3 thoughts on “Flu season hits Oregon hard

  1. Too bad you wont tell the truth. That the chemtrails are also dumping virals on the nation. Instead you choose to use CDC fear tactics to push the flu shot agenda. Last yrs "flu shot" was admitted by doctors, to be only 33% effective in "preventing" the "flu".
    You reporters are liars.
    Your less than nothing, a mere FACE, reading a script on a teleprompter. NOTHING MORE.
    Just a tool of the corporations. I feel sorry for you. God sees you, and will judge you.
    "Thou shall not bear false witness" = Do NOT lie.
    You do it every day, for a job,
    and God knows.

  2. Flu season, chance to market for big pharma. People die every year from the flu propagandist . My wife is a nurse and company policy requires them to get the flu vaccine or they must wear mask at all times so she chose to get the vaccine and got the flu anyway. Most who actually work in the medical field see the corruption from big pharma catered lunches, Doctor's student loans being paid off to pimp certain drugs and the list goes on . These media corporations get millions from big pharma for paid advertising and propaganda pieces like this one and the politicians from both parties have been bought off as well .

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