Expert weighs in on how to calm fears over flu shot injections among kids (WFMJ)

(upbeat music) – Since the flu mist is not
being offered this year, kids will have to roll up their sleeves for protection against getting sick. – Kate Keller has some tips on how parents can calm kids who are scared of needles. – [Kate] While most
kids don’t have a choice about whether they get the flu shot, giving them control over where they’ll feel that pinch, could ease some fears. – The things that they
do have control about give them control. – [Kate] With the flu mist
not being available this year, experts believe a greater
number of children will be getting the flu shot. For kids that don’t like needles that can be problematic. – I never believe it’s
good to surprise a child with something that isn’t going to be a possible positive experience. – [Kate] Child life
specialist, Deanne Bunevich, recommends parents be
honest with their children about getting the shot. For those who have fears, hold them. – That is a comfortable, loving way that they’re being held. Not being held down on the bed. – [Kate] Distraction is also key. – A distraction is probably the number one thing that can help kids when
they’re getting an injection. – [Kate] For younger kids,
Bunevich suggests bubbles or singing songs. For older kids, she says
bring along a tablet or cell phones that can
play games or watch videos. Anything to provide a
more positive atmosphere. – Now there’s some adults that really still have difficulty and you wonder if they didn’t have someone help them when they were younger. – [Kate] Bunevich says, “While it may be hard for parents “to watch their kids get a shot, “it’s important that they’re
in the room with their kids, “as they’re often the best advocate.” With more local news, I’m Kate Keller.

28 thoughts on “Expert weighs in on how to calm fears over flu shot injections among kids (WFMJ)

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  2. PROPAGANDA brought to you by big pharma ceo's and shareholders. The gullible eat it up. They will tell you injecting roundup is safe and people will believe it. Bring back liability to the companies and let's see how many mandates there are. If you are the producer of a product you are liable for damages your product causes not the taxpayers but not in the case of vaccines. Merck, Pfizer, Glaxo SmithKline, Sanofi, Novartis, etcc all raking in the profit while taxpayers pay for damages caused by their product. They are laughing at the public because they have divided us through their corporate controlled news. It's sick the way people actually defend these companies that are owned by beyond rich most likely white men. They are defending psychopathic, meaning lack empathy characters that could care less if their products harm children and adults. They want to mandate them for everyone so those of you who think it's a good idea to force them on children, thank you for contributing to our slavery including your own. Say goodbye to the freedom of travel in the coming years as they will dictate what shots you need. They can add as many as they want because they are in charge and you the gullible who lack common sense and understanding of how large corporations really operate, will be the ones to demand your own slavery.

  3. All the makes me happy beats after forget it is getting the toy and slime Ian songs and Bubbles all that thing but it still might not work

  4. Another good strategy is telling them they can tell them to take it out if it hurts too much. By the time they finish their sentence asking to take it out the vaccination will already be over 😂

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