[Eating Show X UP10TION]
[Coming up] [Eating Show Season 2] You look happy. – Are you all present today? UP10TION and Honeyten?
– Yes. Okay, let us introduce.
1, 2, 3. 10TION, UP!
Hello, we are UP10TION. Hello, I am high rapper Wei. Wei! I am Gyujin.
Nice to meet you. I am Sunyoul.
Nice to meet you. I am Hwanhee.
Nice to meet you. Okay. I am the youngest Xiao.
Nice to meet you. I am leader Jinhoo.
Hello, everyone. Leader! I am Wooshin.
I will enjoy food today. Hello, I am Bitto. Hello, I am Kogyeol. Hello, I am Kuhn. – December has come.
– It’s cold. – Can you believe you?
– It is so cold. – Time flies.
– Yes. The beginning of the year feels
like it was yesterday.
Now, it is in December. Unbelievable. With the year end coming,
you have many chances to
have good food with good people. Today’s show is for that purpose. Good food is served and we are
with Honeyten. – Are you ready to enjoy?
– Yes. We will order food soon. Hurry up if you’ve not ordered any. Let’s enjoy together.
Yes! While you are preparing ordered foods, let us tell you about this show that
gives us such a good opportunity. – Let me tell you.
– Good. Wooshin, could you explain? – Okay.
– Fine. – Good. “Eating Show” Description for happy and
full meals. 1. Order as much food as you can have. 2. Complete Bingo while eating the food. – 3.
– That matters. If you want more, say “Add more portions!”
to the chef. 4. The show is over when you finish the meal
up. We have some to notify. Restaurants charge you with environmental
contribution fees if you have leftover. However, we do not.
Instead, you will get punished in a different way. Please keep it in mind. Completing the whole you we order leads to the end of the show.
Alright? – Yes.
– Good. – Okay. If you have leftover, you will get
punished. – Watch out.
– I heard that… there is some know-how mentioned by those who have appeared on the show before us. – Then…
– Okay. There is no chance of all the food being
gone without us knowing it. – Right.
– Thanks to me. – You are cool.
– Cool guy!
– Thank you. Keeping advice from those before us in mind,
let’s order food. – Good.
– Good! Then, we can have talks after ordering food. – Scream after I count 1, 2, 3.
– Yes. – Call Cookie Chef after 1, 2, 3.
– Yes. – 1, 2, 3.
– Cookie Chef, we are starving! – Give us food.
– I am hungry. – I am hungry.
– Wow! I’ve been looking forward to this moment. – It must be yummy.
– Wow! So bountiful! – Turning the fire on?
– Yes. Can I? – You don’t have rice?
– Watch out. – If you will. I won’t give up on this food. – Gopchang, I will chase it to the end of the world.
– Gopchang! [Today’s menu – Gopchang]
– I love it. – Gopchang. We have more than that. Asked what food we want,
we could see some candidate foods. – We chose gopchang.
– Yes. – Do you like it?
– Yes! – I love it. – How often do you have?
– It must be so good. I love tripe. I go to tripe joints with my friend. I have had some entrails alone at
a joint. Alone? – The smell…
– Alone! I have a two line poem for gopchang. We will let you recite it later. – Later.
– Later. We have all sorts of intestines.
We have a lot. – How about you?
– The sizzling sound. – Do you like it? Maybe you are having this at your home too. – I guess.
– Yes. – I think so. Yes, let me read your comments out. – Kogyeol?
– Yes. – “I envy you!”
– Awesome. Look at how they look. “The color is awesome”. Our fans are saying that they really want it too. – I will give you an address and just come here.
– Look at that. – Honeyten, come on in.
– Comments are saying that they envy us. Eating food at night… – There is a funny one.
– What? “Eating gopchang in outfits befitting wine and cheese”. – That is so true.
– I agree. Well, we don’t have to. – For gopchang…
– It is high-end food. – Yes. It is a stereotype. – Sunyoul?
– Yes. – There are some fans who have not seen this.
– Really? – Tell them what it is.
– This food? Well, it is really yummy.
Have it! There are some who can’t eat it. – I have not had entrails and tripe before.
– Really? – I have had gopchang, though.
– Really? – Never ever.
– Me, neither. I have had gopchang.
Entrails and tripe, no. – Really?
– No, you have had it with me. – Really? That was entrails?
– I often have it. I have a relative who owns a gopchang joint
in Changwon. Please come visit the joint. Wow, other fans… – what?
– Turn it down. They have ordered chicken and
Budae-jjigae (Sausage Stew). – They have.
– Chicken! We want it all, but today’s pick is gopchang. As I said before… – You are going to have many parties
at the end of the year. – Yes. What will you want to do by the end of the year? Do you have any plan? – We are working these days.
– Yes. I hope it will end happily. Then, I want to have good food with you. We are always ready. I am not prepared… I have not had drinks with my family. Me, neither. I have not drunk with my parents. I hope to have such an occasion with
my family. – That is good.
– On this show? That will be good. – Would you do that here on the show?
– For the first time? – No?
– No. Kuhn, what’s your plan? – For the end of the year?
– Yes. It’s been a while. We came back here in Korea.
It is cold. I hope we will get it finished for this album
happily. – I hope we will share good memories.
– Good. Please give him a big round of applause. With Honeyten, I will be happy all the time. Having gopchang and chatting with you! – Perfect.
– Yes! – It is bomb. – Let us start with food, which will make the
show all the happier.
– Okay. It is almost done. – Let’s do it.
– We’ve waiting for this. – Oh, my. – Let’s do it.
– Good. The first session of the show.
The first spooning ceremony. – Let’s grab a piece.
– What is that? Stand up. – What is it?
– Liver. – I have not seen this before.
– What is it? – Liver. – Liver?
– Yes. Are you sure? I am asking. Stand up with a piece. – It smells good.
– Okay! The first spooning ceremony. Let’s do it. Tell us how delicious it is with your bodily
movement. – Easy!
– Yes. Let us deliver the flavor of gopchang
so perfectly that this will make you
want it tomorrow. – Let us express how it is.
