Good Health: Common Cold FAQ

good health tis the season to get sick colds are beginning to sideline people really everywhere everywhere you look and doctor McGeorge here he routinely sees patients in the ER who turn out to simply have a coal they have a lot of questions and doc you’re here to answer the most frequently asked ones when it comes to the flow exactly Karen and Jason in fact the most commonly asked question is actually whether a person’s that stay home from work and generally the answer is yes especially if they are still contagious but keep in mind you’re usually contagious even before you have symptoms and you stay that way for about five days people are sick especially when they live with others they want to know how to protect people around them don’t sneeze or cough into the air without covering your nose and mouth contagious droplets can spread several feet in a cloud around you you and everyone else should also wash hands frequently now the best way to treat the symptoms of a cold is another very common question first off an antibiotic is not going to do anything there are only four bacterial infections the fever and body aches are best managed with Tylenol or motrin congestion and a runny nose can be tackled with sudafed or another decongestant if you have a cough dextromethorphan is the ingredient you should look for in your coffin now the issue of when it’s important to see a doctor is frequently raised while the need for a work note comes up often it’s not a medical reason medically speaking you should see a doctor if symptoms persist or worsened beyond a week to ten days or if you have a medical problem that puts you at a higher risk for complications like asthma COPD or heart failure now often patients ask the rhetorical why me and that’s tough to answer but cold winter temperatures and low indoor humidity both contribute to the spread of viruses now waiting out a cold at home is not unreasonable but if it’s the flu there are certain medications that can be prescribed if you’re seeing right away so signs that it might be the flu start with everything just being more severe but the flu also brings a much higher fever and severe body aches and on those lines tomorrow at 5:00 I’m gonna take you inside a local lab where they are helping fight the flu and sharing their best advice for you just say a lot of people have those questions and they also wonder about over-the-counter stuff is that gonna here Mike exactly not gonna cure it it’s just gonna make you feel a little better till you get better on your own and the stuff that kind of makes it shorter whatever that’s called you know the stuff the antiviral magic medicine the magic medicine is you’re starting to feel sick take this ahead of time I never tried it airborne I know no thank you no sorry this is a no sorry

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