Flu Season Almost Here

well we’re gonna talk about something now we don’t want to it’s not even labor day yet but the state is reportedly already seeing flu-like illnesses in parts of Eastern Kentucky so just flu like it not the real deal flu season of course doesn’t start until September but doctors say it’s not too early to get a vaccine lex18 is Conroy deluge has more students are still getting into the swing of school and it’s usually not a time parents have to think about the flu it happens that not very often and I don’t like it when it happens dr. Elizabeth Haas says if cases of the flu hit early in the season that’s usually a sign of a long year the year that it was early we started seeing it September October was the year we had h1n1 the state’s cabinet for Health and Family Services told us that the Kentucky River and Lake Cumberland districts have reported an increase in positive rapid antigen tests that is not a positive test for the flu so there is no official case count at this point in Kentucky but dr. Hawes recommends getting the vaccine within the next couple of months and it’s not too early to get it in late August or early September she says to be on the lookout for the usual signs header body aches fever dry cough and take any precautions possible wash her hands don’t put your hands in your mouth cover your cough if your child has a fever over a hundred point four they’re contagious with something before going back to her patients dr. Hawes repeated just wash your hands cover the news in Lexington Connery de Lucia lex18 news

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