by anything it doesn’t have to be something
that you’ve caught from another person so you can be ill with anything you are
feeling sick you have a sickness you are feeling ill you fall ill if you fall ill that means
you become unwell so you fall ill now I like the fact that the you they use the
word fall so we often say fall ill but it doesn’t mean that you fall on the
ground it just means you become ill you are
overwhelmed by it so the feeling of illness has overwhelmed you you fall ill
if you catch a virus or a germ or a disease we can say that one thing has
infected so to infect is to pass something on maybe a germ or a virus in
fact or to make something bad or to spoil something so in fact in fact
that’s another great word and if you have been infected that means you have
the infection the thing that has been pressed on has infected you so now you
have the same illness you have the same disease it is an infection as a noun so
the thing you have is an infection infection so the illness if it’s been
passed on from one person to another maybe someone sneezes nearby and then
you catch their illness you catch their infection you develop an infection as a
noun you can transmit or transfer yes I
suppose you could use both of them but we we often use transmit more often jerm
a small thing a small living organism that can be passed from one person to
another very small very tiny it can be passed in many ways through the air or
through the mucus in your nose as you sneeze jerm jerm the the thing that
starts the problem so we can use this word in many ways in fact so the
beginning point or the start of something could also be the germ of
something and so we often use this as a way of describing a virus or disease
that is crest around you caught a germ the thing that is being spread around virus is another thing so a virus
something that is easily spread it is spread from one person to another and I
suppose you might call it that the thing that’s happening now in China you might
call it a virus you might say that it is something that is spread easily in
computer terms we could also say virus to mean something that is transmitted
between computers something harmful to a computer is also a virus bug generally
speaking we use this as an informal way of describing illness so if you catch a
bug if you give someone a bug bug illness germ virus you give someone an
illness you give them a bug maybe you eat some food that has been infected by
something or infected with something and then it makes you ill you might say that
you have picked up a bug you have a stomach bug quite often a stomach bug
can leave you feeling very unwell if you become ill then quite often you will
look for what we what will you look for you will look for a cure so the cure is
the thing that can make the illness go away it can alleviate it can ease it can
make the thing that is affecting you go away cure it is amazing
how human beings over the years have managed to cure so many diseases there
was a time when people would die from all sorts of illnesses all sorts of
viruses all sorts of diseases but quite often now those particular diseases have
almost been eradicated cure so you find a cure for something if you get an
illness if you pick up a virus we can say that you acquire the virus you have
acquired it so something that has been passed on it has been acquired
so to acquire something is to get something something that is passed on to
you or something that is given to you a disease that can be cured is curable
curable so a curable illness is one that can be cured so there are many illnesses
that we think about that can be cured most of them can be cured quite simply
just by eating lots of good food or drinking lots of water sometimes the
Cure might be more complex maybe you have to take certain drugs
or certain types of treatment so something that is curable means
something that can be cured it is curable the opposites I suppose is
deadly deadly something deadly an illness that cannot be cured can be
deadly so a deadly illness a deadly infection a deadly virus is something
that is very harmful it will cause a lot of harm and as this word suggests there
is a good chance that you might also die it is a sad fact that many people have
illnesses or diseases that cannot be treated something that is terminal an
illness that cannot be cured or eased something that will not go away and
unfortunately it will be fatal an illness or disease that is terminal
cannot be treated cannot be cured something that is terminal sadly you
don’t need me to tell you which diseases I am talking about or which illnesses I
am talking about incurable a thing that is incurable is something that will not
go away however something that is incurable might not necessarily be fatal
which is strange I know it sounds strange but an incurable illness or an
incurable problem might not be fatal it might just be something you have to live
with for the rest of your life Pal Mira says we can say lethal disease
yes a lethal disease something that is lethal means that it will cause death so
there is no there is no doubt that that thing will cause a person to lose their
life lethal something is lethal you might
talk about lethal weapon a gun is a lethal weapon something that can cause
death when a person becomes ill especially if they have an infection
that can be spread easily we isolate someone so this is something that is
doing this is being done right now in China so an isolated person a person who
is being isolated so we isolate a person we put them alone in a special ward or a
room where they can’t pass on the infection we formally call this
quarantine so you quarantine something if you quarantine something it means you
make sure that it cannot be spread so you will often see special hospitals or
special areas within a hospital we often call them quarantine wards or a
quarantine area quarantine to put something aside or out of the way where
it cannot cause any more harm quarantine I like that word Irene says mr. Duncan
is stubborn am i I’m not sure if I’m stubborn do you mean because I’m still
doing my livestream even though I feel like I was going to say something then a
very rude word chronic now as I said earlier some people can
actually suffer from an illness or maybe something that is making them feel
unwell for a very long time so quite often we talk about chronic illness when
we talk about chronic illness it means to suffer pain for a very long period of
time or illness something that gives you discomfort for a long period of time we
can say that it is chronic you have a chronic illness something that is
causing you suffering over a long period of time like my cold maybe maybe my cold
is a chronic illness hello to Helena hello also el Cori to boost your
immunity you have to reduce sugar I tell you what I’m doing at the moment I am
eating a lot of fruit at the moment so over the past few days I have been
eating lots of fruit oranges mr. Steve bought some lovely oranges for me so I
am eating a lot of fruit a lot of healthy food on Sunday we are going to
have oh I think on Sunday we’re going to have some salmon on Sunday we haven’t
had it for a few weeks so yes a bit of fish hopefully it won’t make me LLL
marry em the difference between fatal and chronic well chronic is something
that makes you ill for a very long time so it isn’t necessarily fatal but fatal
