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hello friends my name is dr. Javed
welcome to doc on mission where our vision is to live healthy and prosperous
life learn about health wealth and travel because if we think all three
things are important in living a fulfilled life so today’s video we want
to talk about update on 2018 influenza season you know as we all heard that
this season it’s pretty tough we’re getting hit hard and CDC is also out
giving us advisories right so this year’s in it as the influenza strain as
we know there’s so many but there’s always one that’s more than the others
and this year’s bad boy is influenza A age three and two yes this is a bad boy
because in the past it is known to cause more hospitalization which means it
causes you to become more seeker and also causes a more death and especially
in two age groups young kids and elderly above age 65 and we could always include
the third group or people who are very sick who have chronic diseases lose
immune system is not good and they are also at high risk so it becomes
important to understand what’s happening with influenza now some of the quick
stats is that the vaccine that we got this year is effective about 33 percent
there’s a widespread influenza cases in 49 states 73,000 cases has been
diagnosed and unfortunately 30 children death so basically what we need to do
here is recognize what’s happening right we’re being told by CDC to treat when we
suspect we really need to do confirmation if we’re suspecting that so
some of the symptoms to keep an eye on body aches fever headache cough minor
congestion and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea especially in children and
elderly so don’t get fooled and these symptoms are very similar to call so
always the question is I’ve called her to have flu it’s hard to
tell but one rule of thumb is that uh influenza symptoms are generally very
severe and if you get it you tend to don’t forget it if it’s severe enough I
got twice over the last two years in a row and it was severe enough I couldn’t
get off the bed for three days and yes one time I had to take Tamiflu and it
worked alright so these were the symptoms and when you get them reach out
to your doc your private your other health care provider or clinic and if
you’re really sick and you think you need to go to emergency room do so so
basically and then at the clinic or your health care provider will look at it and
if they suspect influenza they’ll treat you if they need to do a confirmation
test they will do that – and often timing if one person is sick in the
family generally address the family is just a matter of time they’re gonna get
it we can treat them as well so these were some of the symptoms and treatments
now like always we would like to look for alternative as well and the best way
to is to prevent consider getting a vaccine right and it’s still effective
it’s still not too late to get it so talk to your provider second wash hands
frequently I mean this is a big one right so if you keep washing off the
Jemez goes off and then third one eat healthy so your new system is it like
the best shape because if your immune system is good either you don’t get
infection or if you get it it’s less intense and the recovery is faster so
the way to boost up your immune system I mean I don’t jump to vitamins and all
that she’ll first first let’s let’s eat healthy diet if you’re eating eating
fresh fruits and vegetables generally that means good right your immune system
is good and that will help you recover and drink a lot of fluids during this
time so your body is hydrated and rest give the body a chance to fight do you
think the viruses while you’re resting so you’re not wasting that energy
somewhere else all right guys that’s about it hopefully all stay healthy and
the season end soon and we have a better season next year all right
thank you I hope you find this video helpful
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