get sick with me 之 a day in my life with the common cold lol

Get sick with me (please don’t) Hi guys, it’s cari. a cold is taking over my life, but i still wanted to post a video for you this week. i figured youtubers are posting routines for everything these days, so why not a “sick day routine” lol Cue me napping for 12 hours: Kurt will tell you I have a tea addiction, he is not wrong. In the morning my cold symptoms are always at their worst so, i start the day with yujacha. in this case, it’s actually lemon tea. It’s common in korea to make jams that can be used for tea! it’s got lots of vitamin c, but the jam consistency also helps coat your throat when you’re sick. just add hot water! . emails and youtube i use my spirited away cup to boost my mood
even more. then i enter this frantic phase of tidying
up. I always do this when I’m sick. time to break out this gem i found in my library
bookstore back home. reading and tea lasts for maybe 30 min before the first of many naps. tidying phase two. back to nancy drew, relocating to the rocking
chair. unintentional nap number two. catching up on comments. leaving the house to get lunch with kurt. i always eat really spicy food when i’m sick to clear out my sinuses. it’s not cute for those around me, but my
nose thanks me. ran a few errands. unintentional cardio (but i do find exercise
helps when i have junk in my chest haha) the stress of picking a netflix movie. i usually go for old classics but this time
i watched a film that’s been on my ‘to watch’ list ‘before sunrise’ podcasts and paint time. shower time with the plant family. taking a hot shower and breathing in all the steam really helps you clear out! stay in until everyone feels revived then i use my favorite matcha mask to make me feel human again. kurt says i look like a monster. last tea time of the day! chamomile and honey. finally, go to bed EARLY. sleep is the cure! i hope if any of you are feeling under the weather that you’re able to take time to rest too! stay healthy out

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