means it will end your life eventually so you might think of certain types of
cancer so if you have a certain amount of cancer in your body then it is most
likely fatal it cannot be cured chronic means something that just goes on
for a long time so quite often we will say chronic back pain if you have
chronic back pain or chronic pain it means you have it all the time and it
will not go away mr. Duncan I saw your Duncan Krueger video really which one is
that I don’t remember doing a Duncan Krueger video mmm I can’t remember that
it’s it seems like it must be something I did a long time ago
Irene also Netra I am having fish today says Netra oh that sounds nice yes we
are having fish here on Sunday on Sunday so if you become ill if you catch
something that has been transmitted if something that one person has spreads to
you we can say that you catch the illness you catch the virus you catch
the infection you can catch it one of the most unhealthy places you can be is
a hospital quite often in hospital if you go in
hospital for a certain reason you might actually become more ill if you spend a
long time in hospital so quite often hospitals can be the worst place to be
if you want to avoid catching something ill is catching something serious really
so you catch an illness you catch a cold quite often you will catch a virus you
go down with something so you go down with something you become ill you start
to show signs of becoming unwell you come down with something
you might say that you come down with the flu or you came down as a past tense
you came down or he came down with flu he can’t come to the meeting today he’s
come down with flu that means he has become ill because of flu
of course flu is more commonly known as influenza I do not recommend that you
get flu it is horrible you might get a case of something so when we talk about
a case that is relating to the thing that is making you and well so what is
it that’s making you unwell what is the reason for your ill health so we often
describe it as a case if you get a case of something it means you have got it
you have it so those are the symptoms that you are showing you have a case of
something maybe you have a case of flu a case of stomach problems a case of
something specific that is causing you a problem you can also become unwell if you become
unwell it means you become sick you become ill and well you become sick
you become unwell Cecelia says it was the lesson that you did on the 20th of
the 1st 2019 oh I see the 20th oh that was Leste was that last weekend I can’t
really remember to be honest in fact I can just about remember my name at the
moment so that might be the reason why fruit zombie hospitals can be the worst
place to be in in zombie outbreak movie well yes we’re not talking about movies
though we’re talking about real life at the moment so unfortunately you might go
into hospital and you might find that you end up or you get more sick or you
pick up something else that you didn’t have before you become unwell you become
sick yes to be unwell to be sick to feel under the weather to be off-color maybe
you are feeling off-color or you look off-color do you ever meet someone in
the street maybe someone you haven’t seen for a long time and you think to
yourself as you look at them you don’t look very well but you can’t say it of
course because it’s not friendly it’s not kind to say that but there you go
it is 20/20 yes as I said it was last year so last year was 2019 it was yes
definitely and now it’s 2020 yes I know thank you for telling me thank you for
reminding me so now you can see how bad my cold has been I can’t even remember
what year it is last year oh okay then on the 20th of
January 2019 apparently I was dressed like Freddy Krueger okay I might have to
look at that myself I often watch your previous videos they are really amazing
thank you very much netra says contagious something that is
contagious is something that can be caught or transmitted so an illness that
can be passed on easily is often described as contagious something you
can catch so maybe if you are sitting next to me in a restaurant
and I sneeze or cough near to where you’re sitting you might catch my cold
so you might say that my cold is contagious so I can spread this and give
it to someone else if they are nearby hmm sir why do so many people not pay
attention to their health although they know it is important
Pat Chu thank you very much for that well my parents both of my parents used
to smoke during my childhood and they used to smoke a lot my mother always had
a cigarette in her mouth that’s one of the things I always remember about my
childhood my mother always had a cigarette
she was always smoking however I I hated it I hated the smell of cigarette smoke
I really did I hated it I hated the smell I hated the way it made me feel
when it went into my nose horrible so it put me off so because both of my parents
smoked it actually discouraged me from smoking I didn’t want to do it so I
suppose I should thank my parents because their smoking habit actually put
me off smoking is that a good thing or a bad thing
I don’t know Cristina there are many cases of medical malpractice yes this is
something that is happening now in the UK certain hospitals in fact one of the
hospitals that was involved in a very big scandal around two or three years
ago is actually the hospital where my mother is now that’s all I’m saying
miriam i think a lot of people take their health for granted yes we always
assume that we will always be well so when you
are young you always feel as if you will live forever nothing bad will ever
happen to you because you are young so we often believe that we can do anything
and nothing bad will happen nothing bad will occur cigarette smoke is dangerous
you are right very few people smoke cigarettes here in
the UK so it is something that has been reduced quite a lot and my mother gave
up smoking around thirty five years ago around thirty five years ago my mother
stopped smoking so she did give up quite a long time ago however yes smoking
drinking alcohol these are things that cause a lot of illness eating even the
thing that you have to do can be bad for you if you eat too much or eat too much
of certain types of food hi Lee Kwang hello to you it is Tet Tet Tet Tet Tet
Tet it is the Lunar New Year coming this weekend
and today is the last day of the 2019 Lunar New Year so yes it is tomorrow
the Lunar New Year begins a new year across Asia and including Vietnam and as
I mentioned already China although there are not many festivities taking place in
China because of the outbreak of the corona virus which has caused a lot of
worry let’s cheer ourselves up now would you like to see something nice so here
is something nice something cute during my time in China I had a little friend
who lived with me a little friend that I bought when it
was very small would you like to see a photograph in fact you can see two
photographs right now oh there is my little dog
my little dog now I called my dog potato so this is the dog that I had whilst in
China on the right you can see the little dog as a puppy and on the left
you can see the same dog as an adult so there is my little dog that I owned
whilst living in China and a lot of people owned dogs in China a lot of
people also used to steal dogs in China I will come to that later so there is my
lovely little dog now the reason why I had a pet in China was because I needed
