Expensive Adrenal Fatigue Test? Try This Instead!

There are numerous adrenal fatigue tests on
the market available, from urine to serum, to saliva tests. They try to measure cortisol
throughout the day; but did you know that one simple way to measure adrenal function
is simply the degree upon which you can tolerate exercise? This is Dr. Lam, founder of DrLam.com.
Very few people really correlate the amount of exercise you can do to the strength of
your adrenal glands, but yet we all know that if you are weak adrenal gland-wise, your ability
to exercise is compromised. Well, what is the correlation? How do we go about measuring
it? How do we go about being mindful of this? This article will show you a lot more about
that. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, for more information on this topic, head over
to DrLam.com where I have written over a thousand articles to help educate people. You can also
call me at (626) 571-1234 for more information on adrenal fatigue and how to navigate it.
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