Erysipelas: What Is It and How to Treat It

love overhead on social media posts and chain emails making crazy claims are part of our life are they true are they false you know it’s time for it stop my mom social media it’s got it has pictures warning parents my son had a strange mark on his face and after seeing his primary doctor who gave him a steroid which made it worse we ended up going to the ER they determined he had strep throat but in his sinuses and face they said had we not come in it would have continued to migrate through his eyes and into his brain he’s home now and doing much better but please share this to help save someone else’s babies all right Doc’s let’s talk about this what are we looking at here doctor Bhadra what’s going on so so there is sort of some truth to this so I do want to put this out there this is called erysipelas and it is a strep infection so group a strep the most common cause of strep throat it’s the most common cause of this which is a very superficial skin infection and this has a really classic look which is why they thought it was more of an allergy and gave him steroids to begin with it’s a very very bright red superficial sharply demarcated rash like this it often feels really firm when you touch it but before it’s gonna spread to your brain and kill your child and all of this this kid is gonna be a lot more sick so most of the time they’ll have fevers he’ll have chills I’ll have nausea I mean you’ll have other signs that they’re super sick in fact it’s kind of surprising that the kid was fine with this for so long because when it goes it usually goes fairly quickly in my experience but just as with any strep infection the sooner you start antibiotics the better because this will actually get better very quickly the red patch takes a little longer so once you go on the right antibiotics which are usually in the penicillin family you’ll still be a little bit of lingering redness for about a couple weeks and then it goes away and you recover completely and as a point of clarification it’s it’s not strep throat that you’re seeing there it is that strep bacteria causing the infection but obviously something like that get it checked out if it doesn’t improve and like you said I think the most important thing is when it when your child is getting really sick and starting to show signs of systemic infection that’s when you have to start worrying about oh my gosh we hadn’t brought him in today things could have gotten much worse you

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