company so I lived on my own I didn’t have anyone nearby I would sometimes
chat to mr. Steve via the internet or via the phone so there is my lovely
little dog her name is tudo tudo tudo which is Chinese for potato because I
always thought that my little dog had a head shaped like a potato here’s another
picture oh there there she is so this particular picture was taken
when my little dog was a puppy so I liked I hope you enjoy these pictures
this really made me smile this morning when I was looking at these photographs
it put a big smile on my face and I hope it has done the same thing for you as
well one more here’s another photograph so
this is my little dog that I had whilst living in China absolutely lovely and
the breed is pug pug so this particular type
of dog is called a pug and they don’t grow very large they’re not big dogs one
of the things I will say about the pug is that their fur comes out all the time
they really do lose a lot of fur so their hair is always falling out
always so that’s the only bad thing that I would say about my dog is the fact
that it’s hair would fall out all the time it would it would just lose its fur
all over my furniture all over my carpets all over everything so I hope
that cheered you up I hope that this made you feel happy however there is a
sad part to this story sadly my dog was stolen someone took my
dog one day I let her outside to have a little wee-wee and within seconds she
had vanished disappeared gone forever never saw her again so was not a very
nice feeling I think maybe that’s the reason why I don’t want to have another
dog that’s the reason why I don’t want to have a pet so I don’t want to have
another pet because I will become too attached and if something happens to it
I will be upset and devastated again so I can’t do that I really can’t lovely little dog yes I think so
today is also an interesting day for me because it is the last day that I was
living at my previous house so would you like to see a photograph so there it is
looking out of the window of my previous house and it was seven years ago
today seven years ago today that I left my old house so there it is the final
sunset the fine sunset taken from my previous house and
then the following day I moved and where did I go – well of course you know where
I live now I now live in much Wenlock so tomorrow is the anniversary of moving
too much Wenlock and that is something I did seven years ago tomorrow so a little
anniversary a personal anniversary for me tomorrow I moved here seven years ago
I can’t believe it I can’t believe it was seven years ago that I moved here
doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun talking of time I will be going soon
Thank You sweetness for your lovely comment about my photographs I thought
it would be nice today to share some photographs hello – Jamelia cats and
dogs is considered a delicacy in China some people do eat dogs in China but not
everyone in certain areas they eat dogs quite often in the south of China but
but then it’s not everyone in the south it’s certain areas small areas not
everyone no one eats cats in China it’s another thing that isn’t true so people
don’t eat cats in China they do not however certain types of dogs are bred
especially to be eaten just like we would breed sheep or cows to be eaten
Baptista that’s disgusting who eats dogs and cats
I will never visit China bautista can I just say that not everyone in China eats
dogs not everyone in China eats dog meat some do but most and that’s a lot of
people most don’t hi Lee Kwang says I will see you later I
hope I will see you later I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s livestream happy
personal anniversary mr. Duncan yes I can’t believe that tomorrow will be the
seventh anniversary of moving here too much Wenlock I can’t believe it I feel
as if I should be doing more to celebrate it maybe on Sunday we will do
something because I will be back with you on Sunday 2 p.m. UK time is when you
can catch me and I suppose also if you want to like and subscribe there it is
you can like and subscribe to my youtube channel so please like this video now
get your finger click your mouse and give me a happy thumbs up go on you know
you want to especially today because I’ve been I’ve been really suffering
have you noticed thanks a lot for your company today it has cheered me up in
fact I feel quite well not great but I feel a little better than I did this
morning Chinese cuisine is diverse and strange
yes you might find this in other countries as well certain animals are
eaten that would not be eaten in other countries so yes I think that is one of
the wonderful things about living in this world is everyone has their own
taste sometimes the taste is not the same as
someone else it’s just the way it is Cristina says I enjoyed it as usual
thank you very much I hope it hasn’t been too dull or too boring I hope not
and I really do hope that I feel better on Sunday so have a super-duper Happy
New Year to those who are celebrating the Lunar
New Year as it arrives and I hope you a great time stay safe as they say Li
Wang says the New Year is coming yes it is the year of the rat in the Chinese
zodiac the Lunar New Year is just around the corner Thank You pal Miriah mr.
Duncan stay safe and sound I will try my best to do that I really will and going
in a moment thank you very much to Manuel thank you also to Miriam thanks a
lot mr. Duncan it was enjoyable hope you are getting well soon I really hope so
for two reasons one I hate being ill and the other reason is I will be able to
see my mother in a hospital because I can’t go there whilst I feel like this
unfortunately people will not like it a German friend went to China and told me
that cats and dogs are more expensive than beef cat meat people are not eating
cats in China trust me you have to trust me on that one and if they are they
probably shouldn’t be hello also two best Easter Thank You Julie thank you
fruit zombie Thank You Irene for watching today I hope you’ve enjoyed
this it’s been a little bit different but as I explained earlier I was in bed
this morning until very late I got up and I wasn’t sure what to do but now
I’ve done it I feel quite glad that I did it I just hope you do as well bye
everyone bye Christina see you later Anna see you later also fruit zombie
thank you very much for your company Thank You Jamelia yes I hope I feel
better on Sunday mr. Steve will be here as well and for those who are wondering
no mr. Steve didn’t catch my cold which is slightly annoying to be
honest only I have been suffering this week just me Thank You Cecilia Chinese
eat cats well maybe they do but not all over the place that is the point I am
making you might eat cats in China but it doesn’t mean everyone is eating cats
in China my dog was stolen but it wasn’t eaten I’m pretty sure of that Pat you
take hot water and take water vapor Manuel says thank you thank you Carlos
Thank You Batista thank you zoo Zika thank you very much for your company
today some wonderful comments on the live stream today thank you very much I’m
going now definitely before I collapse on the floor this is mr. Duncan in the
birthplace of English saying thanks for watching I hope you’ve enjoyed this I
really do and I will see you on Sunday 2pm UK time and of course do you know
what’s coming next yes you do do you? do i? ta ta for now 😎