– Good. Every, let’s eat together! [First spooning]
This song? Yummy! Shall we do? Go! They are waiting for this. Your reaction is so good. Okay! – So cute.
– I have never seen it before. Kuhn! – More, more, more!
– More! – Not yet!
– More! – Good.
– That is good. – Be seated.
– Please. – Thank you. – Just rush to food.
– Have it. – Let’s enjoy.
– Let’s do it. – Thank you. Share some chats over the food. It is not easy to tolerate before good food. – Give me cups.
– Don’t worry. We have a special game on the show. – Tada!
– Wow! It is killing two birds with one stone. We have 3*3 Bingo regarding UP10TION and food. Yes, UP10TION rankings, hidden menus and so on. There are curious blocks. – You want to know it?
– Yes. Have gopchang and play Meokgo game. With each line complete, you can get prized. Please focus. Then, shall we? – Can we choose what to do on the board?
– Yes. Which block do you want to go first? Can I? We are at the center all the time, so… Well, nice album!
UP10TION’s album is what! Okay. – UP10TION is…
– Too far. UP10TION’s album is addictive. The more you have, the more you want. Our album has been released.
It was yesterday. We have this album for you. Have you not seen it yet? Well, let me release it here. – It is the first ever release of this album.
– Are you ready? Unboxing, unboxing? Unboxing, unboxing? I want to share it with you. I am ready. My part. That is my part. – This is so yummy.
– So good. Okay, go. You have it. Too hot. Let me introduce. Which version do you think is? This one… Well… We have red and blue. – The chaser and fugitive versions.
– Clue version. – Crime version.
– Let me show it to you. This one reminds us of the Korean
national flag. Well, this one. The red one is… the chaser version. We are in cool suit.
That is me. – That is so good.
– Hwanhee, you are cool. – Cool.
– Cool. Oh, this one. Here it is. – What is that?
– We have this special one. – What is that?
– It is a photo card. We have two. Ppotto? Isn’t that the name of a snack? There are 2 photo cards, the coin-shaped one is
WOOSHIN hyung. In uniform. – Wei.
– Wei. – I want it.
– I love this photo. Let me introduce him. He is Wei. His bang… Choppy bang? He has those bangs, looking very cute
and look at the back. It has the birthday and it says something in English a lot. HWANHEE will be ruined for sure if he does
home shopping. There’s a lot written in English.
I think it’s a great product and WOOSHIN hyung. He’s wearing his glasses here.
Although you may not be able to see it. Like this, although it’s not clearly visible. Please show it over there. He’s handsome. It’s the visual. He’s really good-looking. Now, the blue album would obviously
be opposite of that, right? – What is that, fugitive?
– Yes. It’s the fugitive.
Here it is, the photo card. Is the Pokémon? Jinwook hyung is shown here. I look better, so I’ll so you mine. Okay. You can look mine up later,
and now… What is this? This is also that. – What is it?
– It’s a photo card. The chaser photo card does come out
from the fugitive. – This must be in all of them.
– Yes, it must be random. This was not the birth date, everyone. Everyone, I’m so surprised. – I thought the thing on the back was the birth date. It’s not the birth date,
but there’s sudden a number here. – What number is it?
– WEI hyung’s card said 96. Also, Jinwook hyung’s says 99. – It’s that, the number we decided.
– The numbers for us. – That’s right.
– Only you didn’t know right now. – Oh HWANHEE.
– Right now, only you didn’t know. – Oh, HWANHEE that’s really bad.
– It’s disappointing. Right, so let’s move on, shall we? – The album is very pretty.
– HONEY10, have you listen to the new album, – with “Blue Rose”?
– Yes! I’m really curious about
what you thought about it. This “mukgo” is about describing the
new UP10TION album with delicious food. Describing it with food sound perfect
for mukbang. What kind of food will be similar to the album? You can say this album is like “blank”.
Something like this. – For example.
– Please describe it for us. SUNYOUL hyung, can you try? Then… This album is… This UP10TION album is like chicken. – The chicken god.
– Because chicken is always right. – Chicken is always right.
– Right, right. – You’re right. I was thinking the same thing. He chose chicken because it’s the right album to
listen to whenever and wherever. – When did you finish this?
– I know. There’s always a modifier in front of chicken. – God or king.
– Chicken god. – God… what is it? – God-10TION.
– God-10TION? King-10TION, sorry. It’s okay. You’re eating right now, so that’s okay. Right, I think it has a great meaning to it. I was thinking that this UP10TION album is like
dakbal (chicken feet). Why do you think that is? Because dakbal is very appealing. – Like me?
– Yes, sure. It’s similar. The answer is because once you eat dakbal, you
keep wanting it and thinking about it.
Right, WOOHIN hyung? – Yes.
– Right? – I think so.
– Right, right. Once you listen to the song, you’ll want to
continue listening to it. Also, I thought of something else. I thought the UP10TION album is like
dark chocolate. I wrote that. – Right. – I thought that too.
– You also thought of that, hyung? Dark chocolate has an image that like
cold and chic. But when you try it, it’s actually sweet – and I think it has a twist to it that’s charming.
– Right. Everyone thought of lots of good meanings. Now I want to listen to JINHOO hyung’s opinion. – Leader hyung.
– Rather than choosing one menu, I think that UP10TION is like a set menu
with everything. – A set menu. – Harmonious, and I think it has
a clear story line, like the new album. It’s a great metaphor, suitable for the leader. This album which is like a set menu. I hope you listen to it for numerous times and
really enjoy it. HONEY10. – Please enjoy it. Fun “mukgo” that compares UP10TION album
to a delicious food! Now, what “mukgo” shall we challenge ourselves
to next? XIAO? If we succeed, we have stickers to put on. Really? – Were you that smart?
– Right? But HWANHEE. – HWANHEE. – In the middle, the middle.
– You must be nervous in the role of MC? WOOSHIN’s appearance looks great
even though he’s eating. They’re really eating fast here. I came back from introducing one album,
and there’s nothing left. Hey, UP10TION,
what should we look at next? – Let’s do that one, the far left.
