Facts, Prevention Tips for Coronavirus and Flu

The Coronavirus is causing respiratory
infection and it is a novel presentation. It’s similar to the SARS virus that we
saw many years ago. It’s a virus so we’re seeing fever, we’re seeing cough, we’re seeing myalgias or body aches. What’s causing the fear is that it’s a novel
presentation so we don’t have a vaccine for it. The real danger here it’s flu. So if you
haven’t gotten your flu shot, you need to get your flu shot. Good hand hygiene. I
cannot stress how important it is to wash your hands. And there’s a lot of
interesting things coming out of that hand sanitizer. But good soap, hot water,
washing your hands for at least 30 seconds and doing a very good scrub. And making sure your kids do that as well. That is a very important thing that you
can do to protect yourself.

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