First ‘Wuhan coronavirus’ case confirmed in the U.S.

the deputy director of China’s National
Health Commission Leben announced this morning that there are now 440 confirmed
cases of the new corona virus and a total of nine people have died and fears
are rising as the virus has now spread to South Korea as well as the u.s. our
Eagleman starts us off the new corona virus trained and
originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan has crossed the Pacific with US health
authorities confirming the first case of the virus in the country on Tuesday a
man in Washington State first experienced symptoms after returning a
trip to a region year Ohan he was hospitalized last week with pneumonia
but was later confirmed to have the Wuhan corona virus the virus has already
spread beyond china’s borders to South Korea Thailand Taiwan and Japan but it
is the first time it has appeared outside Asia suspected cases are also
popping up in other parts of the world including the Philippines Hong Kong in
Australia and the situation is fast spreading across China with more than
300 people infected and six dead as of Wednesday among them are people who have
not been to ohan meaning that they have contracted the virus indirectly from
others with the situation developing into an international emergency experts
are trying to find the source of the virus and many are pointing to the
illegal exotic animals sold at a fish market in Wuhan where the virus was
first detected Jeremy Farrar a specialist in infectious
disease epidemic said the virus may have been lurking in animals for decades
before adapting to infect humans the so called web markets in Wuhan illegally
sells wild animals including rodents bats and raccoons for local delicacies
and he says those who touch infected animals are exposed to such viruses the
SARS virus outbreak in 2002 came from a raccoon like animal from China’s
Guangdong province and that outbreak led to a ban on the sale of exotic animals
many experts also say that the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday is a critical
milestone in the outbreaks development as millions of Chinese are set to travel
overseas during that time faced with search urgency
the World Health Organization is set to hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday
to discuss whether to classify the situation as an international emergency
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