FAIR Health Episode of Care – Pneumonia

pneumonia is an inflammation or swelling of the air sacs in one or both lungs it is usually caused by an infection and causes a fever pneumonia may sometimes be confused with bronchitis but the two conditions have different symptoms causes and treatments if you have pneumonia you may first receive medical attention in a doctor’s office or the emergency room diagnosis may require a chest x-ray or cat scan you will have blood tests and often blood cultures you may have bronchoscopy which is a procedure in which your doctor will examine your Airways with a thin viewing instrument usually under anesthesia you may be treated with intravenous antibiotics or other medications this page shows you how much a patient may pay for categories of care commonly associated with pneumonia this is usually called an episode of care at the top of the page to the left you will see the out of network uninsured price which is the total amount that you may pay out-of-pocket for the entire episode if you don’t have insurance if you are insured and are receiving care from a healthcare provider who is out of network you may be responsible for either a portion of this cost or the full cost of care depending on your plan details to the right you will also see the estimated in-network price which is the amount that a health plan will pay to a provider who accepts your insurance this number is useful for those seeking care from a provider in their health plans network especially those managing a deductible if you have not met your deductible you may have to pay the full amount of the in-network price if you have met your deductible you may only have to pay a portion of this cost as a copay or coinsurance if you scroll down the page you’ll see cost estimates for specific categories of care with the overall episode of care keep in mind that this is just an estimate based on our data and the kinds of care some patients typically get every patient is different so your own care and costs might be different too to learn more visit the resources listed on this website and talk to your doctor

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