Flu can be fatal

>>Laura Spacagna: The GP told me that I had flu and sent me home with paracetamol and ibuprofen and signed me off work for a week.
The following day I couldn’t get out of bed until six o’clock that evening. I went to
the bathroom and noticed that my lips and nails had gone blue, so I rang my mum and
she came down and called an ambulance. Then the ambulance came, put me on oxygen straight
away, I got taken straight out to the hospital and got taken straight into resusc, where
they did an x-ray and I had double pneumonia and flu.
My family were told that I’d have to get put into an induced coma and that I had 20% chance
of survival and that I might not make it.>>Dr Nigel Acheson: As we’ve seen from Laura’s
story, flu is sometimes not a trivial illness. It can be a really serious illness and for
some people unfortunately, they will die if they contract flu. There are very real reasons
for us as healthcare workers in particular to have the flu jab each year, so I would
really urge you to have the jab if you haven’t already had it done.>>Laura Spacagna: That year I didn’t have
my flu jab because I just didn’t think I needed it. I never get ill, I’m fit and healthy.
The last time I had it was when I was pregnant with my daughter. We always get offered it
at work and I just didn’t take it that year. Obviously, I regret doing that now. Now I
always have it after what happened. So I never thought that I’d be affected by
the flu. I didn’t think I could ever pass it on to obviously family members and obviously
working in a hospital, patients.  I had never thought about that really.>>Dr Nigel Acheson: If you catch flu you may
be asymptomatic and you may pass it on to your patients. So there’s a risk that you
could give this potentially really serious infection to vulnerable patients, let alone
the fact that if a number of staff are off with flu, again it could compromise patient
care because staffing levels could be low. So I would really urge u as colleagues, as
it really is the professional thing to do, to protect those we want to look after and
to protect yourselves from what could be really debilitating effects.>>Laura Spacagna: Everyone should have their
flu vaccine done. It’s quick and easy and it could save someone’s life, so get it done.

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