Extreme Breast Reduction Surgery with Free Nipple Graft

bjbjLULU Hello, my name is Adrian Richards.
I’m the Clinical Lead of Aurora Clinics. In this video, I’m going to be taking you through
a breast reduction operation. Now, this is probably the biggest breast reduction I’ve
ever performed, and I do a number of these procedures. This lady has got an awful lot
of extra tissue on her chest. She’s getting rubbing underneath, and she’s having trouble.
The blood is having difficulty getting down to the nipple area, and she’s got sores on
her breasts as we’ll see in the pictures. So this lady is very debilitated by her breasts.
She won’t go out. She finds it very difficult to socialise. She has very bad neck and shoulder
pain. So we are going to perform breast reduction today. I’ll be taking you through each stage.
I’m going to use a free nipple graft technique, which is very unusual, and I’ll explain the
reasons for that in a minute. So we’re going to do a breast reduction on this lady, and
I think it’s probably the biggest breast reduction I’ve ever done. You can see this lady . . . how
tall is she? She’s 5’5″. I don’t know if you can see all these red marks. This is where
she’s got edema, and the skin is all breaking down on her breast because the blood supply
has got to get down there. It’s so far down. So I’ve got to remove all this tissue here
and then reconstruct the breast. I’m going to use the technique of a free nipple graft,
which is to take the nipple as a skin graft and replace it. As you can see on both sides,
you’ve got really massive reduction to perform. So, what I’ve done is I’ve actually removed
the nipple. Can you see there? So I’ve removed the nipple. I’m going to put it back as a
skin graft. So that’s where the nipple was. I don’t know whether you can see that. Can
you see that? So I’m going to put that back as a skin graft in a minute. This is called
a free nipple graft because you could walk out of the room with that nipple if you wanted
to. It’s free from the body. This is the tissue we’ve removed. As you can see, this is where
the nipple was there. That’s where the redness was. This is the tissue we’ve removed. I just
want to show you, compared to the breast here. Can you see? That tissue was there. It was
really quite heavy. This is another little bit I’ve removed here. So, that is quite heavy,
a few kilos I would imagine. We’ll weigh it in a minute. I’m halfway through the left
side here. Can you see the right side there? Abby, do you mind just pushing it. So you
can see how much smaller we’ve gotten. What was the weight? 4.6 kilos from the right side,
and I’m just going to do the left side now. This is all the tissue I’m removing, and I’ll
show you when I’ve removed it all. So, this is the end of the procedure. I think I removed
4.6 kilograms from this breast, and I’ve just done tie-overs on the nipples, and I removed
4.1 kilograms from that breast. I think it’s probably the biggest breast reduction I can
certainly remember doing. It’s all come together really well. I think overall she’s lost, I
think, 8.7 kilograms, which is a lot of weight, and the breast tissue was really heavy. Thanks
very much for watching the video and a big thank you to our patient for allowing us to
show it. 8.5 kilos is the biggest breast reduction I can remember doing. Normally, most reductions
are slightly under one kilo per side. Many patients who have such big reductions find
it slightly different to balance afterwards because they had such weight on their front
that they have to exercise their back, tense back to keep upright. So, immediately afterwards,
when they sit up and walk around, they tend to lean backwards quite a lot. It takes a
couple of days to get used to that. So, I would expect our patient is going to be a
lot more comfortable. She’s going to have all that weight removed. She’s going to find
it easier in clothes. She’s going to be able to go out socially much better, and hopefully
those red ulcerated areas on the breast, which I removed, are completely going to go. So
I think it was a really worthwhile operation to do for our lady today. If you’d like any
more information about breast surgery, breast reduction, any other type of surgery, we’ve
got a number of surgeons here at Aurora Clinics who specialise in different fields. Please
get in contact with us, either via phone or via email. We’d love to hear from you and
hear your story. Thanks very much for watching. Adrian: Hello, my name is Adrian Richards
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