Foods To Control Diabetes Naturally

foods to control diabetes naturally
there is maybe not a single topic with more confusion than that of insulin
resistance and carbohydrates so we’re going to take a look at it and clear it
up coming right up so obesity is rampant diabetes and insulin resistance is just
as rampant or maybe even more and yet the official guidelines don’t make a
whole lot of sense when you look at them more closely so here’s what everyone
agrees upon diabetes is the same as insulin resistance and we’re talking
type-2 diabetes not type 1 which is a pathology it’s a disease of the pancreas
and the insulin producing cells but diabetes type 2 is the same thing as
insulin resistance the body cannot produce enough insulin because the cells
are resistant so the blood sugar keeps going up there is no disagreement on
that point and then there is also no disagreement that low glycemic index
foods are better than high glycemic index foods in terms of managing
diabetes so blase emic index is a measurement of how quickly blood sugar
Rises in response to eating a certain food so they know that it is about
insulin resistance they know it’s about blood sugar they know carbohydrates
raise blood sugar and they know that the foods that raise blood sugar more are
worse than the foods that doesn’t raise it quite as much complete total
agreement but then is where it all falls apart then they say in order to treat
diabetes in order to treat insulin resistance in order to manage it the
best you want to eat low glycemic index foods and they define high GI foods as
over 70 as medium 69 to 56 and low glycemic index
foods are less than 55 so then you go look up what are the best low glycemic
index foods and these are the ones recommended by the and I
looked up the glycemic index values on Google and some of them were in the
Google headings under WebMD and Mayo Clinic and some were under on lists
posted by health and University Health News comm and
according to the best low glycemic index foods are muesli glycemic
index 86 whole wheat bread 74 sweet potato 60 pumpernickel whole grain rye
bread 56 they say to eat plenty of oatmeal which in its more whole form
like old-fashioned rolled oats would be 55 and instant oatmeal would be 79 most
fruit should is 40 to 65 they say pasta is 47 lentils is 42 and the closest they
get to something healthy is butter beans at 31 so they tell you to eat a diet
with plenty of whole grain carbohydrates which we see ends up mostly in this
range with maybe pasta slipping down a little bit into the green range and when
you look for how much carbohydrate you should eat then Health Line
Mayo Clinic WebMD and all registered dietitians they keep reiterating the
same numbers it’s almost like Dogma let’s not question these numbers 45 to
65% of calories should come from carbohydrate that makes it about 250 to
300 grams of carbohydrate per day and they should be whole-grain low
carbohydrates such as the ones we’ve shown here
froot oatmeal pasta muesli whole-wheat bread sweet potato that’s what they tell
you to eat a lot of that’s the best low glycemic index foods for managing
insulin resistance and diabetes and I just have to wonder have they never ever
heard of foods that are really low in glycemic index wouldn’t it make sense if
we know that place low glycemic index is better then why wouldn’t we look for
foods that are really low as opposed to just a little bit lower than the
absolute worst maybe it’s just me I don’t know but let’s look here once we
get down to really really low numbers like less than 15 such as avocados non
starchy vegetables lettuce spring mix power greens kale and things like
coconuts coconut cream and most nuts walnuts pecans macadamia nuts extremely
low glycemic index and if you eat something like power greens or spinach
if you eat a whole tub a pound it’s like one of those big big boxes it has 5
grams of net carbs at a glycemic index of about 15 you cannot eat enough non
starchy vegetables to raise your blood sugar it isn’t possible so wouldn’t it
be better to eat a whole lot of those and not so much of those and then we get
to the real superfoods in terms of turning around insulin resistance and
this is these are things like meat fish butter eggs extra virgin olive oil
anything that is essentially carb free in nature has a zero glycemic index but
it’s like they never even heard of these foods they
keep just quoting each other and talking about whole-grain carbohydrates 300
grams a day and a low glycemic index as being less than 55 so I think it’s time
for us to wake up and I don’t know why they are so inconsistent they know lower
glycemic index is better and yet they’ve never heard of these foods that most
people who are doing ketogenic diets are thriving on the only thing I can think
of is that they bought in so wholeheartedly into the fat phobia and
the dogma that grains are necessary and carbohydrates are necessary that they
never really question it they bought it so wholeheartedly they have so much
invested that they’re just quoting each other and never really looking at what’s
going on I don’t have an answer I have no idea how they can be so inconsistent
but I hope this helps to wake you up and open your eyes a little bit and don’t
ever call a low glycemic index of 55 low glycemic realize that low glycemic index
is zero or in the single digits or teens that’s low glycemic index that’s where
you’re gonna reverse insulin resistance and you can create a healthy whole food
diet entirely based on foods below 20 if you occasionally wants to know I’ll have
a barrier or a fruit that gets a little bit higher or maybe some butter beans
then then so be it but if you’re trying to reverse insulin resistance then stay
away from the official guidelines not only do they not manage or reverse
insulin resistance but they create it so please share this information this may
be the single most important piece of information to get out there because the
information in this area is so massive and it’s killing more people than any
single fad they’re on the planet today 95% of
disease is caused by insulin resistance related to insulin resistance and the
way to reverse it is to eat truly low glycemic index foods not foods that are
barely better than the worst so share this video with everyone that you care
about let’s get this information out there and let’s learn some real science
and some real principles on how to take care of this body leave your comments
and questions down below and as always thanks for watching

