Fibromyalgia: a breakthrough diagnosis

CU Boulder researchers looked inside the human brain and discovered… … a new way of diagnosing a mysterious disorder called fibromyalgia. Patients experience intense muscular skeletal pain… … and also sleep, mood and memory disturbances. Symptoms so varied that patients often are not believed. But CU Boulder researchers found distinct neurological patterns in MRI scans. Their research builds on other international studies…. …so fibromyalgia can now be diagnosed with 93 percent accuracy.

3 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia: a breakthrough diagnosis

  1. Clip only showed a patient getting into & out of the machine. No description of the test. Where's the information to explain this process & what are the unique qualities of this test? What are the specific findings of this method? How is this test useful in treating the illness? Please provide more details. Thank you.

  2. They don't know what their doing they just make things up and have a million theories with no cures or relief… Anyone can play guessing games

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