Flu: A sister’s story

My name is Jayne I have chosen to share my sister Caroline’s story with you To demonstrate how catastrophic having the flu can be and to try to encourage you all to have your seasonal flu vaccination Caroline was a 26 year old young, fit, healthy woman With a very promising career ahead of her in animal training She had been working really hard and had a high profile job In Cinema In December 2010 she became very ill On the 18th of December I saw a post from her on facebook Saying ironically that she felt like death warmed up On the 20th December I received a phone call from my mum to let me know that my sister had been admitted to intensive care the news shocked me to the core because I didn’t actually know she was particularly ill Initially they thought that my sister had Pneumonia and one of her lungs had completely collapsed and the other one was only functional at 25% she was subsequently sedated and ventilated but during her ventilation she had a cardiac arrest and it took them ten minutes to get her back My sister was diagnosed with H1N1 or more commonly known as swine flu She developed complications from that and had septicaemia and multi organ failure Her septicaemia meant she was going to lose both of her arms from below the elbow and both of her legs from below the knee the news never got any better for her When I saw her she was still surrounded by banks of medication and tubes and everything there was just keeping her alive They kept her alive for ten days On the 30th of December they did the final Neurological tests which confirmed that only her brain stem was working And they said to my parents that it would be kinder to withdraw life support and that is a decision no parent should ever have to make The Christmas period was a really difficult one for us that year and is every year now They warned us that she might live for a week after they withdrew life support because she had previously been so fit and healthy but she actually died within the hour and the most painful and frustrating part of her story Is that if she had had her flu vaccination she might still be here today

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  1. Omg Jayne x This is truly heart breaking 💔💔 as an asthma sufferer I've always gotten the vaccine either at my GP or at work x It probabaly saves my life every year x I hope this video inspires more people to get the flu vaccine! 💚

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