Fourth death in China and three more suspected patients with Wuhan pneumonia reported…

with the Chinese authorities having
confirmed more than 200 cases of the new corona virus or so-called Luhan
pneumonia they’ve now confirmed a fourth death from the illness in Wuhan South
Korea on Monday confirmed its own first case to re Gungan has the latest the
ohon virus had already spread beyond china’s borders to Japan Thailand in
South Korea as of 9 a.m. on Tuesday three more people in South Korea or
reported to have symptoms of the virus out of this three tor admitted to
hospital and one was found during the quarantine this comes after the
government confirmed on Monday the first local case of the pneumonia virus
according to the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday
a 35 year old Chinese woman who flew in from China on Sunday was the first case
in South Korea she had been diagnosed with a cold in a hospital in Wuhan
before she came to South Korea she had been quarantined in a hospital in
Incheon and is reportedly getting better and now showing none of the pneumonia
symptoms in Wuhan China where the virus was first detected the health
authorities reported in Tuesday that a fourth patient with a novel coronavirus
died on Sunday night he was an 89 year old man who has been hospitalized with
respiratory problems over a week ago so far there have been 198 cases in Wuhan
and only 25 patients have fully recovered and been discharged meanwhile
cases of the virus have been confirmed across China including Beijing and
Shanghai which bring the total number of cases in China to 219 with this
president she has ordered resolute efforts to contain the outbreak saying
that the country needs to make safety and health the top priority as millions
are set to travel for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday a me growing fears the
World Health Organization says it plans to convene an emergency meeting in
Geneva on Wednesday to address the outbreak and decide whether to classify
it as a state of international emergency jung-in arirang news

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