Flu Prevention #TopTips

– Hi, I’m Desiree Berry,
nurse educator for the pediatric unit here at Sarasota Memorial. Today, I have Amara with me, whose gonna help us
talk about hand washing and why it’s so important
during cold and flu season that we’re in right now. Because germs are everywhere and they like to spread through our hands. Like when we touch our nose, and our toys. – And when we sneeze. – When we sneeze and our
door knobs and books. So many ways we can spread germs. So, what’s the number one
way that we can get rid of those yucky germs and
help families stay healthy? – Wash hands. – Wash hands, that’s right. So Amara, can you help me show everyone how to wash our hands? Alright, first, we’re
going to get our hands wet. Can you get your hands wet first? – Oh, yeah, get them wet. – Go ahead, get them wet. Now, we’re going to add some soap. Add soap, there we go. Now, we’re going to rub our hands together for about 20 seconds. What song could you sing
to help you remember? – Happy birthday. – Happy birthday. So we’ll sing happy birthday twice while we’re scrubbing our hands. Be sure to get your
hands all sudsy bubbles. Scrub your finger tips and
in between your fingers. And on the fronts and backs of your hands. All the way up to your wrists. (both singing) Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Once you’re done rubbing your hands, rinse them in the water. Make sure we get all of the bubbles off. Can you rinse your hands? Right there in the water. Get all the bubbles off. Then we’ll dry our hands
with a paper towel. – Turn it off? – You turn off the water
with the paper towel after you’re done drying your hands. And then we’ll throw the paper towel away. So Amara, can you help us tell people when they should wash their hands? – Oh, I don’t really know all the things. – Before eating or preparing food– – And after you cough. – After you cough. – And when you sneeze. – Or when you sneeze or blow your nose. And after using the restroom.

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