86 thoughts on “Foods To Control Diabetes Naturally

  1. Diabetics should adopt a Carnivore/Paleo diet. ALL Oats, wheat, corn and soy are pretty much contaminated with glyphosate

  2. the only thing I disagree is diabetes = insulin resistance. Having insulin resistance does not mean you have diabetes. Thus the equal sign is misleading.

  3. No looky at low GI – because the word Fat is poison to the ADA FDA WHO collective tongue(s). They are not concerned with health or Healthy solutions. Dogmatic indoctrination.

  4. They: War is bad, so fight instead. lt's better.
    Dr. Ekberg: Wut? Why do any of these? Just stay in peace… facepalms

  5. Their research is guided by Agra-Business corporations. They begin with the premise of maintaining the processed foods economy. So they ask the wrong questions: "How can we improve health without endangering the processed foods economy?"

  6. Same problem in Germany! I guess one explanation could be that they are invested because they have invested. Money seems to come first even when health is at risk. Combine this with decades of indoctrination from an outdated understanding of our body and its functions. It is just so much easier to continue what has "always" been done – even if that "always" is barely more than one generation – and collect more money by doing so. Health has turned into a huge industry but instead of a health industry it became a health destruction industry. Who knows – maybe in a few years we find something better than keto. But for now it seems a path worth exploring. I'm trying it only since 2 weeks using Your information. That makes 2 weeks of nutritional satisfaction and 2 weeks not feeling hungry in over 50 years. Thanks for all Your valuable input. Keep going 👍Greetings from Munich.

  7. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I suspected this all along. When I was sent to diabetes self management classes, I was surprised at some of the foods that the nurse and dietician were recommending. In the last few days I've tried to cut out as much sugar, carbohydrates and processed foods as possible and already my blood sugar has dropped from 10.5 to 7.6. I don't see any reason why it shouldn't continue to improve. I feel hopeful.

  8. Nicely said. What i picked up: stay away from the official guidelines. Unfortunately that applies for so many things…..

  9. It is now apparent to me that the pharmaceutical industry has brainwashed the universities and doctors…so much BS if you will do your homework…get off diabetes meds and for sure statin drugs.

  10. I couldn’t have agreed more.
    So terrible alot of people think that carbs are so essential to our body.
    They don’t think about vegi carbs.

  11. the general consensus among dr's in america is that, "patient's won't change their diet, it's easier to get them to change religion" so they don't even try, IF they're diligent enough to have done the research, they wait for their patients to approach them with dietary suggestions… then they pawn it off on "diabetes counselors" who are all certified by the ada. I was told to eat exactly the diet you're talking about here… the oatmeal, whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta diet… sent my fbs into the high 300's. STILL struggling to get it down having tried hclf vegan which STILL keeps it high… ONLY indications of reducing my fbs is through keto but I'm struggling against the "fat is bad" programming… I'm going to have to just bite the bullet(proof coffee?) and dive into the grass fed butter/ghee, meat and lots of awesome leafy greens. Thanks so much for all the common sense you bring to the fore. Your vids are incredibly helpful.

  12. Thank you DR
    i have a question ?
    why don’t you say it loud to the people ?
    The guideline are bench of criminal want to keep people sick

  13. Well-said !! An honest presentation that will irritate many. The 'real' world is governed by vested interests – mostly driven by greed and the unremitting pursuit of additional wealth by those who currently control wealth. 'Good health' of the debt slaves isn't even on the agenda !

  14. What's about the rue bread ? I am living in Latvia and it is tradition to consume this kind of bread especially with lard or with meat . We were told by our nutrition authorities that eating rue bread is good for the health of the bowels, especially for colon . What's about alternatives?

