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(energetic music) – Hey, beautiful, welcome
back to my channel. For today’s video we’re
gonna be talking weight loss and, as the title implies, losing weight in only eight hours. I am super avid reader and last year when I went to Mexico I had
a short layover in Texas and I actually finished the brand new book that I had brought with
me from New York to Texas. So I stopped in the bookstore
looking for a second book that I could read on (whimsical
chime) the way to Mexico and I ended up getting like three books. This guy was one of them,
so this is the 8-Hour Diet, by David Zinczenko, and I
probably destroyed that last name. I’m sorry. Anyway, the title immediately
caught my attention and then I read the back of the book and little blurbs and stuff
and I was instantly hooked. So, as you guys can see I’ve
gone through the entire book and taken so many notes for you guys and while I haven’t actually
tried it out myself yet, I thought it would be interesting to kind of share the
review or the overview of the diet with you guys. In today’s video we’re
basically gonna be talking about what is the 8-Hour Diet,
and the science behind it, how do you do it, or how does it work, the eight superfoods, the eight-minute workout concepts, as well as a quick little
breakdown of what else is included in the book, if
you want more information. So, on the back of the book it says, “Eat whatever you want and drop 20 pounds “or more in just six weeks. “Eat as much as you want
and shift your body’s “aging process into reverse,” and, “Eat everything you
crave without restrictions, “calorie counting, et cetera.” And, the most remarkable thing of all, you only have to follow
the diet three days a week. And then it reiterates,
“Three days a week!” With an exclamation point (chuckles). And the book continues to make
really big claims early on into it, on page two some
of the things I underlined were, “Quickly and easily
you’ll begin to see results, “you’ll burn your body’s
fat stores effortlessly, “dramatically decrease
your risk of disease, “significantly slow the aging process.” So, needless to say, I was hooked and I pretty much devoured this book. So let’s go ahead and start talking about the science behind it. When I was first reading about this diet I kind of thought I was missing something, like I got the whole point,
eat within eight hours, but I’m like, there has
to be something more, like, what do I do, what do I have to do, what diet plan do I follow? Then I started to think, maybe
it’s a specific eight hours, maybe I have to wake up at
a certain time every day, but the freedom is up to you, you can pick any eight hours in your day and only eat between those eight hours. The science behind it and why it works and why it sounds so remarkable is broken up into two
different kind of categories. So the first way that they describe is that it powers up your mitochondria, which are the cells that are predominantly part of your metabolism, so
essentially it’s speeding up your metabolism by leaps and bounds. And the second way is that
you’re essentially resetting the way your body works
in burning calories, so it’s going to end up
transforming your body into, like, this powerhouse
that’s gonna burn through your fat reserves for energy. So let’s go back to the first way for a second and the mitochondria. Basically, if you are eating all day, then your mitochondria are
working all day to burn that fat, so they never really get a break. This idea of eating only
eight hours in the day is known as intermittent fasting. Fasting is actually a completely normal and natural process, we do it every night when we go to sleep, the only difference is when we wake up and we eat all day long,
sometimes we go to sleep late, our eating periods are a lot longer than our fasting periods. So, naturally when you first wake up the first thing your body does
is look for energy to burn, to start getting you through your day. So, if you wake up and you
eat something right away then you’re fueling your body
and it’s burning the food that you are eating. Every one always says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I’ve heard that my entire life, this book completely
knocks that theory out, it’s like, no, skip breakfast, you don’t have to have breakfast. So, that was a very interesting point that was made in this book. So, if you wake up, your body
naturally has glycogen storage inside your body, obviously. When you wake up that’s the first thing, before you eat, if you don’t
eat anything right away, that’s the first thing that your body is going to start using
for fuel or start burning. The concepts behind this
whole diet is to wake up and continue your fasting
period for a couple more hours, and then by not having breakfast your body is going to
start using the glycogen and then once that’s depleted, I think they said there’s
about 1,000 calories or so, I forgot the exact number, I
