Ginger Tea Recipe for colds How to Make Ginger Tea for Cold Flu and Ginger Tea for Sore Throats

today we’re gonna be making ginger tea this gingerliciously yummy drink will be sure to knock that cold out and to leave your throat feeling yummy [Music]
[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] so here we’re making my famous ginger tea these ingredients have never been or been shown here on YouTube so feel yourself privileged as you see my recipe yes starting with some mace some cinnamon of course the ginger lemon juice and white sugar some hot pepper I’m using some African hot pepper and some honey all right so I’ve got about 8 cups of water and I’m gonna add about 4 large pieces of ginger to that water and I’m putting this into my blender and we’re gonna blend all this good stuff up this is an easy way to get all the juices right out of that ginger you can also grate the ginger if you wanted to but here’s an easier way to kind of just extract all that ginger juice from out of there and yeah so this is what we’re left with and we’re gonna take this and put it right into a pot and warm all this up so I want to make sure to get all of that residual ginger out of there let’s get all that in there because we’re going to cook this down and then this is going to extract off once again all those juices so I’m gonna cook this on medium heat for about 20 minutes and I’m gonna add about 1/2 a cup of sugar white sugar we’re also gonna add our spices we’re gonna add lemon juice I think about a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice into the water as well and we’re gonna add cinnamon I like about good tablespoon of cinnamon if you like a little bit more I mean this is my name for the taste so you can do it as taste and then a pinch of that Cayenne red pepper I’m using African Cayenne red pepper and then some ground mace put about a teaspoon of that in there so after that cooks for 20 minutes then we’re going to strain this I have a bowl with a strainer and you want to use the smallest type of strainer you can in order to catch all of the items so I’ve strained all that into the bowl and then I’m gonna get myself a spoon and just kind of mash it down and make sure I get all of the liquid that’s in there out of there now I’ve got a very fine mesh strainer and you want to use the mill we’ll find one so you don’t get big pieces and chunks of that ginger in there alright so after I get all the liquid out of that then we’re going to go ahead and juice some raw ginger I’m gonna got my trusty juicer and I’ve got a large piece of ginger that I just cut into smaller pieces to make sure that actually juice is properly I don’t want to throw to big of a chunk ginger is actually kind of harsh on the fruit I mean the juicer to be able to do because it’s so very fibrous and so on you want to just take them in small pieces in order to get all the juice out so I’m gonna try to get as much of this juice out and really I’m adding this because I want a little extra potency as the ginger is cooked down some of the potency of the ginger is also cooked out of it so I like my ginger tea very potent and so I will add the ginger juice at the end to give it that extra little kick and all the properties of the ginger still in that ginger tea so right before we serve we’re going to add our honey to that I’m going to use about a good cup and a half of honey and add that to the mixture and then we’re gonna go ahead and put it on use this to present it and the nice bamboo cups and pitcher and here we go well here is our beautiful potent ginger tea you could actually add some other spices close you can actually put a little bit more of cinnamon and yeah whatever spices you’d like to kind of enhance the flavor please like comment and subscribe and also join us every Monday Thursday 9 8 for our tour on the coffee pot there Fridays at 11:00 for Friday food wishes [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter]

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