3 thoughts on “Flu season will last through Carnival season; there’s still time to get vaccinated

  1. They are saying now that the flu shot is no more effective for a strand of flu spreading same thing last year, so why get a shot – vaccine with God knows what all is in it if it won’t help.

  2. Nazi vaccines injure or kill! Plenty of evidence on that! 1 in 6 kids have autism because of it! I would say, since you are NOT a doctor, nor do you present both sides of the story, you shouldn't give advice to take the psycho Mengele vaccines!! US, stop believing US News! Lying Nazi whores are not ANY authority on ANY subject – they read pre-written info from teleprompters. They are a joke and CIA propaganda!

  3. CDC has not given congress a report on vaccine safety in 30 YEARS! RF Kennedy found the info! CDC has no one over them and are their own watch dogs! There are Nazi trash! Why do we have a hidden Vaccine Injury Court? BECAUSE VACCINES, MADE BY THE PENTAGON BIOWEAPONS LABS, INJURE OR KILL our children for the NWO depopulation agenda! FU NWO!

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