  15. Great Video as always. I am so happy that within one month of my T2D diagnosis I found keto. I never had to be put on insulin and within one year of being diagnosed I am off metformin and have an A1C <5.0

  16. Less than 55… Correct me if I am wrong.
    Didn't they consider the GL (GLYCEMIC LOAD)? More than GI?
    Fiber included to slow absorption ? And food with a higher GI may have low glycemic* load * until it reaches glucose form it becomes less glycemic in boodstream?

  17. I've just been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes a few weeks ago and immediately cut out sugar, breads, processed foods, etc., and adopted a whole food, plant based diet, in conjunction with exercise. Since I'm new to all this, I thought eating a bowl of organic oatmeal sprinkled with berries every morning was a good thing. Even my doc recommended this. I gave up meat too of course. Now I'm realizing I have it all wrong. So confusing sometimes.

  18. Is it.true that there was no diabetes before 1950 ,when someone altered the wheat to economic and more profitable but higher in carbs ?

  19. Can you get your body to become insulin sensitive again like that of children? So you can enjoy a few of the foods you used to eat? At 56 I don't want to (but have) given up everything I used to enjoy …. Like even a piece of toast. It's such a shame that our bodies can change so much in only 50 years! And I've been vegetarian for 20 years too. My A1C is 5.0 and prevention doc wants it down to 4.8.

  20. so they lie to people when they are at their weakest and all panicked because they have a "disease"? Criminals. Thank God most people have common sense and can read I feel sorry for the lazy ones that trust their doctors and organizations like this. They should be held accountable.

  21. I had a friend die due to underlying issues cause by diabetes and I so sad that I didn't know this info and I so could've helped him. I'm also mad at my doctor yesterday by refilling my metaformin when this info is out there. Can I sue my doctor? Are they getting kickbacks from these companies?

  22. Thank you Dr. Ekberg. I saw your video for the first time today. So glad I did! Naturally I subscribed. You explain everything so clearly so it's easy to understand.
    I am vegetarian no eggs meat fish etc. with blood sugar issues. I don't eat bread generally. I make a flatbread from chickpea flour and herb seasoning with a dash of Himalaya pink salts. Is that better? Looking forward to your response.

  23. Thank you for an excellent video. I totally agree with it. I am a type 2 diabetic and my A1c went to 7.8. I was depressed so I watched a lot of videos on YouTube about reversing diabetes and started to do a high fat low carbs low protein diet. Did blood test 2 weeks ago. A1c was 5.9. Oral Medication decreased to one time a day. My goal is to get my A1c to 5 and below and reverse my diabetes.

  24. Thank you for the video. It's really insane. Only explicable by two possibilities: either the grain industry is really deep inside those "health" platforms (with money) or they have old school fat fear.

  25. Can you make a video about pancreatitis? Cause its always said that a low fat diet is the solution there and it wouldnt fit into keto then..thx

  26. After 6 months on Keto, I went from an A1C of 7.9 to 5.1. I've gotten off one of my diabetic meds, and I've lost 60 lbs. I know it's not easy for some, but it has literally been a life saver for me and it's so worth it.

  27. When I was diagnosed with type two diabetes, my doctor gave me a list of menus from the American diabetes Association. When I went back for my follow up visit and my second A1 C test, the doctor asked me had I been following the diet because my A1 C had dropped from 7.52 5.4. I told him no, if I had follow that diet I would be on medication now. I eat only low glycemic foods. And I eat very low carb high fat. He looked at me like I had grown a third eye. I would be on medication nowAnd headed for kidney failure and all the other maladies that go along with type two diabetes. I told him it was a dietary disease brought on by my bad eating habits. And if I did that to myself I could take that away from myself also. And I did it successfully. And I love your lectures by the way. You speak so clearly and there is no confusion about anything you say. Keep them coming!

  28. If we have healthy individuals eating the RIGHT foods, then we would be putting many industries out of business. We can’t have that, lol.

  29. For sure..all the guidelines say to eat grains and carb intake is up too 300 gms..great examples on low & hi glycemic foods…Im following you as much as Dr Berry! Fantastic that low carbs is emphasized..working for me to reverse my prediabetic diagnosis..thanks for a great job sharing your knowledge and keeping it ez to understand👍💗

  30. I have a question, if you use artificial sweetener or sugar alcohol; I am not looking up the real facts, just giving numbers made up… so if a chemical or food had a "sweet" taste that is 170, 200, or 600 times sweeter than sugar from beets or cane. Once something hits your taste buds, would your brain send out x amount of insulin based on the "sweet" value? I am not sure if you can follow what I am asking, but thought I would try. I recently started watching your videos, so if you covered, I am sorry to repeat, just found you a couple of weeks ago, you are helping me so much.