– This one? The ranking for epicure who chases taste. The next mukgo UP10TION will do is… – The ranking for epicure who chases taste.
– Bba-bam! It sounds difficult. Everyone’s is busy eating right now. You’re really eating fast here, I’m not kidding. The member who will go chasing anywhere
if there’s delicious food is… – who?
– UP10TION ranking! – Bba-bam! The ranking UP10TION picked.
Today’s theme, the ranking of members
who chase delicious food. It can be delicious restaurants or food they want to eat.
If there is something the person craves, this member will go anywhere, no matter how far. – Everyone voted beforehand, right?
– Yes. I don’t exactly remember
who I picked previously… – Right. – But doesn’t everybody know
who’s in first place? – Right?
– Of course we know. – Who is it? – The one that everyone is
thinking of in their heads… The one on the screen now! – He’s on the screen.
– I think this person is it. Only he doesn’t know. I think HONEY10 are also thinking of the
same person in their heads right now. Everyone, this is not a nice place. Did you say you eat with us? Is there someone to eat? – You need to eat together to survive, right?
– Right. The ranking you need to guess right is… – It exploded.
– Oh my god. not the one who got an
overwhelming amount of votes for 1st place, but the 2nd place who got 2 votes. – That’s hard.
– It’s guessing the 2nd place. – It’s not the 1st place, that’s too easy.
– WEI got 7 votes? Obviously, the 1st place was like we all expected, – WEI hyung who got 7 votes.
– Who didn’t vote for WEI? – I more curious about that.
– Then who is the one in 2nd place? I actually voted for myself. I voted me because I go to many places
to eat and all. But I was confident I could guess this. It’s 2nd place, then… I don’t know, I’m not sure yet. WEI hyung really likes to eat, right? – Yes. – Right?
– Yes. When I’m sleepy and hungry, I can’t go to sleep. Hunger takes priority.
I need to eat to go to sleep. – You personally went in search of
good restaurants. -Yes. Right? What kind of restaurants
have you been to? First,… The most memorable restaurant. – The most memorable restaurant?
– Yes. There a place called “Nari Restaurant”… Can I say this? Can I say it? There’s this restaurant, and they specialize in
samgyeopsal (pork belly). – Samgyeopsal?
– Yes, samgyeopsal. – There’s a stew called jabaki?
– Jabaki is good. They don’t close, ever. They’re never closed, and it’s a restaurant that’s been famous since
my grandfather’s generation…. They’re still in operation now. It’s the restaurant I recommend to foreign people when they come to visit. It’s super delicious. I also recommend it.
Nari Restaurant, it’s really good. So, other than WEI,
which other member likes to eat? – BIT-TO.
– I think it’s BIT-TO. – I also think it’s BIT-TO.
– It can also be SUNYOUL. But it can also be me.
I picked me. It’s you?
You picked yourself? I think I picked me.
I don’t remember clearly. Because I’ve been to all the dakbal places in
Gangnam and within the range of 10,000-won
taxi fare. – Really?
– I like going to good restaurants. I search them to go, so it could be me. – It could be WOOSHIN hyung as well.
– But wait. – Only you know that you go to dakbal places…
– I don’t think people know. – You’re right.
– Right. I think I voted for BIT-TO. Unexpectedly, BIT-TO also cooked,… – He knows stuff, so…
– Then it’s BIT-TO hyung? – Wait.
– BIT-TO doesn’t want to bother with those stuff. Think hard, everyone.
We are the ones who voted. It’s choosing the possible member. There are different opinions among the members. Shall we try to choose one? – BIT-TO?
– BIT-TO? – BIT-TO? – In my opinion,…
– BIT-TO. – BIT-TO, okay. Could it be WOOSHIN? Then let’s shout BIT-TO on the count of 3. – Yes.
– 1, 2, 3. BIT-TO! The answer is…? It’s WOOSHIN. – I said it was me. -The UP10TION member
who will chase after good food till the end. WOOSHIN hyung was in 2nd place. – But…
– Yes. WOOSHIN… 7 people picked me. Then 2 or 3 people picked WOOSHIN. Who chose WOOSHIN? – Anyone who picked BIT-TO?
– I don’t think our members would remember. Does anyone remember? Anyone who picked WOOSHIN hyung? WOOSHIN is kind of picky when it comes to food. – Right.
– He’s like an epicure. Hyung, did you pick me? Someone who frequently searches for good food. Lives to enjoy the happiness of eating. Those are the reasons why WOOSHIN hyung
was chosen as 2nd place. – That’s true.
– Put failed on the board. I’m really curious about why WEI got picked. You said that you frequently went exploring
with your mother. Please tell us about it. Actually, my mother also likes to have
lots of food on the table when she eats.
Having everything set up… It doesn’t matter if we can’t finish it or not.
Lots of food need to be all set up and she needs to be able to eat her fill.
That’s what she believes in. It’s better to have more than less. She thinks that
it’s better to have more than less. You know those places recommended by
the broadcasting stations. She goes to those places. Also, she’ll eat alone or with her friends and when she likes a menu, she takes me. She takes me, and that how we go around. – Every area. – What is the most memorable
restaurant you’ve been to with your mother? There’s been so many,
and I don’t remember the name. It was a peculiar steakhouse. It was a steakhouse
and had patterns like this drawn… Also, the place… has limited amount of space and only a few
people can go in at a time. That… You must be scratching steak. – The fried rice is good at the bottom actually.
– It has to be scratched. This is the good part of fried rice. – He’s doing a really good job over there. Then the steakhouse WEI went with his mother, I hope that he’ll take all of us there one day. – Sounds good.
– Sure. – It’s close by.
– Unfortunately we didn’t get this one. Which mukgo should we choose next… Shall we choose which mukgo to do next? The next one… There’s only 2 possibilities left. – No, there are 3.
– There’s only this and this. – There this one.
– Oh, there’s that. How clever. Should we do hanssam? We have an great advantage because we got
the tile in the center. – For us.
– Hanssam? – How about this one? – This hanssam.
– Let’s do hanssam. – Hanssam time? We’ll be trying the hanssam time. 1, 2, 3. – Instinctively. – I love you, member!