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  1. TIME CODES – click on the blue time codes to skip forward to…
    LESSON BEGINS – 2:34 MY SARS VACATION — CHINA 2003 – 17:00

  2. Mr Duncan you made me laugh, even from bad things you get something funny, your sexy voice! I hope you are better now, greetings!

  3. Mr Duncan in Mexico some people eat snails, ants, grasshoppers and other strange things, I have never eating them.

  4. Mr Duncan we hope to see you on Sunday after full recovery! We are not afraid of that damn coronavirus😠😆

  5. Hello mr duncan, It doesn't sound good whilst talking contagious viruses but I'm pleased that you shared your lovely memories of China..I'm also infected by english bug which is spreading in my body and chances are it won't leave me.I hope you'll be feeling better with mr steve on Sunday.lots of respect from karachi, Pakistan

  6. It`s always so sad for the situation that animals we like are eaten in the south of China, such as dog. Like you said in the video, a small part of people`s behaviours does not mean anyone, but this phenomenon does exits, I am from south of China so that I know that more clearly. Fortunately, there are some dog meat – farming, they produce and offer dog meat to the market, in this fact, we can only imagine dog as cow, pig, chicken and so on. Beside, including the people who eats dog-meat, no one eats and tolerates the people eat pet-dog in China. Actually, the consumption of dog meat is less and less nowadays because it is rare to find the young generation to eat dog meat. Most of those are from the age of 60 or older, because they were suffering from the food shortage period in 1960s to 1970s, everything edible, including dog, would be seen as food in that period of time. Anyway, this situation is changing better and better.

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