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Anchor: Fall is right around the corner, but
now is the time doctors say that you should get your flu shot and start practicing good hygiene. Dr. Brent Wallis joins us now with Peoples Health to walk us through some common myths associated with flu season. Thanks so much for joining us. Dr. Wallis: Sure, I’m excited. Anchor: I hear the sneezing already. First of all, what is the flu? Dr. Wallis: So the flu is a highly contagious
infection that affects the upper and lower respiratory systems and it’s usually associated
with a high fever and sometimes some body aches and kind of like a really, really severe cold. Anchor: Right, and as we said at the beginning,
it is time for your flu shot right now. Why is that? Dr. Wallis: Right now. In fact, just yesterday the Department of
Health and Hospitals released a statement saying that the flu is going to be particularly
prevalent this year in Louisiana, so it’s very important to get the flu shot now to
protect yourself in the winter and spring when the flu comes. Anchor: Right, so get it now and you’ll be
safe guarded. Now Dr. Wallis is a game show host on the side. He has some myths for me. Common myths about the flu and I’m going to
try to answer these and I have not looked at them earlier so I’ll probably miss them all. Go ahead. Dr. Wallis: Alright, so myth number one. Proper hand washing is the only way you can
prevent contracting the flu. Anchor: True. Dr. Wallis: That one’s false. Anchor: C’mon! What’s the other way? Dr. Wallis: Hand washing is very important. In fact, general hygiene is great to prevent
the flu, but probably one of the most important things is get your flu shot. Anchor: Yes, ok that’s a good one. Alright, we know that. Dr. Wallis: Alright, number two. The flu shot gives you the flu or makes you sick. Anchor: I would say false. Dr. Wallis: That’s absolutely correct. Anchor: Ok great! Dr. Wallis: It is false. The flu shot does not have any live virus in it. It is all killed virus. So while you may get a little bit of irritation
at the site of the injection, it does not give you the flu. Anchor: Alright, hit me with another one, doc. Dr. Wallis: Alright. Pregnant women, young children and the elderly
are especially susceptible to the flu. Anchor: Hmm…I would say true. Dr. Wallis: True. That’s right. Anyone who’s immune is compromised, especially
pregnant women, young children and seniors can actually contract the flu more easily
and why it’s important for you to get your flu shot is if you live with any children
or maybe your grandparents, you don’t want to give them the flu, as well. Anchor: Ok, keep going. Dr. Wallis: And the last one. The symptoms of the flu include gastrointestinal
issues, like vomiting and diarrhea. Anchor: Hmm…I would say that’s stomach flu
or something so maybe false? Dr. Wallis: That’s right. It’s false. It’s false. So stomach flu is not the flu. It’s not actual infection with the influenza
virus so the influenza virus, like we said, is actually more associated with muscle aches,
high fever, runny nose, and no gastrointestinal issues at all. Anchor: I did so well on that test, who needs
you, doctor? Dr. Wallis: You did great! Anchor: If you have any flu concerns, just
call Nancy! No, I’m kidding. Thanks so much Dr. Brent Wallis. Anything else you want to add real quickly
before we go? Dr. Wallis: No, Nancy. Just make sure you get your flu shot this year. Anchor: And it doesn’t hurt, and it’s quick. Alright, thanks so much Dr. Brent Wallis with Peoples Health.

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