Please give a hanssam of love to a member. – A hanssam of love? – You’re going to be
scolded by mom if you keep stirring. Sorry. There are UP10TION members who are
working together. – Yes.
– So with love, make a ssam (wrap) and give it to the member next to you
with a nice comment. For example, let’s do well on this album. So you’ll be feeding the member to your right. – Good.
– So it’s going to be all nice? Of course. Look forward to it.
I think I’m going to be overflowing with love. Let’s give a ssam with manners.
Shall we try to make a ssam right now with love? – Yes.
– You’re going to the person to your right. – Shall we do that?
– Yes, let’s. – I’m not good at making ssam.
– There’s no meat here. – There’s only one piece of meat left.
– You’ve eaten too much. – There are more here.
– Then give us the leftover. They say we can have
1 more serving of spicy gopchang (tripe). – Please order now.
– Cookie? – Chef Cookie.
– Chef Cookie, we want more! Can we possibly have 3 more servings? – If we add…
– Please give one for each table. That’s quick delivery. – It’s so good.
– But I really feel… – that I can finish everything in a flash.
– Why? I think I might forget and just eat it all. Shall we make the ssam, KUHN hyung? Sure. Let’s make the ssam and think about what kind of well-wishing
remarks we’ll make to the other member. I made a ssam just now, but I ate it. – Great job. – What?
– HWANHEE, enjoy. HWANHEE doesn’t like garlic. JINHOO, enjoy the food. Okay. – You surprised me. – Fortunately, I didn’t spill
anything. – Eat two. SUNYOUL hyung, do you like garlic? Eat some burnt green onion, too. – Have you all made a nice ssam?
– Yeah. – Yeah, I’m ready. – I’m ready too.
– HWANHEE. – Yes. – You know I really like you, right? – Me, too.
– Hyung, do you like onions? – Me, too. – Too much is not good,
so it’s better not to have too much. Let’s make the ssam, – and I’ll start with my right.
– Okay. For WEI, it is too far… so you can do the Bluetooth way. I’ll send it using Bluetooth or Airplane Mode. – Sure. – Great.
– I ask for a witty move. – Then I’ll give mine to KOGYEOL first.
– Okay. I’m not going to eat. You get cold easily… Although you get cold easily, it’s great to see you trying hard to show
your stylish side. Fighting, until the end of the album promotion. – I love you.
– Thank you. Is it good?
Please express it with your body. It really looks delicious. Next, KOGYEOL hyung will… – give to BIT-TO hyung. – Staring to sweat.
– This is a bit weird. – It’s because I put in too much in the wrap.
– You put in too much? I learn a lot from you, and it’s great
that I can rely on you. Enjoy. – That’s big.
– Lucky. You gave him a big one. Wooseok. You made it too big. – I love you.
– Thank you. The weather is so cold. Don’t get sick.
I’ve only put in things you like. It’s tasty. – It ripped.
– What? It’s a ssam burger. – It’s Lotteria style.
– Why does it do this? There’s only garlic in it. – It’s a garlic burger, garlic burger.
– It’s a garlic burger. – Garlic ssam.
– Garlic tripe burger. – Garlic is good for you.
– JINHOO hyung. It’s your 4th year now. I know you’re working hard to support us. – I’ll root for you, fighting.
– Fighting. – SUNYOUL, please pick that up.
– I’m sorry. Please tell us what it tastes like. -It has so many garlic in it.
-Okay. The garlic tastes okay. -Right.
-It’s pretty good actually. -Aren’t you crying?
-Isn’t it delicious? -Yeah. I’m going to give Xiao some words of
blessing now. Like Wooshin said, we’re entering
our fourth year. Don’t fiddle with the ssam. Xiao is turning 22 soon. He’ll get easily tired as he grows older. -I hope he starts taking care of himself.
-All right. -Did you put something weird in here? -No.
-No? -Wait, he looks hideous with that big ssam
in his mouth. -The juice! -He looks ugly. -The juice! -You’re on air.
-It’s yucky. What am I going to do with him?
I feel sorry for our stylist. -What, did he spill it on his clothes? -Yeah.
-No, he didn’t. Xiao, how does it taste? It’s good. -Good?
-Did you say good or bad? Good. I made him a big ssam. He’s in trouble now. Hwanhee. I hope you stay bright as you are. But… don’t get too cheery when you’re not
supposed to. -Depending on circumstances.
-We’ll have a talk outside for a minute. I hope we get along well. -Friend.
-I made a nice ssam. Friend. -How does it taste?
-It’s good. It has onion in it. You hate onions. -I eat it well now.
-Really? Leveled up, you know. Okay, Sunyoul. Give me some words of blessing. Sunyoul. I know you always sing difficult parts in our song. I can imagine how hard it must be for you
when we sing live. You’re doing a great job. -So what did you put in the ssam?
-Nothing bad. He made the ssam without
washing his hands. I really hate it. -He might get a stomach flu.
-No, I washed my hands. -I washed them in the morning.
-In the morning. -Will I be okay after eating this?
-It’s okay. You can eat it. -I washed my hands before leaving home.
-It is full of his love. -Even the germs are part of his love.
-I washed them when washing my face.
-Open your mouth. Why are you doing this to me? -I washed them when washing my face. -His love
is in that ssam. -Where’s my heart? -Okay. If it’s from you, I’ll even eat a bacteria ssam.
-Okay. Let’s try it next time. -It doesn’t have anything bad. I only put the
good thingsin it. -Look at his face. Only good things. I put a little bit of slalad. -Who puts salad in a ssam?
-I think… -It’s his taste. -Where’s salad?
-he put everything on the table. -Really? -Right, I put everything on the table in that ssam.
-Thank you, Hwanhee. -But it’s not bad, is it?
-It’s good because it’s from you. -I feel good.
-I can’t swallow it. Next. -Sunyoul.
-I always wash my hands before having meals. -Okay.
-Using a soap. -I hardly believe… I mean I believe in you.
