25 thoughts on “Garage Project (Part-1) The Embarrassing Mess reveal, Clean up, Set Up

  1. Bro. That isn't that bad trust me. I know some people and there's are way worse. Would of taken them a half a day or more just to clear stuff out just to be able to get in. Lol. Question. Where are the other mustang's?

  2. Oh Nick, brudda, I know yer pain. My kids are both now high school so yeah I remember the "little kid stuff" period, and I rebuilt or 3000sq ft barn style house 10 yrs ago so yeah I also have all the house building tools, my answer to " stuff" issues?? A shipping container in the back corner. 320 sq ft of storage my friend.

  3. It's not too bad Nick once you get started you will be surprised. The important thing is knowing what to keep and what goes. 😏 Extra light and a bit of paint will come in handy too. Have fun!

  4. Wow, wish you a lot of luck with this project. Glad its NOT me having to do the clean up, and yes, I am a clean garage person. Tool chests, work bench,and other items plus my SUV always parked in the garage, although I did have to buy a vehicle short enough to fit in the one car garage,lol. Love the cowgirl outfit.

  5. Всегда удивляет,вроде бардак,а всё лежит так,что можно найти всё что нужно и всё чистое! Рад за Вас,что победили грипп, с праздником,счастья,здоровья!

  6. God our garages are twins.. Even down to the mustangs . Hey I would love some pointers on a restore..I have an Eleanor kit from Mustangs to Fear and a fastback needing some love.

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