Four-Part Announcement Video!

So I’m recovering this really nasty stomach
bug this week, but this video is like a month overdue so if you’ll forgive me, I got
a script, I’m gonna read from it Alright, hello! Yes, it’s me, Rabid Squirrel, Ben Harvey! I made this, and this, and this… As you can see from the title of this video,
it has four parts. Part one! There will be a free public screening of This
Will Destroy You in… Minneapolis… which is where I live I don’t
kow why I had to look at my notes for that. It will be on on Saturday, January 13th, 4
PM, at the Phoenix Theater. There’s a Facebook event in the description. And uh, yeah, it would be super cool to see
some of you there. And that’s part one! For part two I want to tell you a little story,
and it starts in 2007, when I uploaded my very first Line Rider track. I was 14. I didn’t really think of myself as an artist
at the time, Line Rider was just sort of something I was doing for fun, but then like, I was
realizing I was really enjoying making art in Line Rider, and then I was like, wait do
I actually enjoy art? So then I went to college, and I studied a
whole bunch of different artsy stuff, and then… I kinda wound up coming right back to Line Rider
after I graduated. So it was 2015, and I was like, you know what,
screw it, I’m gonna set up a Patreon, so I did. It was pretty modest, but having a few dedicated
fans was like, super cool for motivation, like the most motivating thing ever, to have
like four people who are like “WOO!” every time you do something. So with this newfound motivation, in 2016
I set to work this really big project. And… well I finished it. And then… it kinda blew up a little. See you gotta understand that this channel
is almost 11 years old, and it had about 300,000 total views total, mostly from 2007 and 2008. So when This Will Destroy You hit a million
views in a matter of months, it was kind of a big deal. Subscriptions for this channel also jumped
from 600 to 4,500 and I got 6 new patreon patrons too, which is super cool, and I thought…
this might be a good time to explain what my Patreon means to me, my goals regarding
my Patreon, and how it will affect the channel moving forward. So here’s the deal. Since I get pretty much zero income from YouTube
itself, Patreon is my only significant income from these Line Rider projects. Right now it’s at about 80 dollars per major
release, which is great, but if I could get that to my 200 dollar milestone… that’s
when Line Rider would shift from being like a hobby, to being like… a part time job? You see, personally I don’t actually need
that much money to survive, so at 200 dollars per major release, I could actually start
turning down some freelance work in order to focus on Line Rider, which means I could
make stuff faster and release it more often. Right now I’m finishing a project about
once every three months, but if I can focus more of my time on Line Rider, that will become
a lot more frequent. So, I look at it this way. I know it’s the holiday season, you’ve probably
heard a lot of ad campaigns saying things like “if everyone gave $20 right now, this
fundraiser would be over”, well, I see your “everyone giving $20”, and I raise you… several notches. This Will Destroy You has 30,000 likes. If 1% of the people who liked that video pledge
$1, I would easily hit that 200 dollar goal, and that would make a huge difference in the
project releases going forward. 1%, $1. Course, you can pledge more, I’m not gonna
stop you, but really all I’m asking is, if you wanna see more line rider more often,
pledge $1. And if you do that, I appreciate you. Alright, part three! This is where I tell you about the other Line
Rider stuff I’ve been up to, like taking commissions! I’ve gotten a few offers and I’ve accepted
one so far. It was a sort of holiday greeting card thing
for Innotio, which is a Swiss healthcare company. The video’s on their channel, so you can check
it out up there, or down there, or everywhere… google it. Thanks to that commission money I’ll be
able to focus most of my time on Line Rider for the rest of the winter, so yay! I also did the bulk of the work on The Wilderness,
which was a scenery collaboration with a forest theme over on the Linerider Community Collaboration
channel, which I run. Also I’ll probably be involved in a lot
of the stuff that gets uploaded there in the future so subscribe if you want. Finally, I’ve been working on video essays
on Line Rider tracks and culture over on the Line Rider Review channel with my good friend
Seth AKA OTDE. That channel also blew up a bit after the
Top 10 Tracks of 2016 video I made went viral. Most recent upload to that channel was a big
scary video essay about the gamification of Line Rider as an art medium, so if you’re
interested in that sort of art theory stuff, check that out as well and subscribe if you
like it. Which is a great segway into the fourth and
last part of this announcement video, which is something that I mention in that video
essay on the gamification of Line Rider but I also want to tell you about it here, and
that’s that we created a Line Rider Artists Discord group! The video goes through this in a lot more
detail, but suffice it to say that we want to create art with Line Rider, and we’re frustrated
with most of the community treating it like a game, so we made this as a space where we
could sorta hang out and chat about making artsy stuff in Line Rider, and do that, so
uh, it’s open to anyone who’s interested in that, so if you are, come join us, link’s
in the description. And if you watched this whole video, thank
you! The Line Rider will be back soon, I promise. (And if enough people pledge to my Patreon,
it’ll happen more often) Alright see ya!

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  2. This video is great. And I actually feel like pledging, now. Which is interesting, as I've never pledged before. We'll see. πŸ˜‰

  3. Hey πŸ˜€ I just got into Line Rider, I was wondering if you could give me some tips for good tracks!
    Please reply as you can!
    Thanks! +1 Subscriber.

  4. I have been following you for so long since i first discoverd Line rider as a kid I found some of your videos. I hope you keep uploading I love to see your videos πŸ˜€ I check out your channel every half year or so and watch all the videos I have missed and I really appreciate it. I watched your video before I even made a channel lol.

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