Fermented Honey Peach & Turmeric(Protect yourself From Cold & Flu)/খুব সহজেই সর্দিকাশি থেকে উপশম পান

Hello everyone welcome back it’s end of
November Christmas coming, so the winter lots of people get worried before
winter because you know all those nasty viruses you get cold you get flu lots of
phlegm so it seems that you can’t do anything. but today I’m going to show you
one fermented recipe which can really help you to boost your immunity and also
fight with those cold, coughs, phlegm nasty viruses. you don’t need lot of
ingredients only three ingredients and you are done honey peach and superfood Turmeric Not so sweet, little bit turmeric flavoured litle bit peach flavoured and little sour the whole thing is really Awesome. In China, peach is considered a symbol of immortality Peach is rich in vitamin C, zinc and
antioxidants. Vitamin C and zinc actually can help you to boost your immunity and
also the antioxidants. So the ingredients I’m using today honey, turmeric and peach
all are rich in antioxidants. So you can consider this fermented , syrup? we
can call it syrup. So this fermented peach honey and Turmeric is really rich in
antioxidants and other vitamins . let me show you the initial process. make sure you are using raw and organic
honey because if it’s not Raw it’s actually pasteurized that means the life
enzymes & the live yeast are no more in the honey when it’s pasteurized. So if you want to farm it honey you need to go for raw honey. So that you get lots of live yeast
which will help you to ferment the whole thing. fermented foods are rich in probiotic
bacteria so by consuming fermented foods you are actually adding good bacteria
and enzymes to your overall gut flora it’s increasing the health of your gut
microbiome and digestive system and also enhancing or boost your immune system make sure you are not using lot of
honey because if you use lot of honey then there will be no enough
moisture to do the fermentation and if if you notice that there is not enough
bubble and the fermentation is not active you can just add little bit water
, to make the honey little bit liquid and to get some moisture. Or else you can use apple cider vinegar with mother It will help you to speed up the
fermentation because the ACV with moth also has active yeast and bacteria which will help you to speed up the fermentation I have this fermentation airlock lid to release gas or co2 automatically without burping
every day. If you don’t have this lid you can use any airtight jar but make
sure to burp every day because honey can really explode.This golden syrup looks
amazing that tastes also awesome but it can really mess up the color of your
teeth make sure every time you are taking one spoon you brush up within 5
to 10 minutes so that the turmeric will not mess up with the color of your teeth.
Let’s see what happened after 3 days so right now this is after four days and
frankly speaking it’s not ready. I need to keep it for at least one to two weeks
and then the peaches will be little bit brownish and little bit soft. It could be
little bit chewy as well. The turmeric will be not so strong. Right now I can’t
eat the turmeric it’s quite strong and after two to three weeks Turmeric
will be also quite soft. You can use this as condiments for your salads you
can also drizzle on pizza you can also use on pancakes. Christmas coming when you are doing the grilled chicken you can also glaze with this liquid
honey, it will be also very nice. In Singapore, we don’t have winter yeah I
would have love to have a white Christmas but unfortunately we can’t get
that but it’s also raining always especially from November to February
it’s a rainy season and lots of people get cold flu. So this is perfect
for us also even if you are not having winter Before bedtime one spoon & in the
morning also when we wake up you can have one spoon. I give to my daughter
also and it really helps her to fight with flu, cold especially when
she is having lots of phlegm in her chest it really helps so clear those. So you can
try giving it to your children you can try to give your other family members.
This fermented honey is really tasty it’s very difficult to control. Every
time,I think I will just eat one spoon but then I end up eating two three
spoons. So control yourself this is still high in sugar & carbohydrates. If you are
conscious about your weight then you must not eat more than one spoon. So
make it at home, keep everyone safe enjoy your Christmas. You can use the whole thing throughout the year you can make different batches you can make bigger
batches and you can keep outside in the room temperature. It will be fine. See you again. If you like this video, comment below
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  1. This is Brilliant !, So informative but not boring to watch. You are so talented. I have seen your dance video you are too good. My Grandma used to make Honey Garlic before Winter . Your recipe is awesome I can't wait to try at home.

  2. Hello Friends! Winter is here!. Before it attacks you with Cold and Flu, make this fermented Honey Peach and Turmeric Syrup to protect yourself and family. It's the ultimate Immunity Booster with high antioxidants !!. Can be ready in 3-4 weeks and you can give it as a gift to your close ones on Christmas. If you don't like turmeric you can just go ahead with honey and peach. It will be still good enough. Thanks for watching. Don't forget to like, comment and Subscribe. May you all always stay healthy, happy and in peace. Lot's of Love.
    বাংলায় অনুবাদ দেখার জন্যে caption এ ক্লিক করুন এবং বাংলা select করুন. সবাই ভালো থাকবেন কমেন্ট করুন যদি ভালো লেগে থাকে .

  3. I love that by following your recipes its made with natural ingredients and nothing harmful to our bodies. What a great boost for our system like you said in the flu season. I liked that you showed us the process after 3 days and seeing the bubbles shows its working its magic. Fantastic helpful video for so many

  4. We definitely need to use more natural remedies in our house. Will use your step by step video and refer back to it. As always fantastic video. We love your channel

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  7. This is such an excellent recipe. Those ingredients are so great for our body. I am so excited to try this as I love honey 🙂

  8. Mind blowing recipe!!. Loved the tips you have shared . I didn't know we shouldn't keep raw honey outside as it can start fermenting. Thoroughly enjoyed the video.

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