Fresher’s Flu

Hi – I’m Dr Sarah Williams. I’m the Course
Leader for Biomedical Science and I want to talk to you a little bit about
Freshers’ Flu. Freshers’ Flu is the collective name we give to a whole host of different illnesses that new students tend to get within the first few weeks
of starting a new course. Despite what you might think it’s actually not usually
the flu – it’s usually a series of colds or viruses that have flu-like symptoms but
it’s rarely actual flu. Freshers’ Flu is caused when lots of different people
from different geographical locations all descend to a new place and when they
come they bring with them all of their pathogens – that’s the germs that make them
poorly that are local to that area and they bring them to this new area and you
will sit with these new people in your classes and those pathogens will pass
from one person to another and because your body’s never seen them before it
won’t know, it won’t recognise them and it will take some time in order to clear
that organism from you and in the meantime you’re going to get poorly. So
in general what will happen you’ll get sore throat, maybe a cough, a runny nose, a headache – generally feeling a bit under the
weather. There isn’t that much you can do in order to stop yourself from getting Fresher’s Flu. The best thing you can do is try and keep yourself healthy so try and keep eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated and get lots of
rest and if you do drink alcohol try and do it in moderation. if you do come down
with Fresher’s Flu, which you probably will, the best thing you can do again stay
rested, stay hydrated, if you need to take some paracetamol, take some paracetamol and if you’re concerned see a health professional but really you’re probably
just going to have to ride this one out – see it as a rite of passage.

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