[EPISODE] ‘War of Hormone’ MV & Photo shooting

Hello~ This is Hormone War. Hi. This is Jungkook. Hi. This is Jin. So, this is our first group photo shoot… At Itaewon. Itaewon Freedom! I’m not used to my fringe. I cannot open my eyes well. I cannot blow up a balloon. How about this? Is it good? After the shooting, now I can do it. SUGA told me not to be too daring. Too much Let’s just spend 1000won on this. What what what what? How can you actually fail at this? Can you give me 1000won? If you give me just 1000won~ The concept this time is, So, you see a pretty girl going there, Pretty girl? I just want take the subway and go home. When I first decided to work at BigHit, I commute to Sinsa station every time. It’s in front of exit 7, Sinchon station. Wasn’t it Gangnam station? My car has 8 wheels. I haven’t shaved like this before. Never ever eat the shaving cream. So, I’m at my girl friend’s house, see if she’s here or not. Checking out… But she’s not here…. What should I do… Show something you feel right now,Pose like this! Be polite, don’t spread your legs. Hello, I’m Mr. Spreading Legs. Thanks everyone. -MV Shooting- here! English Town! So, we are making our music video. It’s hard There will be a part that we show our special individual moves. I don’t know what to do. What should I do? This is my car. Ah, it’ll take a while. This is difficult. Maybe I cannot succeed it at once. I don’t think I can do this. I’ll just run like this. There’s no way that I can do this. I just ran into there like this. I didn’t do well at showing my moves. Ah this is so funny. One take!!! I cannot see it.. Ah Jimin ruined it! Jimin ruined it. That’s out of nowhere. Ugh, I look so weird there. I think I can do it now. I can feel it. Present! I think we did a great job However, if Jimin says “Hey.. I did something wrong”.That’ll make me feel nervous. But I think it’s perfect. I did something wrong… I did not! It’s really important to take care of my fringe. The quality of light in the pictures is amazing. Honestly, I’m expecting something amazing from this music video. End of the song! It’s almost done. Now the time is Not even 9 o’clock. It’s the first time we’ve ever finished something so early.

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  1. ㅓㅕㅜㅏ해ㅐㅏ ㅜㅐㄴ 내ㅡㅐㄴ ㅊㅁㄴㅁ앤 ㄷ 팿ㄷ ㅜ매 ㅡㄷ 초믐 ㅔㅁㄱㅁ ㅔㅁㄱ샤챠ㅔㅁㄱ 애 ㄴ뎌 퍙대

    Traduçao:Jungkook nos somos casados e voce nao me chamar para participar do seu video

  2. Tae is super super hot in this era!!!! I remember I wasn’t not an army when I first time watched it . But I was shocked by his voice and visual!!! Super gorgeous 💜

  3. Wait……are those…..are those. ……ENGLISH SUBTITLES..!


  4. i really love this song. how cant they be famous in 2014? The first time I watched their mv is fire, but when I watched back their previous mv…they are so good. Really like their style.

  5. R. I. P. at 01:55 😍
    How can he just do this, without a big "warning" sub?

    And Taehyung… Fuck, he is too beautiful for this world ❣️ His perfect without tryin

  6. Ommmmmgggggg suga 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Albania

  7. I find Jungkook so attractive in this era i mean WHY IS HE DOING THIS TO US? That smile, that lip bite, that everything, i mean stopppppp

  8. I don't even wanna see minute sections in the comments where they looked hot, the whole video is rude, I mean they looked so hot in in the photo shoots , they'll always win my war of hormone towards them

  9. wtf can you guys stop being gross about jungkook he literally just turned 17 in this…..a minor…a child… like stop being sexual and stop talking about him going through puberty its weird as fuck

  10. Ok no now someone pls explain to me Jin at 0:45 said "Suga told me not to be too daring" and then you see at 0:44 and 0:43 exatly the opposite, gosh suga,oh and THERE ARE SUBTITLES I AM SO HAPPY

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