  31. Thats why we are all fat too many carbs! Im included and working on it..high fat has helped me to lose weight and now when I see all the carbs in all the foods..I know better! Thanks for answering my comment❤

  32. All those health and nutrition organizations either don't know that carbs spike insulin, or they are deliberately lying to the public. Either one is unacceptable. My personal belief is they know exactly what they're doing by keeping us fat and sick. Sadly "there is no money in the cure."

  33. The hospitals are owned by the drug cartels.
    if people don't get sick they can't sell their drugs. The evidence is so obvious there must be a connection .

  34. doctor can type 1 diabetes can be reversed by reducing insulin resistance(IR) and by increasing insulin sensitivity (IS)?

  35. Hello doctor. I am suffering from Impaired fasting gluose. My physician did not prescribed any medicine yet. My IFG is 106 constantly. How can I control this problem naturally? Kindly suggest.

  36. GI may be misleading in some cases, glycemic load should be provided as well. It is releated to the way how it is calulated. For some foods even with high GI it is impossible to eat so much to significantly increase glucose level in the blood.

  37. Thank you for another excellent video making it clear what we need to do… I wish I had understood this 25 years ago…

  38. Dr Sten, Thank you for another great video. I have a question. What about fresh cheese, also know as farmers cheese?

  39. If you want to check it out, get a glucose meter and test yourself before and after eating different foods. You’ll quickly find the truth of this for yourself. Thanks, Doc.

  40. You are amazing Doctor. I am so happy to listen to your video and follow your teachings. Thank you for all your hard work.

  41. Just love all your information, thankyou. A1c , 5.7 glucose 102, want to reverse insulin resistance. Will have to give up sweet potatoes! !!

  42. Dr. Ekberg, I recently found your channel and have subscribed because I know you’re telling the truth. For years I wondered why my body was reacting negatively to certain things I was eating, almost addictively (breads, cereals, pastas, fruits, candy bars, etc.). I was having nightmares, then sleepwalking at night after consuming these things during the day and it scared me. I saw all kinds of doctors who didn’t think my symptoms had anything to do with my diet. My gut (pun intended) told me I was right and they were clueless. So, I did my own research and learned about just what you’re teaching about low glycemic foods and I changed my diet. Now I don’t suffer anymore unless I eat something I shouldn’t and that hardly ever happens. I have family members and friends who I’ve tried to share this info with but when I’ve tried Ive met with such opposition. They uphold the mainstream opinion about what constitutes a healthy way of eating. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hit with the phrase that carbs (refined) are necessary for the human diet. I have to admit, I use to believe that too! All I can do is hope and pray they see the light someday and share your videos with them when the time comes. Eating low glycemically makes sense and is certainly working for me. Thanks!

  43. good videos, but should be more concise, most viewers lose interest when videos are too long. I like your calm, and congrats

  44. I am completely confused. I have been eating Keto/Carnivore for 5 months and my blood sugar is extremely high. Around 200. I don't understand what is causing this issue. In June I spoke with my doctor and she was on board for me going off Metformin, but I've noticed my sugar rising gradually ever since. I'm extremely concerned. Any thoughts?

  45. The ADA and cdc are doing a great job. It is estimated that 100 million people in the states have diabetes or pre-diabetes now.

  46. I am disappointed to see lentils up there. It is what it is I guess.

    I lost a great deal of weight on the Atkins diet but wanted to know more to guarantee my health so I have kept on looking. I read Jason Fung's Obesity Code and there was a point that greatly interested me and changed my thinking. He cites a region, an island in Japan that eat a vegetable diet that is high in carbs and yet are the longest lived people in the world. Carbs are not necessarily bad.

    My conclusion: High carb , low carb is not the primary issue. The primary issue is is the food natural as nature intended or is it processed. Natural food has a balance of nutrients processed food does not. As long as there is this balance the body will be flexible, adaptable in it's ability to assimilate food and will be able to maintain its health.

    I appreciate these videos and low carb is definitely the way to go to reverse insulin resistance but I strongly believe that any diet of "real" food is healthy with a bit of common sense. You couldn't live on a diet of raw honey because it is natural. If you pigged out now and again big deal.

  47. Cause we all want to take insulin so we can continue to eat sugar and refined carbs and have the Docs manage our health and finances forever!

  48. Thanks you Doctor me and my wife thank you for all of your video God bless you and your family
    I have learned so much from your video my life have changed for the better thank you 👴🙏🙏🙏🙏

  49. that's something I've been wondering about for the longest time, so relieving to hear that my doubts were not groundless from a professional.

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