Flu Season Hits a Deadly Milestone

this year’s flu season has been one of the worst putting Americans in the hospital at the highest rate in nearly a decade and you’ve seen news about young seemingly healthy people losing their lives to the flu and of course we know that the elderly are most susceptible but surprisingly baby boomers are being hit especially hard by the flu this year and joining us to find out why this is happening is internist and chief medical officer of doctor on-demand dr. Ian Tong [Applause] things were happening that we wouldn’t expect to see that’s absolutely correct the thing that’s interesting about the flu if the flu changes every year it migrates a little bit the genetics change a little bit and so we get new strains and this year we’re seeing the h3n2 strain of this virus and we’ve seen it before but if you’re a baby boomer you may not have seen it early enough in life to build your so as a being a baby boomer admittedly that I just wasn’t subjected to certain viruses the viruses that we’re seeing this year and I did get my flu shot so in spite of the fact that it’s a different virus you still need to get your flu shot correct absolutely in fact there’s there’s influenza A and the h3n2 describes that but there’s also B and the B type you can you can actually get an A and B type in the same season so even if you’ve had the the exposed to one flu and you’ve had one episode of it you can actually get it again so even if you’ve had once but you haven’t had your vaccine I would still recommend that you get your flu vaccine after you’re feeling better so that you can build immunity against the other type this is a great opportunity to touch on telehealth which you’re involved with with doctor on demand and if you’re sick if you have a bad case of the flu you’re not sure how about a case of the flu you have this is a great way because you’re on the screen in the form of the video you have a physician that can look at you and say boy you’re sick that’s right in all 50 that’s that’s right actually a.m. and you may know that you’re sick but you may not know whether you’re sick with a virus or whether you have a bacterial illness and so that’s really why you need a board-certified physician to be able to ask you your history do an exam make a determination and if they can make the diagnosis of the flu they can start you on treatment very quickly the practice and the doctor on demand we’re really created to improve access to high quality care I think we’re transforming how people are gonna be actually treated for the flu in the future great points you may be upping your odds of catching the flu number one is sugar the intake of sugar eating or drinking a hundred grams of sugar that’s just two cans of soda can reduce the ability of white blood cells to kill germs by up to 40% and another one is sometimes you might not be getting enough protein and protein is so important they’re the building blocks for your immune system your body actually uses the dietary protein that you take in from food to make those proteins that your body uses to fight off those bad bugs so we want to make sure that we eat enough protein and number three alcohol just a few drinks can suppress the ability of white blood cells to multiply which you need to help fight off the flu Morra alcohol equals more damage to the immune system also chronic drinking impairs the ability of our cilia those little hairs inside the nose are so important to keep out bacteria and viruses when you’re when you’re subjected to those issues so and of course if you around somebody with the flu take care of all those precautions try try to avoid direct long as you sing happy birthday in your head is what I’ve been told you know people would wash them too quickly people do not wash their hands for long enough they get there really quickly and then they walk away and that’s not enough to wash off the virus or bacteria is that you may have on your fingers and or maybe under your nails don’t spread the illness dr. cha you’ve got a call to action correct I do I want everyone to know that because you can’t predict when you’re gonna get the flu and because you have to act so quickly it makes the most sense for you to register with doctor on-demand download the app in the Google Play Store or the App Store and you can download the app you’ll be able to register and then you can have a doctor within minutes when you need one awesome special promo code to save $25 on our website at the doctor’s tv.com you

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