First local case of SARS-like virus confirmed in Chinese visitor

the first case of a mysterious pneumonia
like virus from China is confirmed here in the nation
authorities are wrapping up efforts to prevent the spread of the disease ahead
of the Lunar New Year holiday Kim je has the updates South Korea has
confirmed on Monday the first local case of the pneumonia virus has quickly
spread across China the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said
on Monday that a 35 year old Chinese woman who food from ohan had a fever
respiratory problems and other symptoms when she arrived at Incheon
International Airport on Sunday she was quarantined and tested positive for the
virus the confirmed patient was identified in the quarantine face and
there’s no a community exposure through said of common contact including
passengers and aircraft crew are currently being investigated the KCDC
has elevated the country’s infectious disease alert level by one notch from
blue to yellow and ordered local governments to strengthen monitoring a
yellow alert the second lowest in the agency’s four stage alert system is
issued when the presence of a recently reported infectious disease originating
outside the country is confirmed in South Korea the government also held an
emergency meeting on Monday chaired by the office for government policy
coordination the government said it will strengthen inspections on incoming
flights from Wuhan and maintain close cooperation with China to stop the virus
from spreading further authorities are set to operate an emergency current tene
system around the clock including during the Lunar New Year holiday that begins
later this week on Friday more than 200 infections have been reported in China
with cases confirmed not only in new Han but in Beijing and Guangzhou as well at
least three people have died since the virus first appeared in late December
the infection has also been confirmed in Thailand and Japan the infected people
are believed to be either from ohan or to have recently been there millions of
people in China South Korea and other Asian countries will be traveling during
the Lunar New Year holiday China’s National Health Commission said Sunday
it will step up its watch over the holiday and officials in Iran say they
are tightening screen at airports and passenger terminals
experts say the virus belongs to the same family of the corona virus as SARS
but little is known about how easily it can be transmitted between humans there
is no vaccine for the new virus yet kim daehee
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