Frost bitten feet blisters draining and deroofing draining 2

(I have no idea what is being said here) (me) Once it started pouring, it just… it just went. (me) Yeah, look at that, gushing away. (Physio)That’s great stuff. (Doug) Just can’t help himself. (me) Can’t get a good angle. (Jess) Sorry. (me) That’s the first time a doctor’s apologised for getting int he way of a camera angle! (laughter) (Physio) It’s not scenic enough! (me) too much gauze in the way, I cant…
(laughs) (Physio) OK did you want to go out for a better angle for you? (me) Oh, yeah? Cheers. (me) Just don’t get me in the shot (me) Thank you. (nurse) Do you want me to tie that back for you? (Physio) Sure. (Physio)This is great. (me) It’s like bubble wrap, only better. (Physio) Oh yeah, it’s exactly like that it’s the same joy. (Jess and Doug) This one’s congealed (me) Oh god (Jess) There we go (me) Oh wow did you get that on film? (Doug) I hope so (Physio) Now we’re talking (me) Holy shit. (Jess) Thank you (me) Definitely going to have to uh… Change the bedding after this. (Jess) Yeah yeah. (laughter) (me) It’s pouring off the end of your gloves… (Jess) Might have to get the scissors again. This one’s all gooey. (me) It’s like… gluggy, eh? (me)How weird
(Jess) Get it in. (Physio) Great stuff.
(Jess) Oh wow… (Doug) Yeah we’re gonna need more gel in it than I brought I thought… I think.
(Jess) Yep. (Physio) I remember like three (me) You severely underestimated the amount we’d get.
(Doug) Yeah, I did. (me) It’s like, it’s gluggy, eh? In that one? (me) Weird. (me) It’s probably a really good thing I can’t feel anything (Doug) You’re right.
(Jess) yep. (me) This is so going on YouTube. (Doug) I wholeheartedly consent to having my face on there. (me) This will put my cat videos to shame. (Doug) Yeah agreed I’ve got no problem with it. (Physio) More than happy (me) Still gushing away there…

23 thoughts on “Frost bitten feet blisters draining and deroofing draining 2

  1. Okay..first his foot numbed out for this procedure? Cause it looks so painful..or is it in a torniquet??

  2. Americans fear "socialised" medicine. I'm pretty sure this guy was treated for free. In a State run hospital, and all his follow up will be free too.

  3. Makes me so sad for this man. I wonder how it happened though. You are never supposed to recap a needle, or you are at risk of a needle stick.

  4. I feel so sorry for this man, I couldn't even imagine what he's gone through and how much pain he must've been in….

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