Fighting Flu Season

[upbeat music] Flu season is upon us and as a
pediatrician there are three things I want you guys to do in order to keep
your kids healthy. Number 1: Wash your hands appropriately. Number 2: Teach them to sneeze into their elbow. Number 3: When your child is
suffering with an illness don’t send them back to school too soon. We all tell our children to wash their hands but do we teach them to appropriately wash their
hands? In order to kill germs effectively, you need to wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water. A great tip is to have your child sing
the alphabet song as they’re washing their hands. Did you know there’s an appropriate way
to sneeze? We’ve been teaching our kids to cover their mouth when they sneeze, but in reality we should be teaching them to sneeze into their elbow. It’s super important that you tell your children to wash your hands and wipe their nose after sneezing. Boogie Wipes saline nose wipes helps to eliminate germs but also puts moisture back into the skin. As a pediatrician and the best tip I can give you guys is have a plan plan in place if your child gets sick.
The biggest mistake parents make is that they send their kids back to school too
soon. I know we want to get back into our
routine but when we send our kids back too soon we run the risk of making them sicker or catching a different virus [upbeat music]

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