7 thoughts on “Flu a bigger concern to local health officials than coronavirus

  1. Are we so naive? In 6 weeks when there's tens of thousands of cases here in the states, then who are these "officials" going to blame?

  2. What irresponsible reporting when we don't even have full information on the Coronavirus. The Chinese covered up the SARS virus for 3 months, so do we even have the real numbers from the communist system? I think our government is pushing this influenza line because of fear the stock market will crash.

  3. The flu doesn’t give pneumonia to 25% of those infected. It also doesn’t have a 14 day, symptomless incubation period where it can be transmitted. There’s also a vaccine for flu, and an immunity to it, as it’s been circulating in the world for years. There’s also proven treatments. This is irresponsible reporting. Please tell people to protect themselves in the Bay Area.

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