-I wash my hands longer than two minutes. I said I hardly believe him. I need to give you some words of blessings. Gyujin has come down with a cold. He doesn’t feel well. So to give him some much-needed stamina, -Only garlic? -Excuse me.
-Can’t you see me? -You can have it.
-I put garlic to give him -some energy.
-Everyone. They said we need to share it. Okay. How does it taste? Wait, did the camera get it? -The camera didn’t get it when he hit me.
-Please hit him one more time. He’s about to fly away. -The ssam made you feel good, right?
-I feel so good. -They think you feel good not because of the
ssam but because you hit him. -Both. Okay, Wei. Thank you for trying your best
all the time. I guess it would make you feel tired. But I hope you don’t lose that passion. I give you this big ssam. Thank you. Gyujin put all sorts of ingreidents in that ssam. How about we say “Wei” when he eats it? Wei~ He seems to be happy. You can’t spit it out. We’d fail. It’s so delicious. -Lastly, Wei will make a ssam.
-A Bluetooth ssam. Sooil. -Sooil.
-Yeah. I know you must be hard taking care of us. -There’s not much to take care of.
-To be taken care of is hard, too. Just kidding. -I was just kidding.
-I feel so sad that I can’t make a ssam. -I was joking. -What did he say?
-I didn’t hear him. -I’ll send this ssam c.o.d. Deliver the ssam, please.
-Okay. -Wait, wait.
-C.o.d. -It’d touched by too many hands.
-Please deliver the ssam. -Me.
-Just leave it there. I’ll come and get it. -Hyung, Hwanhee…
-Please deliver it. It’s c.o.d. Hwanhee will kindly deliver it to you.
Here it is, Hwanhee. -Why me? -Please deliver it.
-No, wait. Jump! Hwanhee. Hyung, Hwanhee is on his way. People would think I really don’t wash my hands. -Not Hwanhee!
-They would think I really don’t wash my hands. -Wait. Not Hwanhee! -The recipient must sign it. -Is this from
that gentleman over there? -You must sign it. I’ll put it in his mouth for you. -Yeah, okay. -What did he put in there?
-Open your mouth. -He really doesn’t want to eat it.
-Say ahh~ Say ahh. -Are you refusing to eat it?
-No, you can’t. We’d fail. This Muk Bingo was full of
warmth and happiness. It was a success! Let’s move on to the next square. -Let’s go.
-We can choose which direction to go. -There’s something I really want to do.
-How about “Doing an Eating Show Intelligently”? Next up is a guessing game called,
“Doing an Eating Show Intelligently”. -I’m good at making guesses.
-Okay. I got the answer for the second place earlier.
Although no one believed in me. Doing a Eating Show Intelligently.
Who will be the Sherlock Holmes of UP10TION? We’re going to make guesses. How do we do this game is… How do we do it? -I’ll explain.
-Okay. -I forgot.
-I still have that ssam in my mouth. This time, you’ll have to try your
reasoning ability. This game fits the concept of our
album. You’re going to see two dumplings
in front of you. -Dumplings?
-But one of them is suspicious. -We’ll have to find that suspicious dumpling.
-Right. But you can never touch the dumplings.
Okay? -Never? -You should never
touch the dumplings. Never touch the dumplings. I guess we all need to play the detectives
in this game. -Who’s good at this? -Wooshin.
-I’m good at this. -Why don’t you give it a try?
-Wooshin. -Really? The reason I picked Wooshin is -He’s good at this.
-He’s good at guessing games -like the Black Room.
-He’s like Sherlock “Woo”ds. I’m afraid I’ll get the wrong answer. -Yeah, you’re flattering him too much.
-That’s exactly why I’m flattering him. -Way to go!
-Okay, I hope we make good guesses. Let’s find the suspicious dumpling. Coookie Chef, please give us the dumplings. -Are we not allowed to touch them?
-No, we’re allowed to just lookat them. -Just look. -You can’t touch them.
-Is it either one of them? -Aren’t there supposed to be three? Two?
-Two. -Either one. -It’s 50:50. -You can’t touch them.
-Just look with your eyes. -Are we allowed to roll them over? -How are we
supposed to find one? -You’ll touch them then. They say we’re allowed to smell them. -That one looks suspicious. -You can smell them.
-Please show it on the camera. -They look exactly the same.
-Exactly the same. How are they different? -Just suspicious. -That’s what we have to find out.
-Is one of them not real? -If they look different…
-Did you put something weird in one of them? -Do I have to eat one?
-Wait. I think this one has more stuffing inside it. Look at the dumpling skin.
One of them may be sloppy. We have a live broadcast tomorrow.
You didn’t put something weird in it, right? If they put something in it,
the dumpling skin may be new. -Did you get it?
-What? I didn’t touch it. They both smell like dumplings. -This is… -Then they are dumplings, I guess.
-Wait, wait. Wait, wait. If they both smell like dumplings,
they must be dumplings. Look at this. This one looks like someone touched it. -What do you think HONEY10? Please leave a
comment. -This one is bit strange. -Right? -Yeah. -It has more stuffing than this one.
-You’re right. -They’re the same.
-We’ll go with this one. -Which one?
-There’s no need to think more. -Suspicious. -This is the real dumpling.
And this one is the suspicious one. -What do you guys think?
-The one Jinhoo is holding is suspicious. -Actually it was Jinhoo who picked it.
-Wait. The burden is on me. Do we have to eat it? -Jinhoo will eat the dumpling.
-Did you know that if we get the right answer, we can call bingo.
-Okay. -Should I feed him the dumpling then?
-Wait. What if I eat the suspicious dumpling and
pretend that I got the normal one? -Is it a success?
-Is it a success then? -They said we have to point it with a finger.
-Then let’s all point the dumpling Jinhoo is holding
with a finger. The suspicious dumpling chosen by UP10TION is this one! -That should be the real dumpling.
-We got this one. -The answer is? -Is it the suspicious dumpling?
-It must be. -We got this one.
-It must be that one. -Then let’s try the suspicious dumpling.
-No. -I should try the normal dumpling.
-Not the suspicious one. -Not the suspicious one.
-They said he should try the normal one. -If I pretend that nothing is wrong, it’s a success.
