Everyone is Sick – STREP THROAT!

– I’m feeling a lot better than yesterday. My throat really hurt yesterday, and Mommy is feeling sick, so we traded spots. (grand orchestral music) – Good morning everyone. Today, the boys are helping me
make pancakes for breakfast. (cheery music) – [Parker] It’s a bit hard to do. – Yeah. (cheery music) – [Christopher] There you go. That’s how you flip ’em. (cheery music) – That’s how you flip a pancake. – This cold season has hit
our family pretty hard. Parker has had a nasty
cough for a couple days. Parker, how’s your cough doing? (coughs) Sounds beautiful and painful. Does it hurt when you cough? – Uh-huh. – [Christopher] It does? (coughs) – See that going down my mouth? – [Christopher] Yeah. – That makes me really hurting. – Really hurting? Bailey had a sore throat, and she was playing with kids that got diagnosed with
having strep throat, so I took her and Parker in, ’cause he wasn’t feeling well either, into the urgent care and
got them both tested. Bailey came up positive for strep throat. She’s on antibiotics now. Parker’s results were negative. Basically what they do is they take some stuff from
the back of your throat, and they grow it in a Petri dish. It’s pretty gross but also pretty cool. And now Jessica is feeling sick. She’s got a sore throat. You know how when you’re in school, you can, like, take a sick day, and all you have to do is,
like, lie on the couch or in bed and watch TV or read a
book and just feel better? Like, you get to, like, have
a break and feel better. When you’re a parent, that stops happening because you might take the day off work, but you still have, like,
kids that need your attention. It’s a full time job, having kids. So I feel really bad for Jessica right now because I have to go to
work, and she has three kids, and she’s pregnant, and she’s
gotta stay at home with them. So, I feel really bad about that. (cheery music) Look at that. Jacob makes pancakes like a pro. How’re the pancakes? – Delicious. – [Christopher] Delicious?
They’re pumpkin ones, right? Gluten free. How’re you feeling today? Show me with your thumbs. Thumbs up? Thumbs down? Thumbs up? You’re feeling better? – A little bit. – [Christopher] Oh cool, right on. Alright, let’s drive to work. (big band music) I’m at work, and guess who decided to wear
the exact same outfit as me. – You decided to wear the
same exact outfit as me. – I’m sure I got up before you did, and I’m sure I was wearing this shirt before you picked out
your shirt this morning. – I didn’t see your freakin’ shirt. – She’s wearing the same
shirt, jeans, just like me, and boots that are black, just like me. Same. Same. Anyway, we’re working on
a brand new script today, new story. And so, we’re just kind of, like, throwing crazy ideas out there
and seeing which ones stick. So that’s sorta the plan for today. And it’s fun, but it’s also
scary because it’s new. – Good morning everyone! I’m feeling a lot better than yesterday. My throat really hurt yesterday. And Mommy is feeling sick, so we traded spots. – So this morning, my throat hurts. I’m leaning towards it being strep, so I have to figure out a
way to get into urgent care and get myself tested. I’m either gonna do that
with the kids today, or we’re gonna see if Christopher can get
off work a little early and let me go in by myself, but I don’t know if we’ll
have that luxury today. But, the luxury I do have is I
just got this Cricut machine, which you can probably hear
very loudly in the background. – It’s making a magnificent
picture right now. – I got this in the mail yesterday, and I didn’t have all
the accessories for it. I thought I had ordered
accessories too, like, enough, but I ordered things for
peeling stuff off paper, not for actually doing the project. So we’ve been doing coloring sheets, and we made one card that
it came like pre-load, like it was ready to make a card, it came with all the stuff to make a card. – And the first, the first
coloring page that they made didn’t work. It stopped right in the middle. – Bailey and I made that,
which is, like, super cool, and I say Bailey and I, but
really it’s all the machine. It’s super cool, but the
internet connection stopped, and I don’t know what you do, like what? It was such a bummer. There was supposed to
be deer in the scene, and it didn’t happen. – And leaves on the sides. – Yeah, and leaves on the side. And Jacob’s getting owls. – [Bailey] I think it’s
actually gonna work this time. – Yeah I’m hopin’ so. Anyway, so we’re workin’
out the kinks of this, but it is blowing all of our minds. It’s so cool. I really hope that I
figure out all the . . . (smack) Parker? (laughing) Parker’s making a snack for
himself in the background. He’s like, “Oh, they’ve got a camera on? “I’m gonna get into the
pantry and just go wild.” (both laughing) It’s like, “They’re busy. “I’ll just occupy myself
