First confirmed case of Wuhan coronavirus is reported to be stable… three more suspected…

in the nation the patients are
reportedly all fine including a Chinese woman who was confirmed with a virus for
more on the efforts being made by South Korean authorities to contain the virus
and necessary precautions that you need to know that’s turn to our Kim bo-gyung
a 35 year old Chinese woman who flew in from Iran and was confirmed to have
pneumonia from the Wuhan coronavirus is reportedly in stable conditions
according to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention she had
been diagnosed with a cold in a hospital in new Han before she came to South
Korea but has since recovered with most pneumonia symptoms gone however the
Chinese patient is yet to be discharged from hospital as she is still under
observation also on Tuesday three people that were
held in quarantine after showing pneumonia like symptoms have been
released after testing negative for the ohan corona virus an expert says that
although the fatality rate is comparatively lower than other viruses
that have hit South Korea in the past people need to go to hospital if they
have certain symptoms because the virus is contagious one of the things that we
say to decide whether this virus could be spread among people is whether there
is the infected among the medical team or law it is reported that 15 Chinese
medical members were infected so it is certainly a virus that spreads like
other kkona virus such as SARS or MERS it’s simply the spread by the droplets
that come out when people cause your hands that have this since the first confirmed patient was
moved straight from the airport to the hospital the expert says it is unlikely
that there will be lots of patients right away
yet he says it is possible for the virus to spread as there is lots of
interaction between South Korea and China
thus experts say to go to the hospital if you are showing in certain symptoms
when people have a fever chill and respiratory symptoms such as coughing or
have problems with breathing they need to go to hospital since it has not
spread across South Korea if someone with respiratory problems and fever has
been a new Han or had contact with a confirmed patient in the last two weeks
they need to go to hospital to prevent the spread of the virus people should
wash their hands regularly and cover their mouth when coughing Kim bo-gyung
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2 thoughts on “First confirmed case of Wuhan coronavirus is reported to be stable… three more suspected…

  1. Scary. Really Scary.
    Remember to always wash Your hands and always remember to avoid public places when sick as a deterrent to not spread it to other people!! 🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢👍

  2. Be careful, take the advice seriously and if you can take C vitamin and B complex this will help to increase your immunity. Thank you.

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