-Enjoy your dumpling. -It’s a success if he can act like nothing is wrong.
-Yeah. -It’s a success if he can act it.
-I’ll pretend nothing happened. -It should be okay. -If he can act like he’s okay, it’s a success.
-I bet they put some red peppers in it. -Did you?
-Does it have wasabi in it? -I think he got the right answer.
-Are you eating a normal dumpling? This is anormal dumpling. I knew it. Did we get the right answer? -Right, No. 2.
-Did we get it? -No. 2? -Is it a normal dumpling?
-The one we chose. -Correct~ We got the right answer. Everyone. Why don’t we play a game and decide
who will eat the suspicious dumpling? Is this safe to eat? -That would be nice.
-Shall we? -Is this something we can eat?
-Yes they say. -It’s a food.
-It’s edible. It’s a food. I wonder what’s inside it. -How about we follow the majority decision?
-We succeeded in Muk Bingo. -Put a sticker on it. -Put a sticker.
-A mini game. This is a very delicious dumpling. -Very delicious.
-It wouldn’t be fun then. Will the winner eat the dumpling? Is that really delicious? -Is that really delicious?
-No, they’re laughing. I held the dumpling after the game. There was a chocolate under it. -What? -Was that it?
-A chocolate dumpling. It’ll be delicious for sure. So sweet. It was a sweet dumpling. I picked one based on a strange clue. -I thought it was tied up again.
-Everyone. -Everyone, let’s… -We got one bingo.
-Pay attention, please. – They put it on the bottom. – Focus.
– Focus, please. – One bingo. – Are you listening to me?
– Yes. – You’re all listening to me, right?
– Yes. – We made a line of bingo!
– We did. – Bingo. – Okay.
– Now, [1 Mukgo!] “As we should say “mukgo”,
let’s scream “one mukgo” together. One, two, three! One mukgo! When do we stop? I explained about one mukgo earlier, right? After this show, – it would be like missing something if we go
right after a dish, right? – Right. We’ll give you dessert. I’m like a host. Shall we make another bingo now? I wonder what will come next. Can I choose now?
Because I think all I did here was eating.. Wait! – What’s wrong? – Teacher. – I think this one
or this one is better. – What do will you choose? Let’s see. If I choose this or this, it will look good. Teacher, I want to do this. If we pick that, we can’t complete this line. – We can complete this line.
– What do you all think? – I think it’s become Yein’s pick now.
– Okay. I got it. – Pick anything you want.
– Okay. If you pick that..
Well, we can work it out. I’ll choose this one that Yein recommended.
“Truth Chase, We Want to Know”. – “We Want to Know”.
– Yes, we’re going to do “We Want to Know”. But who will play the role of Kim Sang Jung? – But the truth is..
– 2017… – Kuhn.
– It’s Kuhn. – But the truth is..
– I’m not good at this but I’ll just do it. December 7, 2018. We want to know. Chase the truth of eating shows! You should find out the truth about
mysterious events during an eating show. A series of events that happened to UP10TION
will be mentioned in order. All you have to do is to find out the truth. I got so nervous now. Did we have such incident recently? You’ll know once you hear the story. “Oh, I almost forget!”, like this. – First incident.
– That one! – Right. I’ve got goose bumps. – I wrote that one.
– Please read it first. Who’s the owner of cold Kimchi noodles that have been
sitting on the fridge since this summer? I really want to know. – Everyone saw it. It’s still in the fridge.
– Right, it is. It’s still in the fridge. I saw it. You know cold Kimchi noodles
are made of thin noodles, right? But it’s gone brown and there’s no soup. – It’s ruined.
– It’s no joke. – I’m eating now.
– You know how it looks like? – When you open the door of the fridge, it’s right
in front of you. – Right. You can’t miss it. So, I thought, “Is this person buys it everyday?” Anyone saw who bought it? – No idea.
– The owner.. But I have something to say. It’s not that I bought it,
but if I were that person.. I don’t use that fridge, but I think..
The person ordered a set that’s a leftover. – But he ate..
– I mean, – he can’t even remember it.
– He should have eaten it. – Hey, even the packaging is intact.
– Intact. – Nobody has not touched it. – No one ate it.
– No one has eaten it at all. – I know who did it.
– You know? – Who did it? – I know who did it? – Let’s guess the answer then.
– Who is it? – Kuhn? – I can say the name? – Isn’t it himself?
– I thought you held it once.. – No, it’s not me. – I think he is.
– It’s him. I knew it was him! – It’s him.
– The culprit is right here. – Sunyoul? – The culprit is….!
The one who’s holding his hand up now. I won’t say a word. But you said, “I’m eating now!”, right? – Wait a minute.
– He acts really good. I did it once. – You, what?
– I did it once. – What did you do?
– In our fridge? As soon as I saw this question, I thought it was
about me. So I kept quiet. I mean it. Why do you keep food in the fridge?
Instead of eating it? – This..
– Please take care of your food garbage. To defend myself, – I tend to forget things easily.
– Right. – So, I forgot about it.
– That’s what happened? Since this summer to December.. – For half a year.
– He forgot about it for half a year. I recently remembered. I thought,
“Is that mine?”, when I heard the question. “I think that’s my noodles”, like this. I can remember it exactly. What happened is.. When I was with Wooshin and Bit-To, I ordered pig feet.
But I was eating it alone. After eating alone.. I finished the dish except for the noodles. I thought, “It’s would be a waste
if I just throw it out”. I don’t usually use a fridge. But I went downstairs and opened the fridge. But our fridge is always full, right? So I put it in the front of the top shelf. I think the noodles are still in that place. – On the top shelf.
– Yes, in front of the top shelf. I put it there and thought,
“If someone says he’s hungry, I can give it to him”. And I closed the door. – The label says GS.
– You just closed the door. There are two types. – One of them is in a package that a restaurant
uses. – Yes, right. – That one, too? – And one of them is
a product of GS convenience store. GS noodles are mine,
and the sealed package is his. – So, both of you are culprits.
– Right. And I have one more thing to tell you. – Yes? – What?
