Flu in Washington State

I’m here to talk about influenza or “flu”
as it’s more commonly known. Flu can be a very serious, even deadly disease. Flu is
a severe respiratory illness that infects thousands of people in
Washington every year and sadly, many people die from it.
Flu activity is unpredictable and we see cases of flu all year long but this
illness spreads most rapidly in the fall and winter months – which many people
refer to as the “flu season.” Thankfully, flu shots are available every year for
everyone aged six-months and older, including
pregnant women to help prevent illness. Each year, the vaccine is updated to
protect against the strains expected to make people the sickest. That’s why it’s
important to get a new flu shot each and every year. Some people are too young to
get a flu shot, or aren’t able to get one because of a
medical condition. They must rely on others to protect them through
vaccination. The more people who are vaccinated, the more difficult it is for
flu to spread through our communities. To learn more about flu vaccine or recent
flu activity in Washington state, visit knockout flu org.

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