over here with some food.” The really awesome news is that I have managed to get us
a same-day appointment at our doctor’s office, and so I don’t have to
go into the urgent care, so Christopher doesn’t have
to come home a little early. So Jacob and I are both going
to get our throats swabbed. Jacob feels good, but
he’s been around strep, and apparently it’s a
very contagious strep, so, and I don’t feel great, and I think I either have what
Parker had or I’ve got strep. My throat was really killing
me when I woke up this morning, so I wanna find out as soon
as possible if it is strep ’cause I wanna avoid a fever. I’ve never had a fever in
pregnancy that I can think of, and you’re supposed to avoid it. I know it can be okay. Especially when I’m this
far along, it can be, I think it’s safer than
when you’re, like, earlier, when it’s the first trimester, but I just wanna avoid it if I can. And also this marks a week
that we have been quarantined. I’ve been in the house. – [Parker] Buckled! (laughs)
– Good boy. I’ve been in the house, and most of the kids
have been in the house. Jacob hasn’t shown any signs of sickness, so I think he’s gone out
with his dad a few times. I can’t even remember. It’s kinda been a blur of a week, but we have been completely home-bound. It’s been good. We kinda miss getting out, but . . . – No, I don’t. – [Bailey] I will be
getting out soon, luckily. – I mean aside from doctor’s
appointments, obviously. We’ve been going to doctor’s appointments, but other than that we haven’t
really been doing anything. We haven’t been going to our classes, we haven’t been going to the store. Bailey’s on, like, day four of
her antibiotics or something, so she’s definitely not contagious. She’s feeling way better today. Like, she was even feeling
pretty awful yesterday, but she’s way better today, so yay! Okay, so the doctor did a throat
culture on Jacob and on me, and amazingly, neither of us have strep, so it’s looking like, – I closed the door so it’s
not so windy and loud, okay? – Thanks baby. So it’s looking like we actually contained strep
to just Bailey in our home, which is amazing because
strep is very contagious, and I’ve heard this one’s very contagious. Well, Daddy’s not showing
any symptoms at all. He seems fine. So I’m guessing he doesn’t have it either, and Bailey’s not contagious anymore because she’s been on
antibiotics for so long. I think we just have the bronchitis that maybe Colleen and Gwen have. I think that might be what’s going on, or we have our own thing; I don’t know. Jacob is now saying he
has a little sore throat, so it might be sneaking up on him. It might be his time. But his immune system
has been pretty amazing this whole time. Whew, I’m tired, I’m
having trouble talking. I’m just, I’m definitely feeling sick. – It is late and dark outside, and I need to hurry home so I can go do grocery
shopping with my kids because tomorrow is Valentines Day, and I need to make a special
Valentines Day dinner for Jessica. So, that’s my plan. I just got home, and the kids have been working on all these cool crafts today. Look at all these. These are so cool. All these little Valentine’s
cards and this cool mailbox. Look at this thing. That’s awesome. And then Parker, are these yours? These are your mermaids? – Yeah. – [Christopher] That’s cool. – I put hearts in this mermaid. – [Christopher] You put
hearts in that one too? – Yeah. This one’s Mommy,
and this one’s mine, and I built another one that
is purple, and Bailey has it. – [Christopher] Jake
did this coloring sheet. – [Jacob] I finished it. This one’s Bailey’s. – [Christopher] That’s Bailey’s? So cool, guys. Are you enjoying the new machine? – And I also helped Mommy make this. – [Christopher] That’s so neat. – X O X O X O X O X O X O X O X O X O X O. There’s so many. – [Christopher] Good reading, Jacob. – Hi everybody. We’re at the store now, and
I’ll show you everybody. And this is Jacob. Say hi, Jacob. – Hi! – Say hi, Daddy. – Hi. – [Parker] Hi, Bailey. – Hi! – Bailey, Mommy’s at, Mommy’s, um, at home because she had a um, a sore throat today, so we’re gonna leave her there, and then when we get
back, I’ll show you her. Bye-bye! – I’m so excited. – I am too. – [Christopher] You guys are
excited for Valentines Day? – Yeah.
– Yes. Olive oil, white wine, shredded
Swiss, shredded Gruyere? (jazzy music) – Hi. Let’s talk about what we learned today. We learned that I need to coordinate my outfits with my sister, so that I don’t have
embarrassing moments at work. We learned that if you’re feeling sick, just trade spots with Mommy. And finally, we learned that if you’re concerned about
it being windy and loud, just close the door. (guitar strumming) Thanks for watching, every body. We’ll see you next time. (laughing) (carnival music)

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