Getting a flu shot Community Support – Penn State Health Community Medicine 7

Steelton is a very very close-knit
community. It has been that since the foundation of the town with the steel
mill.>>A community that comes together when the seasons change. They meet at the
Steelton Municipal Building for one reason. Free flu shots>>We’ve been
partnering with Penn State Health for the past four years to bring in the
event like this to Steelton and we want to help out everybody that we can within
our community and outside of the community.>>Everybody should get a flu
shot. It protects themself, it takes their
family, it protects the people they work with and it protects other community
members. So the more flu shots we can give out, the better our communities
protected.>>On this day free flu shots are given to anyone over the age of three.
>>Any arm preference?>>No>>Twelve year old Ashley gellick says she has never had the flu before
because she gets a flu shot every year.>>It’s a good choice for me to get a flu
shot because I’m more worried about getting sick during the flu season and
it’s also very healthy for me.>>After this shot there’s a surprise. We have these
awesome capes, they say, “every day hero”. It’s just, I think for kids like when
they come and get a flu shot it’s important to have a positive
reinforcement of like a reward. And just like the message, I think is really,
really cute.>>Also, we have a fabulous staff here, we have nurses, we have
doctors, we have students and to see us working together as a team to get these
flu shots to people in need and high-risk populations is fabulous.>>Hi, I’m Jenny, pleased to meet you.>>This is Jenny Kane’s first experience
giving flu shots.>>I think it’s important as a medical student to get a wide range
of skill sets and experiences. It gets me doing things out in the community that
as a doctor I might not get ever get the chance to do.>>And for the recipients, they
get to do something they may never do, dabble in arts.>>We’re doing a
collaborative community art project so that when folks come in and get their
flu shot, they also have a little fun build, get to know each other a little
bit.>>The design was people doing easily-accessible things that are
healthy. So, they’re walking, biking you know, doing things together. Just running
jogging, walking their dog and then having access to healthy foods and
vegetables, kind of a combination of those two things.>>So, it will be completed
today by the end of the flu shot sessions and we’re going to have it
installed right here in the Municipal Building so that when folks walk in they
look up and see and they remember that was an awesome day when I had my flu

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