Fighting A Cold Naturally With Gross-Tasting Herbs

Heather: Hi! This is Heather from So, I am in Ottawa for a few days, just visiting,
and I’m with my mom and she got pretty badly sick. So, she’s hanging out in bed right
now and I am taking her every couple of hours some medicinals, which I thought I would share
with you guys. So, if you are feeling any, kind of, colds
or flues there are things that you can do to prevent. So, if you feel it’s starting
to come on or there are more intense things that you can take. So, this one is an anti-viral. It’s by Natural
Factors, and it’s a tincture, which means that the herbs are infused into some, kind
of, alcohol base. And this one has Echinacea, lomatium, I don’t know if I’m pronouncing
that right, Astragalus that’s a really good one. It’s an adaptogenic herb, meaning that
it helps your body come back into balance from whatever imbalance it has. So, it’s
always good to have that one. Reishi is the type of mushroom that’s found
to be very, very powerful for your immune system and licorice. So, I’ve been giving
her drops of this every couple of hours. Then I also have some oregano oil that I gave
her a little bit of every so often. It’s a very powerful antibiotic, antiparasitic,
and anti-viral, so good for a few different kinds of things. I’ve heard it’s used
for candida overgrowth. Now, the things with any kind of antibiotic,
oregano oil is natural but it’s very, very powerful. So, what I also got for her was
some Kombucha, which is a liquid probiotic drink, totally vegan, so you don’t have
to get probiotics in yogurt. Although there are also vegan yogurts, but the concentration
of the probiotics isn’t usually terribly high. Kombucha is pretty high. Of course, if Phil
was around he would have the home-brewed probiotics that he makes for us which is even more concentrated
than this stuff and it has a lot of different strains of it, but Kombucha has now started
to become more and more available, so you can find it in grocery stores. I even found it when we were travelling through
the states in just major grocery store chains. So, take a look out for this, it’s the brand
JTs tends to be pretty widespread and I had someone ask me about this once before when
I posted a photo of it when we were travelling, so there you go. It’s a vegan probiotic drink. This one actually
has some greens in it. It has blue-green algae, Spirulina, and chlorella. So, it tastes a
little bit funky, but I like it. What else have I got? Some herbal tea, this
is an Echinacea tea that has peppermint, Echinacea, licorice, roasted chicory, natural menthol,
eucalyptus leaves, zinc, which is a really important nutrient for the immune system,
lavender flowers, stevia to sweeten it up a little bit, and star anise for some flavor. And last but not the least. I got her a happy
planet drink. I don’t know if you guys have heard of these. This is a Canadian company
that does smoothies. This one is pomegranate antioxidant, so it’s loaded with the super
high antioxidant fruits like pomegranate, black currant, green tea extract, milk thistle
extract, beta-carotene, wild, blueberries, strawberry, cranberry, bilberry, elderberry,
and raspberry seed extracts. So, this is one and that actually tastes good.
Every time I go into room — oh, it’s time for the good stuff, but you know that it’s
good when it taste gross. So, hopefully, she will start feeling better
tomorrow and I hope this gives you guys some ideas of stuff that you can try if you’re
feeling any, kind of, cold or flu coming on, sour throats anything like that, you know,
make sure you’re eating properly; that’s a really big thing. If ever I feel something coming on, then I
make sure that I eat a ton of greens and really brightly colored vegetables, and then I haven’t
been sick in three years, so it’s working for me. I hope it works for you, and I will see you
guys next week.

11 thoughts on “Fighting A Cold Naturally With Gross-Tasting Herbs

  1. Very Helpful video Heather. thank you dear. Get well soon mama (; You ought to do a video on your home made probiotic sometime, just a thought.

  2. Oil of oregano is also a very powerful antifungal. It worked great for my athletes foot problem but it's oder is obvious so you have to be prepared you might be asked questions like "Do you smell something?" or. "What's that's smell?

  3. thanks 🙂 it's Phil's homemade probiotic, so he might post a video on his channel some time if he gets enough requests – gardenersmiling on youtube 🙂

  4. no, not me – just my mom – I was trying to speak a little lower than usual because she was sleeping in the next room 😉

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