– Who put the leftover chicken in the freezer? – I know what you’re talking about.
– Who put it there? – I know who did it.
– Who did it? – Wait! – There he is.
– I know. – I did it.
– The culprit is right there. – It’s me. – Good.
We have one more question left, they say. – Please throw them away. It’s not a garbage box.
– Good. Starting from today, let’s throw them out. Next mystery, please. It’s getting dangerous. – Everybody, the fridge.. – As we now know
the culprits, let’s throw the garbage out. – Let’s clean.
– I’ll throw it out right away. And.. Next mystery, please. It’s crazy. Next episode! – Next episode!
– It’s fun. Second episode. I have a box of 25 pieces of instant rice. I just ate 2 of them, but only 1 left. What happened? – So funny.
– This is really mysterious. – Wait, was the question recorded? Please read it again. Please pronounce it clearly. Second episode.
I have a box of 25 pieces of instant rice. I ate only 2 of them, but only 1 left. – Really?
– What happened to my instant rice? He had 2 but 1 left! On my conscience, I didn’t do it.
Because I once told Wei.. I would have eaten it if I knew that it was Wei’s, But I didn’t eat it because I thought
it belonged to one of our company executives. – His name is written on it.
– Really? – That’s why..
– “Wei” is written on it. I wrote my name on it. Despite my efforts, after only 10 days, I opened the box, there was only one left. – I’ve never seen that 25 pieces of instant rice
disappeared that fast before. – It was so funny. We still have rice thieves. – Did anyone get his permission first?
– Instant rice. – I know. – You mean Hetbahn, right?
– Right. He bought a set of 25 Hetbahn. Yes, there was a box. – Where was it? In the company or the dorm?
– He had only two.. – Company. – “Oh? Only one left?”, this happened?
– Right. – You kept it in our office building?
– But that.. – What.. – If you left it in the office building,
– Then we might not be the culprits. I can explain this. First of all, I had 7 of them
after getting his permission. – 7 of them? – 7.
– I.. At first,
over a long period… – His a major shareholder.
– At first, I didn’t have a meal at home. So, I took 4 of them to ease my hunger. Next time, I and Gyujin had something to eat. – I took one.
– He took one and I two. But the rest of them, our staff said that
when they ordered a meal but there was no rice, they ate instant rice together. So, that’s how Wei’s instant rice has gone. – It’s forced sharing.
– That’s right. Because he didn’t take it for too long. But honestly, your story doesn’t add up. Because 7 pieces of instant rice, – Major shareholder. – I counted the pieces
of instant rice that our staff ate. They took three of them twice. – So, 6 in total. – Then it’s 13 in total. – Where have 11 of them gone?
– Then who took the rest 7? No, who ate the rest 5? – This..
– Maybe you ate them and pretend that you didn’t? No, I didn’t. I just ate 2 of them.
And there was only 1 left. I have something to say. – Me, too.
– Xiao said he ate 2. – He’s honest. – But I..
– I didn’t know about it, really. Let me speak.
I know Xiao really well. If he says he ate 2, it means he ate 4. No, I ate only 2. I mean it. No, he does this to me all the time. – I took only 2 pieces.
– He said he ate 2 pieces, so let’s count it as 2. – It’s hard.
– Then you have 3 missing pieces left. Right. – Let me be honest.
– If the staff ate it, give or take 3 pieces. To be honest with you, I had one. – We don’t do this. – The culprit is revealed.
– He said he ate it, too. I ate one, too.
– He did, too. – What?
– Just one. – You guys..
– Just one. You two didn’t get his permission, right? Why didn’t you have this corner back then? Is there another episode? – There’s last episode.
– Another episode? – The last one. It’s the last episode. I really wanted to drink soda but my throat hurt. I left it to drink it the next day and
someone took a gulp of it. But the important thing is that that person also left the soda can out in the open. Sodas looks their fizz once you open it. – Was it in the fridge? – The fridge?
– No, it was a big bottle. – Yeah, a can. – The fat and big can.
– So after a gulp he left it out. – He left it out after taking a sip.
– It wasn’t his to begin with. These sorts of things happen all the
time at our dorm, right? – Yes. – The soda can bombs.
– Soda bombs. I had lined up all the soda cans purposefully in an order that I could remember them by because there were
many different flavors. – So meticulous.
– But they went missing one by one. I had set them in a line that goes down like
this and the line kept getting shorter. So I was wondering who had been drinking
them. And one day I was washing my hair. And I saw that there were cans next to me.
First I saw the pear flavored drink. – Wasn’t it XIAO?
– Then the grape one over there. And the apple flavored one here and so on. – Hey! But…
– That happens all the time. – I saw one too. He was stealing them. I think this was a big deal. Because it’s OK if you drink my sodas and
throw the cans away in the trash bins. But this was like a challenge against me. – To leave the can after taking just one sip.
– A challenge. He would leave the can in the exact same
place after taking just one sip. This is… It’s a challenge against me. Then before we go behind this story… The reason I said I’d do this was because
I wanted to get to the bottom of this. Then before we dig into SUNYOUL’s story, who here has sneaked a sip of someone
else’s drink? I drank out of HWANHEE’s water once. I’ve used someone else’s toothpaste before. That happens a lot with toothpaste. – Yeah… – I never know where my shampoo and
conditioner is. – If you leave it in the restroom, – then it goes missing. – Yeah.
– Oh no. – Only like half of it is in the bottle.
– Let me be honest. When XIAO was sleeping, I’ve used his lotion. When he was sleeping, you sneaked in. – XIAO gets stolen from a lot.
– KUHN’s tonic water. – Huh?
– KUHN’s tonic water. – Mine?
– He used to drink a ton of tonic water. – Oh, did you steal that and drink it?
– Yes, I was so thirsty and we didn’t have any beverages. And all there was the tonic water. – So I thought, “It should be tasty”.
– You could have told me you wanted some. You should have asked me to get you some. Anyways, thank you for sharing that
after all this time. – Yes.
– We have to do that now. – Now… – Let’s be honest and confess who
kept drinking the soda. Which location was it placed? I remember exactly. There are 4 compartments
in the fridge to put things, right? The compartment for the eggs,
and the compartment under that. And there’s a place that looks ideal for milk. And it was always left there.
