Flu 2018/2019

– Right now, a
first-of-its-kind flu treatment set to be available for those
with the flu this season, and it promises to fight the flu faster. – NBC Connecticut’s
Shannon Miller has more on how to take Xofluza™
and just how fast it works. – If your skin hurt, your
whole body hurt, fever, chills. – [Shannon] If you’ve
ever gotten the flu, Pat Chaves says you remember
the feeling forever. Pat took Tamiflu® then to
relieve her aching symptoms. – It made me start feeling
better, but it was gradual. Something that would be
quicker would be wonderful. – [Shannon] While Pat hopes
her flu shot will protect her from this year’s virus,
she’s encouraged to learn about a new drug just approved by the FDA to treat the flu with a one-time dose. – Last year I think was
the worst I’ve ever seen. I’ve been providing flu
clinics for about 20, 25 years. – [Shannon] Karen Pagliaro with
Hartford HealthCare at Home says the first and only
single-dose flu drug approved will make it significantly
easier to treat. – From what I’ve heard,
it’s a one-time dose which means there’s going
to be less noncompliance. The other drugs you have to
take twice a day for five days. – [Shannon] Genentech, the
distributor for the new medicine Xofluza™, says it reduces flu symptoms by more than a day with a single oral dose if taken within 48 hours
of the first symptoms. – A lot of kids have a
hard time with swallowing a medication. Just once
would be wonderful. And then with seniors,
if there’s any issue with forgetfulness,
either the senior can give it to themselves. Take the one pill. – [Shannon] According to the Connecticut Department of Health, there were 52 deaths attributed to the flu
in our state between August of last year and
January of this year. Pat hopes those who
fight the flu this season will turn to a new defense. – The sooner you can get rid
of the symptoms, the better. – [Shannon] Shannon Miller,
NBC Connecticut News. – The distributor for Xofluza™ says it’ll be available in the coming weeks.

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