Flu Season? Take THIS shot…

(upbeat music) – Hi guys, I’m Dr. Q. – And I’m Dr. Ho. And this is Hacking Your Health. Well guys, winter is coming,
and I know here at Texas it doesn’t last that
long, but we still want to be prepared for it because
with the change in season and with the change
in the weather, that can weaken
your immune system and make you more
susceptible to getting sick, and that starts the flu season. So instead of
taking the flu shot, we want you to
take a shot of this to really naturally
boost your immune system. – So today we have a
honey lemon garlic shot. There’s only five
ingredients in this recipe, but each one of these
ingredients are antiviral, antibacterial, and it’s
going to super charge your immune system. So what you want to do is
start off with the juice of a whole lemon,
remove the pulp as well, and add it to the
recipe making sure you take out all the seeds. You want to add
a full tablespoon of raw unfiltered honey
and then a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper. – With the lemon juice
is high in vitamin C and help it reduce any
inflammation in your body. On top of the honey
being antimicrobial and antibacterial, it
helps soothe your throat and suppress coughs. And also with the
cayenne pepper, help to decrease congestion,
increase digestion, and help with blood circulation
throughout your body. – So next you want to add a
quarter teaspoon of turmeric and then two whole
garlic cloves. The turmeric is very
powerful anti inflammatory, going to open up
your sinuses allowing you to breathe during
this flu season. With the garlic, you
want to make sure you chop it up 10
to 15 minutes before and let it just sit. That way the enzymes are
going to be able to work to create the
compound that’s going to super charge
your immune system. So you just mix it
all up inside a bowl. Add it back to our
lemon shot glasses. If you want you can
use a shot cup at home. I’m not sure why you would
have a shot glass at home. – Thank you. – So just add it back in. Nice pulp included. And then cheers! – Cheers. Woo! There you have it guys. If you feel that your
immune system is weak during the season, this is
a shot to take right here. So please share with
your friends and family and naturally boost
your immune system so you can avoid
taking the flu shot. I’m Dr. Ho. – I’m Dr. Q. – [Both] Hacking your health. (upbeat music) – [Man] Hi, this is Tim
Callan with the Callan Connection Team of
Keller Williams.

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