will pop it in here in text. But once that glycogen storage is depleted then your body will start
using the fat stores and start burning the fat
to use for fuel and energy. So the same thing goes
for the end of the night, by eating within eight hours
and not snacking super late, then your body doesn’t
have all this extra food kind of still in its system
so the glycogen stores will be less as well. Then they also say, when
you wake up in the morning, the first thing you should do
is eight minutes of exercise, and this is not like hardcore exercise, but we’ll talk more about it later, and that’s going to help to speed up the burning of the glycogen, because your body’s gonna be like, “All right, we’re awake, we’re active, “let’s start burnin’ some fuel.” So your glycogen is gonna
get burned away quickly and then it’s gonna start
burning your body fat or your stores of fat. So, again, some more words
and claims from the book are that the diet can
reset your body’s biorhythm to burn fat. The exact term that they used was, “Reset your biorhythms to skinny.” They also claim that it
helps beats diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and a whole spectrum of other diseases, as well as reversing the aging process. So now let’s talk about
how exactly to do the diet, and it really is super simple, another little bonus is that this diet or this way of life can actually be used with any other lifestyle or diet, so, for example, I eat
mostly vegan, about 90% now, so I can adopt my vegan
and plant-based lifestyle into this diet by only eating
within eight hours a day. So it can be combined with
any other diet or way of life, and it does talk about a
couple of different, like, big popular diets in the book and how to kind of
incorporate this into those. Essentially, it really
is as easy as only eating within eight hours, and the cool thing is that you don’t have to
do it every single day. They said if you wanna
do seven days a week, boom, do seven days a week, if you wanna do five, great, do five, you’ll see more benefits,
but in only three days a week you can see tremendous benefits and there’s a lot of, like, case studies and stories and examples
that are like a page or two spread out throughout the entire book, and a lot of people only did
it like three days a week in those examples, so you could read that and get kind of more information as well. For meals, you can eat
as many as you want, whenever you want (chuckles) as long as they’re within the eight
hours of your selection or your (chuckles) eating plan. And for foods it says,
“At each meal or snack “try to get two of the eight power foods,” which we’ll talk about, “One being a fat buster and
one being a health booster.” Some other points that the book makes is that if you’re having a carb-heavy meal always try to include two power foods within the carb-heavy meal. When it comes to beverages
and things like that try to stick to water
or natural fruit juices, teas, coffees are great
according to the book. Exercise, they say, is
completely optional, which for a gym rat I was like (scoffs), how are you gonna say this? But they do recommend
the eight minutes a day, preferably in the morning before
you’ve had your first meal. Also they say that cheat days or skipping a day and things like that are completely okay, not
to be hard on yourself, just, you know, you skipped
a day, keep it truckin’, next time you’ll do better or next time you’ll make
a different decision or whatever the case is. Just be easy on
yourselves, more self-love, not so hard on yourself, guys. And that’s pretty much it. So now I wanna get into
the eight super foods and share that with you guys. All of the eight power foods fall into one of two categories, which I did mention before,
fat busters or health boosters. So the fat busters, “Are
rich, delicious foods, “high in protein, fiber and healthy fats, “and what these do is they
build and maintain lean muscle, “they burn all flab and
they fend off hunger,” and I’m reading directly
from what I underlined. Then, “The health boosters
are foods high in vitamins “and minerals, and these
fight the most common causes “of disease and death, sharpen your mind,” et cetera, et cetera. So let’s talk about the fat busters first, the first of four groups of foods fall into this category, and
the first group is turkey, chicken, eggs, fish, and other lean meats. These help build muscle and burn fat. For me this wouldn’t really apply because I do follow a
plant-based lifestyle, so if you guys are vegan then you probably won’t be getting much in this category. The next group is walnuts and other nuts, and this is said to build
muscle and fight cravings, which I actually didn’t know,
and that’s pretty awesome. And honestly guys, it’s so easy to incorporate more nuts into your diet, you can put some into your cereal, I love putting nuts in my soup, I especially love pecans. And they also included