Who could it have been? Who always freezes things in the freezer? I think that person is guilty. – Then I know who it is!
– It’s BIT-TO! – It’s BIT-TO! – It’s him!
– It’s BIT-TO! It’s BIT-TO! He freezes things. Please let me explain. I was in a hurry. He said he was in a hurry. This is driving me nuts. If I hadn’t taken that sip of the soda, I
could have died. – He said he was in a hurry.
– I had ate some chicken and… – Go ahead.
– And the delivery guy didn’t bring my coke. – But I always have to drink soda when I eat.
– Yeah. But I was done eating and I felt like
I was choking because there was no soda. – You felt choked?
– So I took just one sip. – That’s what the problem is.
– That’s even worse. But why did you drink a sip and put it back in the fridge where it was. I don’t remember the reason, but I’ll buy
SUNYOUL a whole – 1,5 liter bottle of soda. – That’s not the issue.
– That’s not the issue here. If you had taken the whole can and
finished drinking the entire can and just threw it away, then it wouldn’t have
been such a big issue. No the doctor had told me that drinking soda
was bad for my throat so I had been saving that soda for an entire week. I promise to buy lots of soda for SUNYOUL. – Good. – Chicken too.
– OK, chicken too. Anything you want. – Great. We were finally be able to get to the bottom
of the mysterious soda can case. Success! Now, let’s try the next slot. – Then this slot has got to be it.
– He said he was in a hurry. – Shouldn’t we do that one next?
– That’s adorable. – Now, the next one is… – It’s all gone.
– We’re done! – We’re done?
– Everyone, stop. – What? What?
– The moment has arrived. – Already? – I thought you left one bite.
– What? Right here. – It’s time to end.
– O – It’s already to say goodbye.
– Can’t we do just one? – Time flies.
– Time really flies. It hasn’t been that long since we started. It’s already 11PM. It is already 11 at night. Yes, we’re so sad to say goodbye but we can find out how well we
did on the bingo chart. – And if we were able to finish all the food.
– Doesn’t this count as mission accomplished? Let’s review. Bring a few onion pieces here XIAO. – Do we have to finish all this?
– We have to eat the onions too? Can we leave the onions? – We have to finish just the meat.
– Thanks to the… – Bingo.
– Bingo. We got a total of! Just one bingo line. – That’s still good though.
– Let’s see. – And.
– Dessert. So we get dessert. And we caught the culprit. The culprit of the disappearing sodas. It was a happy ending since we caught
the culprit and all. Then let’s see how we did in terms
of eating. For each table. – Yes, we’re done.
– We’re done eating. Yes, we’re done. – All of it?
– Yes. – Are you done? – Yes.
– I think we’ll be done soon. – We’re all done.
– We have one spoonful left. – We have one spoonful left.
– We have one spoonful left too. – Then the last bite.
– It looks like we’ll be able to finish, right? – Yes!
– Great. – Let’s take our time.
– 1, 2, 3. – No. – Not yet.
– Sorry. Hold on a second. – Why are you in such a hurry?
– We’re happy and full. What did you think about today’s
V LIVE HONEY10? Were you as happy as we were? We’re so sad that time flew by in a flash.
Am I right? – Yes! – I hope we’ll be able to be back
with a different menu next time. Then before we end this V LIVE by
taking the last bite, let’s say goodbye to our HONEY10 fans. – Yes. – Good idea.
– Shall we start with WEI? I had so much fun today. – And I have this last bite right now.
– Don’t eat it yet. If I finish this, that will be the end of this V LIVE
and we still have to say goodbye so… It’s time for us to finish the food.
We can wait until KUHN finishes… – And then say bye. – Yeah, take a bite.
– Take a bite. My last bite. – Wow!
– So hot. So hot. – GYUJIN’s turn.
– I’m really done now. Thank you. Yes, I was glad that we were able
to solve a mystery and we also ate a lot of yummy food together. Thank you. First of all, I’m very happy we were able to
catch the culprit of the soda can. Mister Kyochon. After I take this bite, I’ll make sure to ask BIT-TO to buy
me some chicken. – HWANHEE.
– It was so nice to be here because it felt like we just enjoyed
ourselves while eating and we discovered many new secrets
about our members. Thank you. It really felt like we hung together while we ate a lot of food too
so that was great. And if you ever invite us again, I hope we’ll be able to eat some
more delicious food. OK. Besides the fact that we’re full and
that we had a lot of fun, it’s been 2 days since we released our new
song “Blue Rose”, so please show us your love and support. And it was so nice to find out some secrets
of our members and also it was great to hear nice comments
about each other. Thank you. The mystery part was a lot of fun, and it seemed lie time really flew by and I had a lot of fun. If we’re every invited again, I hope we’ll be able
to say hello with a different menu. Thank you for allowing me time to apologize
to SUNYOUL in front of our HONEY10 fans. And I really promise to buy chicken and soda
to SUNYOUL. A time of repentance. It felt like we went back in time to when we
were trainees, hanging around and eating. So that was great. It’s been a long time
since I was reminded of those times. And it felt really nice. – Thank you.
– Thank you. The last member. – Am I the last member?
– Yes, the last bite. First of all, I’m really happy that we
were able to share all this good food. The title of the V LIVE is “Eating Show” but it feels like we were the only ones doing the eating, so I feel a little bad about that.
I think that we may have made it difficult to resist eating late at night. – We… – No, not yet.
– I want to take this bite but it was so nice to talk with our members and communicate with our HONEY10 fans.
It was a lot of fun for me. We’re going to be promoting “Laberinto” so we hope you enjoy that and we also hope that you’re always happy.
Thank you. All right then KUHN, are you ready for your
last bite? Wow, we’re all done! – Then…
– We have 3 members left. Say cheers. Happy and fun. – Happy and full.
– Bye! – Wow!
– Thanks HONEY10. – We’re done. – It was good.
– Let’s eat together next time. – Good night.
– We’re done. – Bye.
– See you later.

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