avocados into that category and I am obsessed with avocados. The next category is
yogurt and other dairy, which builds strong bones and
fires up your weight loss. Again, if you follow a vegan diet you might not be using
that category a lot. And the final one is beans,
peanuts and other legumes. And it says, “It boosts testosterone,” which is good for women as well, it’s good for ladies’ sex drive, builds muscle, helps burn
fat and regulates digestion. And there’s a lot more in-depth
information in the book, I just wanna give you guys an overview so you can decide if it’s something you’re interested in or not. So let’s continue with
the health boosters, the first kind of group is
raspberries and other berries, and these, “Protect your
heart, enhance eyesight, “improve balance, coordination “and short term memory and
also prevent cravings.” Next is apples, oranges and other fruits, and these, “Fill your
belly and fight cancer.” I didn’t know that. Next up we have spinach
and other green vegetables, “Neutralize free radicals,
which are molecules “that accelerate the aging process.” Guys, it’s so easy to get
more greens into your diet, just throw it into a
smoothie, I promise you you don’t even taste it. And, finally, whole
grain breads and cereals, including oat meal, and these prevent your body from storing fat. Now let’s quickly talk about
the eight-minute workouts. Now, I kind of already
mentioned this before, but essentially you think
of an eight-minute workout and you’re like, “Oh, I spend
like two and a half hours “in the gym, how is eight
minutes gonna do anything?” So, if you think about the time it takes running on a treadmill to
burn off, like, one cookie, it’s kind of ridiculous, but in the case of this diet you’re not really looking to
burn off x amount of calories from your workout, the
eight-minute workout is essentially just to
boost your metabolism and get your body working, that’s why, and as easy as eight minutes, you can achieve that without
having to, like, stress, I have to go to the gym,
I have to do weights, I gotta be on that treadmill for an hour. I mean, pick your poison
and fill in the blank, I personally love to go to the gym and if you do enjoy going to the gym or you do go to the gym, that’s just gonna help and
boost everything quicker and help you to lose weight quicker and get in shape and things like that. Plus, working out is just
great for your health, but, they’re saying,
don’t stress yourself out, don’t feel like you have to go
to the gym every single day, eight hours of movement in the morning is going to help to
boost up your metabolism. And then they have a whole bunch of ideas, like walking, running, running in place, burpees, just a whole bunch. They also have some workout routines, eight-minute workout routines. They do look like really good workouts. If you guys would like to see that, then go ahead and thumbs this up and let me know in the
comments below as well, and I’ll do that as a follow-up video. So, that’s pretty much it, and it all sounds really easy peasy. So to finish off today’s video I just wanted to kind
of quickly let you know what else you can expect
to find in the book. So like I said, there’s case studies all throughout the book, there’s also kind of a daily breakdown with, like, paragraph
examples of what to do. It also includes a sample eating plan for seven days, which is nice. Then there’s a section that’s called, The Cheater’s Guide to Weight Loss. Basically it’s a whole bunch
of different strategies, when you feel like cheating,
to help you kind of power through and not cheat. Another fun little thing was, 100 Ways to Cut Out the Calories, and number one is to watch
a funny video on YouTube, which I thought was super cute and I had to share it with you guys. And then the one thing I
really wanted to mention, which I love, if you guys can
see how thick this section is, from page 120 to 176 are
eight-minute recipes, so super quick and easy meal ideas that include the power foods, that are great for breakfast,
lunch, dinner, and snacks. So, yeah, my loves, that is my review and kind of breakdown of the 8-Hour Diet. Here is the book, again,
for you guys to see and I hope you guys enjoyed
this and found this interesting. And I feel like this particular
diet is so easy peasy that I do wanna try to incorporate
it into my own lifestyle, because I feel like it’s something that would be really easy for me to do. I think I’m gonna do the three
day, kind of, option to start and just see how it goes. Anyway (chuckles), I hope you
guys have enjoyed this video, don’t forget to give it
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would like me to research and review and kind of break, or share the breakdown
of it with you guys. Thank you guys so much for
hanging out with me today and I love you so much. I’ll see you really soon with another one. Bye guys.

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